Play / Download When someone is too lazy to put back the shopping cart. #shorts
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Ana Natalia

Ana Natalia

Published on 2 weeks ago

C Stone C Stone . 1 day ago
Why does her character remind me of Sue Heck from ABC's The Middle
Olivia Scranton Olivia Scranton . 2 days ago
. Lol there is literally a spot three parking spots I think it is away from you behind you lol
Alice Springer Alice Springer . 2 days ago
She saw it thats why she said to far lazy .
Angel Barajas Angel Barajas . 3 days ago
Plot twist: The thing behind her is a hallucination
ItsBasiab23 ItsBasiab23 . 4 days ago
Oh man the shopping cart 🛒 so far ‘ me: “ like so what push yourself’looks behind her’oh it’s right there”
Darleen Guevara Darleen Guevara . 4 days ago
I know we're that WinCo is it's in tiger
gaming with Emmy gaming with Emmy . 5 days ago
Someone left a cart rolling in the wind when I was at the store and I saw it almost crash into a car and had to run it back as fast as I could.
Anthony's Tech 101 Anthony's Tech 101 . 5 days ago
Jenny V Jenny V . 6 days ago
As someone who works for Costco on the front end we do a little of everything and that's one of them you don't know how many people who are even close to it don't put it away. Appreciate the people who take less than or up to 1 minute of their day to put it back.
Shane 1990 Shane 1990 . 1 week ago
Ana that was close
Rhonda Lawson Rhonda Lawson . 1 week ago
U literally passed one of them in the back I literally saw it
NK NK . 1 week ago
Oooo I love altars state🤩😍✨
Bobalove Bobalove . 1 week ago
OMG Dora in real life
Family Jones Family Jones . 2 weeks ago
Its littery right behind her dumbs
Aisha Faisal Aisha Faisal . 2 weeks ago
me: are you like blin- her: so umm I went passed it
The Pink blasters The Pink blasters . 2 weeks ago
We don’t talk about how there was a shopping cart holder right behind her
slash slash . 2 weeks ago
There's 2 that are so close
Cami Garcia Cami Garcia . 2 weeks ago
You said it’s too far but there’s one behind you
Jon blablabla Jon blablabla . 2 weeks ago
Looks like a job for Agent Sebastian
Zoe Patton Zoe Patton . 2 weeks ago
Laura Barnes Laura Barnes . 2 weeks ago
Love how the shopping cart thing is right behind her!!
scott weed scott weed . 2 weeks ago
Literally just look behind you the Car thing is usually right behind you
PROXY X⃠ PROXY X⃠ . 2 weeks ago
If it was that far I would’ve got in and let me bsf push the cart, it may cause some injury but it well be worth it.
🧃McKayla🧃 🧃McKayla🧃 . 2 weeks ago
“Oh the shopping cart thing is so far” Me: “girl look behind you I seen like 3 of them in the camera”
Giovanni Ceja Giovanni Ceja . 2 weeks ago
Talcott shush certain way and it went to China Africa let’s go an adult and I did not know where that went to the place
Giovanni Ceja Giovanni Ceja . 2 weeks ago
Talcott shush certain way and it went to China Africa let’s go an adult and I did not know where that went to the
Poop Poop . 2 weeks ago
It’s right behind her
not infinity not infinity . 2 weeks ago
At my local grocery store the parking lot is all downhill and i know all the man-child’s out there know what i mean
Nuttiebug Nuttiebug . 2 weeks ago
Everybody: *talking about how the shopping cart thing is right behind her*
Me: why can that wheel on the cart dance better than me?
Allyssa Timmons Allyssa Timmons . 2 weeks ago
Everybody: being normal watching the video. Me: looking at the shopping cart wheel free style
Ella Deal Ella Deal . 2 weeks ago
Wow so funny
Annie Wagner Annie Wagner . 2 weeks ago
“The shopping cart thing is so far” the shopping
Mindy C Mindy C . 2 weeks ago
I saw one right behind her 😅
Soni Melson Soni Melson . 2 weeks ago
the USisoutandisandoutoutandis
Strangerthings4ever Strangerthings4ever . 2 weeks ago
Free Cart
Popcorn fox 🍡 Popcorn fox 🍡 . 2 weeks ago
There is one behind you
HT Gamerz HT Gamerz . 2 weeks ago
There is one behind you
Asna Asna . 2 weeks ago
hector mata hector mata . 2 weeks ago
There is one in the background
TheCherrybombsquad TheCherrybombsquad . 2 weeks ago
Look behind you my pov blind
Anna Allen Anna Allen . 2 weeks ago
Being underwater for 5 hours and I saw my bubble with
God of Soccer 🇧🇷 God of Soccer 🇧🇷 . 2 weeks ago
"The shopping cart thing is so far away"

Me: It's 10 ft away from you😬
randomcheesecrackeronthefloor._. randomcheesecrackeronthefloor._. . 2 weeks ago
It's literally right behind her...😭 ¿Qué quieres decir con que está demasiado lejos?
I’m a little hill I’m a little hill . 2 weeks ago
Her: Aw the shopping cart thing is so farrr
Me: honey what you talking about! Turn around
•yashiro nene official• •yashiro nene official• . 2 weeks ago
*the shopping cart thing is so far!*
*the shopping cart thing: am i a joke to you?*
Quincy Croft Quincy Croft . 2 weeks ago
Me: Oh sweet, I found the shopping cart I'll use.
Jeremy Meyers Jeremy Meyers . 2 weeks ago
There is one
XXXTENTACION short XXXTENTACION short . 2 weeks ago
It’s so close look behind you
Hyunjin's Americano Hyunjin's Americano . 2 weeks ago
People at costco-
Kelly Lao Kelly Lao . 2 weeks ago
i hope the cartnarcs get you lol

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