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The Volume

The Volume

Published on 3 weeks ago

Draymond Green is joined by Klay Thompson, Andre Iguodala, and Gary Payton II to react to the Golden State Warriors winning their fourth title in the modern era, Steph Curry’s brilliance, why Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, Ime Udoka and the Boston Celtics deserve credit, and much more.

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Patrick Gill Patrick Gill . 1 hour ago
I'm feeling a three straight if possible 4 straight
claire claire . 21 hours ago
he steps off the court as a 4 time nba champion and thinks to himself “podcast time!”
ginn velez ginn velez . 3 days ago
How about helping some unknown player from the other team mention their name so that they can have higer contract.
Mention their strength
Give them spotlight coz they are ignored by others cos they are not all stars.
Help them mr green.

Ther is a hidden gem on that team that only needs exposure and they ddnt get that on other media
Dorothy Bullock Dorothy Bullock . 4 days ago
Love you you all the best good luck👍👍👍👍👍👍👍💕💕💕💕💕up
Blake Ross Blake Ross . 1 week ago
NOBODY wants to talk about these phoney sports media analytics....NOBODY except Draymond.
David Heumann David Heumann . 1 week ago
Last few minutes of this are especially gold
Fabian Dennis Fabian Dennis . 1 week ago
100 Percent A Great SHow and appreciate the current Dynasty
Suave Suave . 1 week ago
That MIC drop was EPIC!!!!
This is dope !🔥🙌🏾
liarzdice liarzdice . 1 week ago
They need to do everything they can to keep GP2. What doesn't he do? He is a pest on defense and always there on offense to do the little things. Always brings maximum energy and loves the game.
Jonathan Lipsky Jonathan Lipsky . 1 week ago
But now be honest Dray if you're reading this. Did you think you guys were going to take game 5 when the tempo just died off and Steph couldn't throw a rock in the ocean. My jaw was dropping, the game was there to be won or lost, but no one even had an idea how to get off a good shot. But then the new guys came through, Poole and Wiggins in particular. Those guys have amazing physical gifts but may also be mentally tough as you Steph and Klay. I do think you guys are on your way to a couple more, with GPII, too
Jonathan Lipsky Jonathan Lipsky . 1 week ago
So listen to you finishing up. You do know a shitload about basketball and I think it's great that you get to talk about it and seems to have helped you mellow out on the court.
Jonathan Lipsky Jonathan Lipsky . 1 week ago
That's what was funny about the series to me Dray. I thought they would wear you guys down like you did Cleveland back in the beginning, and so I thought all the days off between games would help you. But by the end they were the ones who were worn down.
Marc Marc . 2 weeks ago
All that’s missing with bro-mance talk of GPII and Draymond is a big blunt and some porch rocking chairs !
DaniKalifornia450 DaniKalifornia450 . 2 weeks ago
New Media, talk that shit
Charm Villanueva Charm Villanueva . 2 weeks ago
i love how honest draymond green is. good job champ!
Maui T Maui T . 2 weeks ago
Ayyy props to Iggy man. A finals MVP yet still humble enough to take a role as a helper for the greater goal for the team to win the championship. More power brother
will ellis will ellis . 2 weeks ago
Arizona Wildcat fan here….basically lifelong or since I autonomously picked my favorite teams…happy for Iggy. He been the homie man
Altair76 Altair76 . 2 weeks ago
LEGEND!!!!❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥 Beautiful interviews with Klay, GP II and Iggy!!!! Everything I wanted from this Championship episode!!!
flymingo the fittest flymingo the fittest . 2 weeks ago
Soldier boy not the first man to Win a chip & do a podcast the same day Draymond
Mykel Robert Mykel Robert . 2 weeks ago
Well we now see that brotherhood is also one of the keys why Warriors won their 4th Championship. Selfless superstars to star with. Congrats warriors.
Adventure1st Adventure1st . 2 weeks ago
Always love the way, Draymond plays the game! A true warrior. But, his analysis is next level and a welcoming perspective in the mediocrity of sports analysts. The warrior’s back story of the past 3 years adds to the championship
Mr_ P00Ps Mr_ P00Ps . 2 weeks ago
I fucks with GP2 heavy he can play on my team any day MF a dog. Warriors have the best culture in sports. New York wake the fuck up.
