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Published on 2 weeks ago

Beyoncé finally unveiled the title and release date for her follow-up to 2016’s Lemonade last week, and now fans can expect to get their first taste tonight.

In a sly update to her social media accounts, as pointed out by various users, Bey has teased that she’s got a new Renaissance song arriving at midnight Eastern time.“6. BREAK MY SOUL midnight ET,” reads her bio on both Instagram and Twitter.

Eagle-eyed fans first noticed Queen B was scheming something up when she deleted her profile pictures on social media, and once again they’ve been rewarded for paying close attention to her every move. Spotify and Tidal have since confirmed the record drops tonight.

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Victoria Travis Victoria Travis . 7 days ago
19:45 omg 😭😭😭😭😭
Zakiya Newman Zakiya Newman . 2 weeks ago
Renaissance? An escape?.. ig she just talking about herself bc the rest of us ain't escaping these rising prices and other ish anytime's a great summer vibe yes though
dtissy t dtissy t . 2 weeks ago
Millie rest your voice boo!
Monaé Monaé . 2 weeks ago
That’s black u.k art please don’t forget Edward enningfield is a Black British man the first for a major fashion media outlet. Please for every blogger stop putting things down to the u.k like it’s a diss. We have to be well versed and are, in African Americanism, as we are one people. I ask that you do the same learn about Black British history, contributions to art especially fashion & politics, through that I’m sure we will connect further as a people. Love you Millie I’ve been watching you for a very long time
Christine Harris Christine Harris . 2 weeks ago
Btches don't come outside when the beef go up " Nicki Minaj"

You say you outside, you really ain't outside " Beyonce"
Julisa Fleming Julisa Fleming . 2 weeks ago
Beyoncé, please stop 🛑
Jennay Williams Jennay Williams . 2 weeks ago
Our recession is her Renaissance. Gone girl!
A.B Quiroz A.B Quiroz . 2 weeks ago
I tell my mans send me 20$ when i talk to him otp. Its ur fault.
Lola Marino Lola Marino . 2 weeks ago
Dang you really not feeling the new song .... 😐... and u think she sounds old and dated?
Donya Nikko Baker Donya Nikko Baker . 2 weeks ago
One thing about Nicki I loved is that she did her Pop thing whilst giving us some rap songs too. She promoted them all.
Donya Nikko Baker Donya Nikko Baker . 2 weeks ago
I honestly wasn’t anticipating an album from Beyoncé this year. So it doesn’t matter to me if the songs r good or bad to me.

