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bxrry shorts

bxrry shorts

Published on 2 weeks ago

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Water Otter Water Otter . 4 days ago
I've been dumbed down.
Tristan Shaw Tristan Shaw . 5 days ago
Bruh listen that dog is still smarter than me and im 15
CookieDev CookieDev . 5 days ago
1st one - Birth Certificate?
Kenko Kenko . 6 days ago
Bros trying to change genre.
malee • 20 years ago malee • 20 years ago . 6 days ago
Nah dairy Queen is the best
ykrokdile ykrokdile . 6 days ago
January 1 my birthday
Vander🤑 Vander🤑 . 6 days ago
No wonder why i now only get 90 on my tests
Thrive Guccii Thrive Guccii . 6 days ago
that empty room one has me trippin
Sparkli Official Sparkli Official . 6 days ago
I support the last part
YoungBoy Never Broke Again YoungBoy Never Broke Again . 6 days ago
Mom do u still have that therapist address brother lost it
WHAT. WHAT. . 6 days ago
I would be concerned if you give birth to a dog
kgart VJGF kgart VJGF . 7 days ago
Your not profound your stupid
Spencer Ward Spencer Ward . 7 days ago
Birth ratification
Loso_thegoat Loso_thegoat . 7 days ago
probably more than 2 years
Ricky Ricky . 7 days ago
Isnt a coffin an empty room?💀
Axolotl vr Axolotl vr . 1 week ago
I’ve been in a empty room before
totalmemer001 totalmemer001 . 1 week ago
Yeah they kinda divorced so it's kinda a bad topic about burger king and dairy queen
Avant Boundurant Avant Boundurant . 1 week ago
Cap 🧢
Distraught Distraught . 1 week ago
"Your b-day could be a lie and you would never know" me with my birth-certificate hahahahahahaha (please do not be a big nerd emoji and be like "well you can change your birth certificate 🤓 "
Casting vibes Casting vibes . 1 week ago
I was thinking about the first one yesterday
joan tilos joan tilos . 1 week ago
TOSCProds TOSCProds . 1 week ago
The birthday one is mad dumb, do people forget birth certificates exist
Aiden Hubbard Aiden Hubbard . 1 week ago
If you put more cheese on pizza does that mean it becomes a cheesy pizza?
Aiden Hubbard Aiden Hubbard . 1 week ago
Want to know what's crazy pineapple on pizza
DythBaro DythBaro . 1 week ago
Bro the dawg is smarter lol
Mr. Dood YTP Mr. Dood YTP . 2 weeks ago
Who else ironically ships Dairy Queen and Burger King?

StronZo StronZo . 2 weeks ago
Me smoking a joint: “how does someone give birth to a dog and a baby at the same time” 💀
Grace's Dance World Grace's Dance World . 2 weeks ago
What about smoothie king
Nagito Komaeda Nagito Komaeda . 2 weeks ago
*“Did you know that you can’t see without eyes?“*
Arachnopyro Arachnopyro . 2 weeks ago
Nobody is never in a empty room

Poor niggas living in poverty
The Image The Image . 2 weeks ago
Also what your are saying is just a false assumption which leads to a lie !!
Troy Lentz Troy Lentz . 2 weeks ago
There's an argument to be made that some dogs will always be smarter than some humans
Sleepy Time Sleepy Time . 2 weeks ago
DQ and BK are marred duhh
Brittany Petty Brittany Petty . 2 weeks ago
What about buying or renting a home. The rooms are empty. Did this just go over my head or? And another thing a dog an humans year growth are totally different. It's supposed to would be a little weird if your dog stayed the same age as you. They have dog years and we well ya know I'm js
FTK FTK . 2 weeks ago
When you have twins and one is a dog and one is a human.
Corious G.O. Corious G.O. . 2 weeks ago
Cause dogs mature faster than humans right
werecat podguski werecat podguski . 2 weeks ago
You man your crazy
Weight Watcher 👁 Weight Watcher 👁 . 2 weeks ago
Ok, this is the dumbest one I've seen of these kind of videos. Just nothing.
Katilyn Katilyn . 2 weeks ago
Dairy Queen used to be burger queen so they was related years ago though
Gizmobomb Gizmobomb . 2 weeks ago
Bro that’s crazy
Jellybean smells like turds Jellybean smells like turds . 2 weeks ago
Or smoothie king and dq
Hailey Korver Hailey Korver . 2 weeks ago
What if you were born in 1999 at 11.59.59 on December 31st but the doctors put it as 12.00.00 in 2000 on January 1st you would always think you were 21 instead of 22
Adam Jones Adam Jones . 2 weeks ago
Look at your birth certificate
M.V.P. 🏆 M.V.P. 🏆 . 2 weeks ago
No dip it’s not possible to be in a empty room cause if ur in the room it’s not empty
Kenderick Johnson Kenderick Johnson . 2 weeks ago
And Papa John’s and Jimmy John’s have to be related😅
Eternal Christ Eternal Christ . 2 weeks ago
Who is your weed supplier?
Tim Catter Tim Catter . 2 weeks ago
Kids making videos these days man.
93robertn 93robertn . 2 weeks ago
The room was empty before you went in now you’re in it it’s not empty you’re just alone in the room
Trainwreck In Time Trainwreck In Time . 2 weeks ago
Ayo I got that mic too lmao audiatechnia
CookieCat :3 CookieCat :3 . 2 weeks ago
Me: not knowing what he is talking about.
Comment section: he’s talking common sense.

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