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Mark Rober

Mark Rober

Published on 3 weeks ago

Come hang out with me this summer learning to think like an engineer! Get your two FREE months at

Also, check out the first instruction and build video over at the Crunchlabs YouTube channel!!

Turn your idea into a business today with Shopify:

Thanks to for the great drone work to:

Thanks to my friends at Sheet Music Boss for coming back and helping Chopstix learn to play the song-

My brother Brian built me the arcade just cause he's such a nice brother but his friend helped with some of the electronics. I always pay people who help me on a video but in lieu of payment his friend asked to post this link instead to their Bear Lake Cabin website they rent out. I'm told it's a great destination for large family gatherings-

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Promotion starts on 6/1/22 & ends on 12/31/22, subject to monthly entry deadlines. Open to legal residents of the 50 U.S. & D.C., 18+. 1 prize per month: each month is its own separate promotion. For the first 2-3 months, winner may be notified via phone call instead of winning game piece. If a monthly prize is unclaimed/forfeited, it will be awarded via 2nd chance drawing. See Official Rules at for full details on eligibility requirements, how to enter, free method of entry, prize claim procedure, prize description and limitations. Void where prohibited.

Mark Rober Mark Rober . 3 weeks ago
I feel like this is a culmination of all my life experiences to this point and I'm SO STOKED to finally share it with all you. Now go get your dang Build Box and let's make some cool stuff together.
Kona Kona . 2 hours ago
oops you can see light under the book case. Better get gasket on that stat.
Zahraa Al-Saadi Zahraa Al-Saadi . 2 hours ago
Monkeyboy Monkeyboy . 2 hours ago
Hey Mark Rober, I don't know if you will see this, but I have a qusetion. When working at NASA were you an aeronautical engineer. If you were I'm quite interested in becoming one, though I still have many more years to go I would like to know the ends and outs of being one. Also it would be kinda cool to know what you did when working at NASA. Well anyways love the videos, wish you posted more, and have a great day.
Kai Love Kai Love . 3 hours ago
Hey MR. Rober wanna break a world record? In October me and my family are building the biggest blanket for ever
to to . 3 hours ago
Ngl he kinda sounds like jo jo siewa ( aka the worst person ever)
Joseph King Joseph King . 3 hours ago
You can see light at the bottom of the shelf
Hector gameing Hector gameing . 3 hours ago
Did u know that the music in the background s the pvz theme 6:31
Michael Mac Unfiltered Michael Mac Unfiltered . 4 hours ago
You're a genius Mark.
both at engineering and business. 👍👍
Chazeaux Things Music Chazeaux Things Music . 5 hours ago
the hotwheels are cool
yoshabelle11 yoshabelle11 . 6 hours ago
dose it cost money
Markus Lam Markus Lam . 7 hours ago
Backyard Squirrel Maze 3.0
Rene Huber Rene Huber . 7 hours ago
Can you build a stairway that plays Stairway to Heaven as u walk up on it? :^)
Nitrome Nitrome . 7 hours ago
"Wait! I'm with the science team!"
Jennifer Nelson Jennifer Nelson . 9 hours ago
You built that in a year!?? That awesome
Ab Cd Ab Cd . 10 hours ago
This is not fair for some of engineering watching from 3 world country. Sad sad sad
Atai Auster Atai Auster . 11 hours ago
David Kadonsky David Kadonsky . 12 hours ago
I am tempted to get the crunch box and hold it for 5 years waiting for my daughter to turn 8.

Great stuff Mark.
Halfasleep_Owen Halfasleep_Owen . 12 hours ago
Great vid
Fabrice Bolleter Fabrice Bolleter . 13 hours ago
If you give the keys to a warehouse to a kid with YT-money😂
Max Fleckenstein Max Fleckenstein . 13 hours ago
Are they also available in german?
Pearl dinosaur Pearl dinosaur . 13 hours ago
I'm a bit over twelve and half years and I have always wanted to be an engineer or coder and I'm really interested and fascinated by science and I love your videos :) I'm not able to buy that building thing but I will still watch videos :)) I'm so jealous of your lab >:)
Savage s.m Savage s.m . 14 hours ago
Squirrel maze three
Danielle Hacking Danielle Hacking . 15 hours ago
what state is your crunch labs in and what city
Buttercup Buttercup . 15 hours ago
phil gordon phil gordon . 15 hours ago
Ever since I started watching you when I was five now I’m 11 I’ve always been inspired by you because I’ve always wanted to be an engineer because I’ve always thought it was all so cool and interesting to see what happens and make a hypothesis
Jijggx owo Jijggx owo . 16 hours ago
Is he going to died…?
Shelton Sydial Shelton Sydial . 16 hours ago
Just so that y’all know my kid will be going to the Mark Rober school of engineering, bc we all know that where this is going and I’m here for it.
Bacon Bacon . 17 hours ago
Ur so coool!
johahn Ilejay johahn Ilejay . 18 hours ago
Raphael Milsom Raphael Milsom . 18 hours ago
Are you the panda for Dude perfect
Victorious bLade Victorious bLade . 20 hours ago
Cmon mark keep uploading its next month!
Jayden Hepner Jayden Hepner . 22 hours ago
OMG im asking my mom as soon as possible if i can
Colt schoo Colt schoo . 22 hours ago
Ok but I do have a question have you built your own battle bot
Aox Zora Aox Zora . 23 hours ago
Just added crunchlabs on my bucket list😜
MerkinMuffly MerkinMuffly . 1 day ago
If only Poppie had one of these toilets
Jarvis Glindeman Jarvis Glindeman . 1 day ago
Mark rober after watching your tutorial on lab crunch Yt canal I had a idea to make a disc thrower but it goes on your arm and has no electronics. I
ProgrammingWithPython ProgrammingWithPython . 1 day ago
you and @StuffMadeHere should collab
GEC829 GEC829 . 1 day ago
Is it true that you are the panda in dude perfect
WTR Cozy ✟♚ WTR Cozy ✟♚ . 1 day ago
Derek Bohls Derek Bohls . 1 day ago
teach me how to make one im 9
Daddy Dragon Gaming Daddy Dragon Gaming . 1 day ago
This is AWESOME!!!!!!
Yehudis Adler Yehudis Adler . 1 day ago
nothing to say, mark is awsome
slim617 slim617 . 1 day ago
if rob dyrdek doesnt show up. i dont know why.
Jamie Playz Jamie Playz . 1 day ago
Hey Mark! I ordered your Crunch Labs product on the 17th and I was wondering when it will be fulfilled. I know you and your team must be under a lot of pressure from the large amount of orders so let me know a date for when it may be fulfilled. Thank you!
Sawyer super tube Sawyer super tube . 1 day ago
Hey could I get a copy of one of phat guess forebears
Wireless connection Wireless connection . 1 day ago
Your videos are awesome
Wireless connection Wireless connection . 1 day ago
Make a chicken nugget gun
Kirk Kirk . 1 day ago
must be nice having that kind of money

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