I’m anticipating Nicki Minajs album. I hope she releases it soon.
Christine Harris Christine Harris . 2 weeks ago
Thanks for letting me know the song sucks, I don't have to waste my time listening to it, Thanks y'all 🙂
Rochie Brownskinpoppinglikeoxtailgravy Rochie Brownskinpoppinglikeoxtailgravy . 2 weeks ago
The uk division lied to her, uk is very big. So I am confused which demographic she was targeting? WHO?! Bey the lyrics very hopeful and encouraging but this ain’t it ! I am hurt.
Kami Ford Kami Ford . 2 weeks ago
Hell, Queen Latifah did house music better in the 90’s 🙄
The ugly Being The ugly Being . 2 weeks ago
I love you Beyonce but the song is ass 😬
California girl California girl . 2 weeks ago
I will pass on her song 🤦🏽‍♀️ we love you Millie
mariam mariam . 2 weeks ago
Milli said she's a young girl & this is lizo's music & it's a woman that likes to cut their hair. WHAT? 😭🤣🤣☠️
Kimberly Rose Kimberly Rose . 2 weeks ago
Please stop letting people convince you that those of us that live in the Uk are the target audience. I live in the Capital London and I promise we ain’t listening to that ish….
Marshelyn Irving Marshelyn Irving . 2 weeks ago
I just said the same thing!!! Nicki where you at??? Because if this is the sound that they're on, then music is about to take a massive nose 👃 dive this year!
Ooh Tyrone Ooh Tyrone . 2 weeks ago
The volume of this video is super low I got my Bluetooth speaker all the way up and still can barely hear
Rod A Rod A . 2 weeks ago
I listen to the whole song and it’s alright. Something I wouldn’t listen to everyday. It gives me pop vibes
Victoria Travis Victoria Travis . 2 weeks ago
Them Jeans!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣✌🏾
Ziggy Bradshaw Ziggy Bradshaw . 2 weeks ago
This song sucks tho. But the voguing community will love it.
ᑕᖇƳᔕ丅ᗩᒪ ᕼᗴᗰᗩᑎᔕ ᑕᖇƳᔕ丅ᗩᒪ ᕼᗴᗰᗩᑎᔕ . 2 weeks ago
It did not leak Beyoncé released the song on her channel 🤣
Lil Durk Lil Durk . 2 weeks ago
You had the order incorrect about Beyonce hearing drake. Beyonce announced her album before drake dropped. I think drake heard what her album is about, then surprise dropped his album
Silver Joystix Silver Joystix . 2 weeks ago
Millie is funny as hell
SHADDIEBEE9481 SHADDIEBEE9481 . 2 weeks ago
Bye girl fly girl you sounds stupid did you ever think maybe he heard her shit and thought let me jump on the train and make me an album like this before she drop hers cause he knows like the rest once Bey drops she’s taking all the coins
88Gifts 88Gifts . 2 weeks ago
Lemme guess… more wade in the water teas? Girl we tired of this lemonade you gotta hit us with something different. She might pop out with a Donna Summers plate
Tina Marie Tina Marie . 2 weeks ago
beyonce IS GONE!!!!! You can not show a video,event or place LIV with people IN REAL TIME with beyonce there? Past year you've seen old pictures pre recorded old videos drawings hologram AI face -reconition photoshop edits!!!!!! Did anybody wonder why was it just jay-z and Ivy together at the game(regarding the..Grown selfhate of Ivy hair care..controversial topic of the moment)? This is the"B"ie thats coming out!!!
Alberto I Alberto I . 2 weeks ago
The new song is boring. It sounds like a bad demo.
Y U M M I Y U M M I . 2 weeks ago
Shanta Akins Shanta Akins . 2 weeks ago
She can keep this
R R . 2 weeks ago
Damn milly, not you missed the whole energy of this song. Yeah, it was not for you and that's okay. Drake album sounds like an love letter to Rihanna. I get an "yeah you moved on, but I'm always the better choice" type vibe for his album.
Y U M M I Y U M M I . 2 weeks ago
Not SOUNDING LIKE REMY MA 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Y U M M I Y U M M I . 2 weeks ago
“You heard that part sssay you outsiideeee ssss outsideeee.” 😭
Y U M M I Y U M M I . 2 weeks ago
Auntie BEY with the lyrics 🤣
R R . 2 weeks ago
The whole song is on tidal. It definitely was not leak.
Tahj Suer Tahj Suer . 2 weeks ago
Im so disappointed tbh!😫😭
Reauna Sims Reauna Sims . 2 weeks ago
Let me save my Beyoncé coins for her next tour
Kami Ford Kami Ford . 2 weeks ago
Nope! Don’t like it 🫤
Raymond Pharrell Raymond Pharrell . 2 weeks ago
Now it makes sense why drake hurried up and release his album. He may have heard through the grapevine what her album was gonna sound like.
The Digital Empress The Digital Empress . 2 weeks ago
not the hard ER LMFAOOOOOO
Gold Melanin Gold Melanin . 2 weeks ago
Let’s Go!!!!!!!!!! And Drake Is A Wave follower! And No!!! Beyonce Has Been working on Hers For Min Now!!! Y’all better act like y’all know. Why TF would drake a Gun slinger/follower come out with “VOGUE” Music. C’Mon!!!!! Beyonce Been Had Plans. And what y’all need to be doing is telling Drake the culture vulture to sit his a** down somewhere. Cuz when Beyonce Drops, just for tryna do her wrong for this very reason, “he’s gonna fkn flop. P.S....I did not hear her song yet, #TrueFan. Certainly waiting for 12pm est. VA! BEEHIVE STAND TF UP!🐝🔥🔥💎
The Digital Empress The Digital Empress . 2 weeks ago
it’s how quick i was ready to jump up and throw ass… beyoncé please. don’t have us out here acting a fool in these damn streets this summer lmfao
K. D. K. D. . 2 weeks ago
Big Freda on it I like the dance vibe so fah. Gimmie the next 5 seconds Millie 😂
TreAzzBad TreAzzBad . 2 weeks ago
The thing is I don’t think it be leaks . Other countries may have got it and put it out there so technically not a leak
D W D W . 2 weeks ago
How can we hear the leak??👀👀👀 9:41 if that's the music then I fully think it's going to be a hit.
K. D. K. D. . 2 weeks ago
Woah, first one here. Was this streamed? Anyway - wassup Mob. Hey Millie 😘 sorry you couldn’t get in the post office 😂

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