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Sin City Outdoors

Sin City Outdoors

Published on 2 weeks ago

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HeavyDSparks HeavyDSparks . 2 weeks ago
Does anyone have contact info for the fella with the beached houseboat?
bob Washington bob Washington . 19 hours ago
great job saving that mans life
Dan Duncan Dan Duncan . 1 day ago
You guys are awesome 👌 watched your vidios
WasThat Wrong WasThat Wrong . 1 day ago
You and your son do a nice job on the video it’s also pretty cool that you are spending all that quality time together
robert pgillips robert pgillips . 1 day ago
First of all Thank you for sharing this. Would it be possible for you to check out Salt Lake?
Kelli McCormick Kelli McCormick . 2 days ago
My niece was about I'd say 5 or 6 yo (& she is now 26 yo)wanted 2 fish 4 the 1st time+ she did not want 2 use the bait that her dad+ brother were using(I believe it was just regular bait)so she wanted 2 use colored marshmallows.her dad+ brother said she would not catch anything at all with colored marshmallows+my niece said yes I well and guess what she caught nine fish while her brother & dad only caught 3 between them.just a little fishing story thought I'd share.
Michael Voorhees Michael Voorhees . 2 days ago
I've made over$300,000 on this!!! Lol
Tammy Bama79 Tammy Bama79 . 2 days ago
We could DIG A TRENCH TO GET HIM OUT! Dig him out starting at the boat so the water can rush in around it when you get to the water with the trench, while he is still close to the shore....
greg rochester greg rochester . 2 days ago
i hate your crocs
Annette Elliott-Dunn Annette Elliott-Dunn . 3 days ago
I’ve been following your channel lately, and lake Mead, I back tracked on dates coming here as this rescue has been mentioned on other channels. Thank you for what you did for him
kim Pater kim Pater . 3 days ago
Put sand bags around the boat and leading to the water use the pump to fill the area with water.
fleiva30 fleiva30 . 3 days ago
Those sunk boats are insurance jobs
Commander Duncan Commander Duncan . 3 days ago
You guys totally rock! Love the can do, above and beyond spirit!
Travel with Tony Travel with Tony . 3 days ago
Lake Mead Tweeker
Zio 10 Zio 10 . 3 days ago
This is just scary to me. Water shortage coming? I believe this is all planned yrs ago. Everything going on rt now. It is to much a coincidence that shit is hitting the fan fr every direction even fr the back! We are screwed. Thanks Joe....
Rocky Stellone Rocky Stellone . 3 days ago
Let that place dry up and watch California go up in flames. Once the power grid goes down it will bring out the best of Californians.
John Walter John Walter . 3 days ago
Build a Pipeline from California Ocean, 260 Miles to Lake Mead. Filler Up. California DemoQuacks Only Cancel Pipelines like the President.
Suzy Walton Suzy Walton . 4 days ago
🚷☣☢STOP OR WE WILL SHOOT! ⚠They just closed Lake Mead, WTH is going on now! Why would Homeland Security be sent to stop people from entering that area? Why aren't they at the border trying to stop drugs and criminals from entering our country?🤮👀
Bridget Breitzmann Bridget Breitzmann . 4 days ago
👋 Hi from Montgomery Illinois
Hey I like your style of video. What an awesome father and son team. I too am an outdoors woman and animal lover. I was a catch and release bass fisherwomen. I've backed off from fishing now. And funny was a participant (well reporter of sort) in Masters in Chicago Lake Michigan. Your videos are timely for me because I follow drought in west... yep serious. Bass fishing super fun you guys are bringing back memories. Just a first time listener, I'm subscribed and looking forward to checking out your journey. Good job and 😊 thanks.
Proverbs 19:17
He that hath pity upon the poor lendeth unto the LORD; and that which he hath given will he pay him again.
Adrian Chairez Adrian Chairez . 4 days ago
WOW!!!! thats crazy
Water Witch Water Witch . 4 days ago
The water dropped to fast? Its been dropping for decades, but no one did a damn thing. I lived there since 1968 till 2005. Its a shame that NV is suffering because of the greed of other states.
Mike Watson Mike Watson . 4 days ago
These guys don't know that what they call turbine intakes are actually the spill way. The intakes are toward to bottom of the dam/
Atonement 2018-2028 Atonement 2018-2028 . 4 days ago
And my goodness, C'MON GUYS.... Deadpool... There won't be Deadpool since the mighty Colorado formed the lake..