Alex D Alex D . 2 weeks ago
I love the podcast but you need a new camera man bro
Andrew O'Neil Andrew O'Neil . 2 weeks ago
Draymond might just be on the path to become the next Charles Barkley. A HOF player who succesfully transitioned to a media job to become an icon of sports broadcasting.
Dylan Ykimoff Dylan Ykimoff . 2 weeks ago
They're winning it again next year calling it now. Go Green Go White!!
Haakon Hamer Haakon Hamer . 2 weeks ago
Congratulations Mr Green, a bit late but havent have time to watch this before now. x4 champ and if steph is the mvp of the team, you are the captain of the rings. without you, there are ZERO rings. facts.
Jason Waz Jason Waz . 2 weeks ago
Congrats guys!! Well deserved!
K-Hustle K-Hustle . 2 weeks ago
Compared to the other 3. Now that's a statement.
FaHye Batan FaHye Batan . 2 weeks ago
Manna Akpan Manna Akpan . 2 weeks ago
I'm out here, waiting on the next edition of the DraymondGreenShow.
Gravy Gravy . 2 weeks ago
The goat podcast backdrop. Can't be beaten
Hayden Hayden . 2 weeks ago
Draymon Green is the real deal.
David ashley David ashley . 2 weeks ago
ESPN came out with those numbers,because their Devils! Lie because they don't know the game.
Damien Phillips Damien Phillips . 2 weeks ago
Best ball podcast there is! Facts!!! Dubs 🏆🏆🏆🏆💙💛💙💛
Kj85 Kj85 . 2 weeks ago
I love that you clap back at those that don’t have any idea whats going on but also praise those that deserve it whether people hear you or not. 🫶🏽
Corey Blyther Corey Blyther . 2 weeks ago
Why he jabbing Kaly like that?
Hey, Dray, I saw in the herd live that Nick is trying to get a tequila social, lol all this sheet talking, the nerves of that f…..guy. The amount of sheet he talks and talked about you Dray. What a d’bag. Don’t ever talk to that guy or any interviews with that clown. If the end of days were to happen today and there are 1 guy, 1 woman I have live behind in which are Nick and my ratchet baby mama 50 % of us have one of those. The good lord knows I would rather live with the devil farting fire on my head instead of living with her, even then I will choose my baby mama than choosing Nick Wright. F….. clown Nick wright that he is. No interview with this bozo.
Slice Slice . 2 weeks ago
Dis a Hardwood Classic
2 Cents 2 Cents . 2 weeks ago
Iggy is awesome. Seems like such a cool guy, never forget his legendary Finals MVP!
Emanuel Frederick Emanuel Frederick . 2 weeks ago
Alex Jones Alex Jones . 2 weeks ago
Adelante Ricky Adelante Ricky . 2 weeks ago
That monologue at the end right there perfectly sums up how we as fans are sick to death of mainstream media agendas
Zouhari Naji Zouhari Naji . 2 weeks ago
GP2 definitly staying
ItCouldBeJ ItCouldBeJ . 2 weeks ago
Man just learn how to score 10 pts on average and watch how much more of an asset you could be to the warriors. No one is worried about you scoring and that could make you such a threat with the two greatest shooters to ever play on the same team. Not individually but together Steph and Klay are the greatest 3 point combo in NBA history. Learn to score a basket or two every quarter bro. You play 30-35 minutes a game and all of what you already do is great and isn't going anywhere. That's your natural huddle and determination to play hard every possession. Please Draymond just work on your scoring a little and you will end up with that quadruple double plus maybe a finals MVP if you really take advantage of the team you have now. Steph is getting old man he won't be carrying y'all every single year for much longer. The young bucks will end up taking your playtime if you don't pick it up on the offensive end and I'm not talking about your playmaking ability. Get a few thousand shots up this summer please let me see you average 10 a game and I'll be rooting for you guys to repeat based solely off your offensive success
Adedayo Adeyemo Adedayo Adeyemo . 2 weeks ago
Draymond Green; the MAN, the LEGEND!!!
Shot Bro Shot Bro . 2 weeks ago
Respect this guy! never been a fan, but qfter his interview with iggy 🙌 congrats champ!
CeeloThatMane CeeloThatMane . 2 weeks ago
A.I. level shìt. He controlling the media. He controlling the narrative. Doing something the media can’t do.
Eric Sawyer Eric Sawyer . 2 weeks ago
Draymond is gonna be one HELLUVA coach if he decides to take that next step!
Big Johnson Big Johnson . 2 weeks ago
Draymond the Dennis Rodman of the warriors

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