Play / Download UNDISPUTED - Auburn HC Bruce Pearl tears down Chet Holmgren before 2022 NBA draft | Skip reacts
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Undisputed: Skip and Shannon

Undisputed: Skip and Shannon

Published on 2 weeks ago

UNDISPUTED - Auburn HC Bruce Pearl tears down Chet Holmgren before 2022 NBA draft | Skip reacts

Trevlind Ramquez Trevlind Ramquez . 5 hours ago
Shytty bayless is so corny.
I see why KD, Barkley etc can’t stand him. He’s full of himself.
Billy The Answer Head Billy The Answer Head . 2 days ago
Y’all do realize KD couldn’t even lift 186 at the combine ? Y’all do realize Giannis was a twig ? This dude will put on weight and continue to perfect his craft. I promise you he will be an all star by 23-24
Sherman Park Sherman Park . 2 days ago
Chet is a breadstick and he gon get broke the fuck off and put indefitly on the injury list by year 2
How is that gay How is that gay . 2 days ago
It’s annoying how Shawn Bradley is seen as a scrub
kilo bishop kilo bishop . 3 days ago
Look anorexic Ben affleck is going to do good in the NBA 🤦🤣
Dave the Drone Man Dave the Drone Man . 3 days ago
i think mo bamba had better highlights.
Thunder Up Thunder Up . 3 days ago
The reason I think Chet will be fine is because his game is mostly built around his skill, not his size. He can put on size but I think he’ll always be relatively skinny. I think it’s gonna take a couple of seasons though
MaxComms MaxComms . 3 days ago
Porzongus jr.
Fraz Fraz . 3 days ago
Remember porzingas? How much trash everyone talked about him… yea
dalton denun dalton denun . 4 days ago
Skip look sensational in that shirt!
Austin Abrahan Austin Abrahan . 4 days ago
Chet is modern day pau gasol
Jarrett Shaw Jarrett Shaw . 4 days ago
Look man, is Shawn Bradley really an insult tho? If I was Chet I would be like "I would love to lead the leauge in blocks and be a contributing member on teams for 12 years"
DonJon117 DonJon117 . 4 days ago
Not shocking that Bruce Pearl would stoop that low to criticize a newly drafted player. He’s always been a low life.
Rick Ray Rick Ray . 5 days ago
Kessler can fuckin play. Period.
Samuel Williams Samuel Williams . 5 days ago
They’re hating on him because he’s a skinny white kid. Holmgren has all the intangibles. He’s in the perfect place to grow
Daniel Meuler Daniel Meuler . 5 days ago
Jabarri Smith and Bruce Pearl should be VERY Happy Orlando didn't take him. Who cares where your picked? The Kid is getting paid life changing $ regardless and is in a MUCH BETTER place in Houston to succeed. Shaq had to leave Orlando to win. Good Luck Paulo..
Joelle Jenkins Joelle Jenkins . 5 days ago
Where draymond ? Is this take not analyzing the game from skip ? Lol we all know skip has bias for certain topics but besides that skip knows his ball
Cj Cj . 6 days ago
We know Shannon he’s white so he has no superstar potential, there’s only 1 white superstar allowed at a time in the nba… fucking racist
West Elk Hunts West Elk Hunts . 6 days ago
I freakin love it! Chet gonna get whooped up on in nba! Although, rules nowadays help weak bodies like his, so we will see!
Dennis Freeman Dennis Freeman . 7 days ago
Having a pure jumper at 6’10 doesn’t make you like Kevin Durant, Karl Anthony Towns has a pure jumper, Don’t compare Smith to KD, when KD has the handle and triple threat moves of any of the best guards at 7’0, Jabari doesn’t blow past people or play pick and roll yet so he’s not even a comparison to KD, KD averaged damn near 30 as a freshman in college
Jason Janisewski Jason Janisewski . 7 days ago
I think Wall still gets taken over Cousins if a redraft was done
No Filter No Filter . 7 days ago
Dwight Howard started off thin too
Paycho the Traveller Paycho the Traveller . 7 days ago
Id never use Chet as a true number 5, id make him a Power Forward where he might still get some issues with his weight but not as many as if he was a 5. He could be a very good Stretch 4 with great rim protection which is definitely a valuable piece.
Nick Winchester Nick Winchester . 1 week ago
Shannon - he didn’t look sebmum foot
Paul Queener Paul Queener . 1 week ago
I hope he averages 30 pts, 10 rebounds and 2 blocks per game
Rodney Green Rodney Green . 1 week ago