DEADPOOL IS THE VERBIAGE THAT DEMOCRATS ARE USING SO THAT *WHEN THEY DRAIN THE LAKE TO THE "DEADPOOL" LEVEL, THEY CAN THEN USE SAFETY BULLCHIT AS A REASON TO SHUT DOWN ALL ACCESS TO THE LAKE* .... u idiots... C'mon.... They're going to say the fish are toxic, they'll show video of dead fish floating everywhere (since they'll POISON them), and they'll PUT ARMED GUARDS AT EVERY DOUBLE TAX ENTRY FEE STATION.... Which is exactly what they were always intended to be ... This is agenda 21... Been planned since the early 90's.... People reporting on lake levels without mentioning this are despicable... I like these guys a lot, but enough is enough... A real drought doesn't cause ANY body of water to drop that much that fast..IMPOSSIBLE.... get smart on Klaus Schwab and the world economic forum
Atonement 2018-2028 Atonement 2018-2028 . 4 days ago
14:15 bro, don't u realize?!! U basically describe that I'm right, this isn't DROUGHT, this is criminal activity .. THE LEFTISTS ARE DRAINING OUR LAKES .. what dude described IS NOT DROUGHT LOSS PEOPLE.... that's intentional drainage... DROUGHT CAN'T CAUSE THAT MUCH DECLINE THAT FAST!! WAKE TF UP ALREADY
Paul McWilliams Paul McWilliams . 4 days ago
Now that the water level is way down in Lake Mead, I'd want to get a metal detector to search the exposed bottom to find some formally under water treasure.
Keith Heiskell Keith Heiskell . 4 days ago
I hope this man has a shit together enough not to let it happen again, wouldn't have taken much to pull it away from the bank when it first happened, something a little fishy pun intended
Henry Bertolette Henry Bertolette . 4 days ago
Caution caution not be
Casanova Time Casanova Time . 4 days ago
Love you’re videos Bro; keep it going 👍🏻Sin City 🎉
G Works . Grow G Works . Grow . 4 days ago
Now I got a cabin bless his heart
G Works . Grow G Works . Grow . 4 days ago
Your raising a good man you can just tell…👍💪🏼
Squirt Daddy Squirt Daddy . 4 days ago
Just found and subscribed to your channel, of the videos I've watched so far, its very interesting. Hope you keep raking in the views, nice to see a small scale YouTuber get discovered, maybe you will eventually be able to fill up your gas tank for a full day of just boating if the views hold out. Good luck!!!!
Kirk M Kirk M . 4 days ago
Really scary.
Ruby Tuesday Ruby Tuesday . 4 days ago
Wish, the men in Oklahoma knew catch and release! My area that is....!
H2O Motorsports H2O Motorsports . 4 days ago
Beaches & Sunsets California Beaches & Sunsets California . 4 days ago
Love watching your channel much love !! Very cool guys congratulations to jr
alberta farmer alberta farmer . 4 days ago
Soon " a loaf of bread will cost a days wages" , see Revelation 6!
We are living in the E N D times, the 7year Tribulation with the world leader (Antichrist) is right around the corner, that's GOD'S judgement upon all unbelievers! But there is hope - get saved and be rapture ready: accept JESUS CHRIST as your Lord and Savior today!!!
Please study biblical end times prophecy; listen to Dr. Ron Rhodes on end times chronology.
Blessings from AB
PS: forage for kudzu and other edible plants.
Milk chemistry Milk chemistry . 4 days ago
bruh recently youtube has been getting so chill about showing dead bodies and skeletons
lumadue charles lumadue charles . 5 days ago
Can they be letting the water out???? WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE
John G. Jones Research Lodge #147 John G. Jones Research Lodge #147 . 5 days ago
Great content and gestures towards those who have been stranded thank you very much between the great work.
John G. Jones Research Lodge #147 John G. Jones Research Lodge #147 . 5 days ago
It seems as if no one has any concern this is very serious where is this water going it's not just drying up this is not just the first drought we've ever seen.
Rosen Rosen . 5 days ago
Damn spiders always finds a way, creepy bastards!
Jagzilla Jagzilla . 5 days ago
The guy is severely dehydrated and emaciated. Someone help him...
Michael Stapelberg Michael Stapelberg . 5 days ago
if the water drops below 3500 feet the hoover dam will fail to produce power
Kanale Tumlinson Kanale Tumlinson . 5 days ago
Grey video guys! Stumbled upon your water level video and here in the PNW we live on the Columbia River fish salmon and sturgeon as much as we can & love the outdoors, glad I found your channel! Keep creating awesome content
David David . 5 days ago
A 2ft deep trench could probably get it buoyant enough to be towed into open water. 3-5 people could probably dig that in a day assuming you don't wait to long. Alternatively, I'm sure there are sealants you could apply to the hull to keep it from damage, pretty good chance next winters water level will recover to this point.
Johnny Green Johnny Green . 5 days ago
Inactive pool. That's crazy for the Hoover dam not to be in working order ..
RV Life With K&D RV Life With K&D . 5 days ago
Tell Craig I said hello. This is Kenny P if you worked with me at Perini
Wade Clezie Wade Clezie . 5 days ago
A excavator could trench a channel to the boat float it then pull it out to the deeper water
Don Bothel Don Bothel . 5 days ago
Any word on what's happening to that bomber that is in the lake?

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