Play / Download Gordon Ramsay Tries Most Expensive Chocolate Bar
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MrBeast Shorts

MrBeast Shorts

Published on 4 weeks ago

this was the most expensive chocolate bar on the internet. It didn't taste better than my chocolate. #shorts

CoolSkeleton95 CoolSkeleton95 . 1 hour ago
Gordon Ramsay literally said his chocolate was good
zian jeff regala zian jeff regala . 1 hour ago
Ameryst Ameryst . 2 hours ago
I’m trying to buy your choclate bars but it’s 99 bucks?!
BlueSpider BlueSpider . 2 hours ago
Great try
Moose Awesome Moose Awesome . 3 hours ago
Definitely the most expensive chocolate bar lol
Ek Ek . 3 hours ago
That fool 😂
cave bruh 69 cave bruh 69 . 3 hours ago
Elvira Tawatao Elvira Tawatao . 3 hours ago
He is a menace
Sean Curran Sean Curran . 3 hours ago
Such cap
Enzo Difatta Enzo Difatta . 3 hours ago
Rijdecujmecueucmumveveu veru Ed u dc ev
Krisna Rusdiono Krisna Rusdiono . 3 hours ago
oMG i love gordon hahaha
Sissy Hovey Sissy Hovey . 4 hours ago
😱 it's Mr beast he's the best YouTuber!!!!!!
Jayden Perez Jayden Perez . 4 hours ago
Bro 🌚🌚
hop hop . 4 hours ago
parallel situation:

someone: “kiss the hottest person in the room”

person: “y/n”

you: *happy panic*

person again: move you’re blocking *insert name*
Jesse Austin Jesse Austin . 4 hours ago
Bro you really thought🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂
Giovanna Garcia Giovanna Garcia . 4 hours ago
Emotional damage
Jessica Mahoney Jessica Mahoney . 5 hours ago
a couple bucks 70 bucks
Golden Jebboni Golden Jebboni . 5 hours ago
I mean, its still 400$ ingredients but still, GG
Carl McAfee Carl McAfee . 6 hours ago
when you pay someone for veiws
🌫ᴍᴜɪᴄʜɪʀᴏ靄ᴛᴏᴋɪᴛᴏ🌫 🌫ᴍᴜɪᴄʜɪʀᴏ靄ᴛᴏᴋɪᴛᴏ🌫 . 6 hours ago
Well he did say “Be brutally honest”
REY IS COOL REY IS COOL . 6 hours ago
Jimmy: I’m fighting a losing battle
Also Jimmy when he losses *throws 400$ chocolate bar*
Derek Harper Derek Harper . 6 hours ago
Nothing can beat mrbeast chocolate 🍫
Maddox Taylor Maddox Taylor . 6 hours ago
Only a couple bucks but it is 30 dollars
Mrs. Match Mrs. Match . 6 hours ago
Rip Mr Beast trying to make it better than 400 dollar chocolate 🍫 💀
H-man Abrams H-man Abrams . 6 hours ago
🗿bordan bramsley 🗿
Pikachu Pikachu . 6 hours ago
Grodam rmesya is a troll
Armani Martinez Armani Martinez . 6 hours ago
Ramsey did this to have people stop spending $$$$ on overly priced pieces that don’t need to be $400+
Mirsad Berisa Mirsad Berisa . 7 hours ago
U know it’s good when Gordon puts his thumb over his mouth
Fayzan Gamer Fayzan Gamer . 9 hours ago
He did say be brutally honest
Random Stuff Random Stuff . 10 hours ago
Mr grift will never profit a single cent from me
Stealth_1509 Stealth_1509 . 10 hours ago
grand master grand master . 10 hours ago
Gordon was nicer than I expected
Daniel Sahagun Daniel Sahagun . 10 hours ago
Jimmy just got remayed!
Fawaz Hayat Fawaz Hayat . 11 hours ago
Why are we still here? Just to suffer
Chris Goff Chris Goff . 11 hours ago
LetUsBe LetUsBe . 12 hours ago
I need one of these bars
Kai Kai . 12 hours ago
He paid him to saw his was better.
unknown unknown . 12 hours ago
mrbeast: be brutally honest
Gordon Ramsay: say less
FeatherHawk FeatherHawk . 12 hours ago
lilaq. lilaq. . 12 hours ago
If Gordon Ramsey approves then you oboe it’s actually good.
Desi Lipp Desi Lipp . 13 hours ago
I want chocolate now..
Richard Sherry Richard Sherry . 13 hours ago
This is when Mr beast went on his hunger strike
Samstercraft Samstercraft . 14 hours ago
Yellow dream Yellow dream . 14 hours ago
Let's be brutally honest
F1stP3rs0n26 F1stP3rs0n26 . 14 hours ago
harold mama cy de asis harold mama cy de asis . 15 hours ago
Di nga?????,???
Kristen Ducharme Kristen Ducharme . 15 hours ago
I love mrBeast
Otso Rannisto Otso Rannisto . 15 hours ago
Its my birthday in 3 days
AestheticMe AestheticMe . 15 hours ago
lien0208 lien0208 . 16 hours ago
This makes me want to try the 5 ingredients one

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