Chet way better then Shawn Bradley chet has Atleast a offensive package Shawn Bradley had nothing talk about disrespect Bruce pearl need to worry about winning a title which he probably never will smith definitely has the best jump shot in the draft Remind me of KG
Kelvin Perez Kelvin Perez . 1 week ago
1. She started off the show asking Shannon how much “truth” is there to Pearl’s statement. That’s funny. 2. How dare Skip mention Chet and Shaq in the same breath. Craziness.
george mikal george mikal . 1 week ago
This means he's really good
The Huge Sushi The Huge Sushi . 1 week ago
Chet gone be the best player in this draft watch
Ignas Berrnotas Ignas Berrnotas . 1 week ago
Holmgrens skill level is spectacular
100 Percent!
Mike Storm Mike Storm . 1 week ago
Could say it in a more classy way, but it is Bruce Pearl. Just prop your own players
Cody Ingle Cody Ingle . 1 week ago
Pretty unprofessional for a coach
friends Moving and delivery friends Moving and delivery . 1 week ago
Shawn Bradley was a elite shot blocker....we just see alot of him getting posters. If I was 7'3 or up ..... my ass would score 6pts and try to swat 4 blks for my 20 million a year no problem 😊
ger.m.a.n giant16 ger.m.a.n giant16 . 1 week ago
in my opinion, I think Chet is gonna struggle. the so called guard like skills he may have displayed to everyone in college and high school may not work against NBA centers. People really underestimate what level of athlete these NBA players are and how well coordinated all of them are, big men included. But his ball handling skills wont be effective unless he can improve them drastically. the only 7 footers I've seen to do it is Giannis and Durant but those guys are freaks. What I like about him is his elite rim protecting instincts but that's all I like so far. I may be the only one but I'm not a fan of these unicorn type players most people like because in my eyes, their playstyle is not sustainable and may come at some cost to the team. He can gain weight but who knows how much his mobility will take a hit. ill have to just wait and see how Chet plays, I could be very much wrong
Keith Joseph Keith Joseph . 1 week ago
Ignorant comparison coming from such a smart guy.
Bush League Bush League . 1 week ago
He has to play the 4 till he gets muscle these centers now will push him around hell giannis is gonna walk through him
Chris Benj Chris Benj . 1 week ago
Bruce pearl been a big orange bowling ball since tenn
D Robert D Robert . 1 week ago
Remember when people thought Adam Morrison was the best player in college while he was at Gonzaga?
Justin Chin Justin Chin . 1 week ago
Why is he being compared to porzingas? I feel like porzingas coming out of europe looked much more athletic that this guy does out of college.
Mace Windu Mace Windu . 1 week ago
Go zags players as of late are garbage in the NBA.
Joey FL Joey FL . 1 week ago
John Wall led a team deep into the playoffs that is something Cousins NEVER did. So you were wrong skip. You need to stop tlaking about John Wall because its like you and Shannon never watched this man play basketball.
Joey FL Joey FL . 1 week ago
"I'm not gonna be as harsh" Shannon you and Skip roasted this man the other day lol What you said on Firday worse than what the coach said so what are you talking about?
Jimmy Culp Jimmy Culp . 1 week ago
Bradley, you are full of shit, hen will be a great player! All of you freaking don't know basketball. Give a white guy a chance?
Alicia Robinson Alicia Robinson . 1 week ago
I don’t care what Bruce Pearl has to say Chet Holmgren can play people forget he’s only 19 or 20 years old he’s a very skilled 7”3 player
damonke79 damonke79 . 1 week ago
Shawn Bradley never handled the ball or shot outside like that, come on...

Not saying he's gonna be great at the next level but I wouldn't disrespect him like that either
Thomas Kelly Thomas Kelly . 1 week ago
Ya but my guess is he recruited him like hell.
strength strength . 1 week ago
Might be nasty but it’s true
Rex Scipio Rex Scipio . 1 week ago
Shawn Bradley? He is a thousand times more skilled than Bradley, shoots from the three and averages nearly four blocks a game. I hope that he goes ham and shuts everyone up.

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