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Focus On Film

Published on 3 weeks ago

Movie: Tag

Mirage Uchiha Mirage Uchiha . 3 hours ago
Damn, good thing he wasn't filming any MCU film. Lol
Romeo Hero Romeo Hero . 5 hours ago
Which movie is this ?
Corey Lehman Enterprises Corey Lehman Enterprises . 5 hours ago
Too much effort for a shitass movie
alex rodriquez alex rodriquez . 7 hours ago
I like how he said “WE painted out” 🤣
Myles Mcminn Myles Mcminn . 12 hours ago
ryan robertson ryan robertson . 17 hours ago
I looooove this movie
Deplorable 007 Deplorable 007 . 1 day ago
My niece did it on the trampoline.
John Reekie John Reekie . 1 day ago
Thor would be such a pussy with two broken arms cos his arms weight would be more obvious haha
John Reekie John Reekie . 1 day ago
A clumsy superhero haha there's hope for us yet
mojo mojo . 1 day ago
oh god wow renner like a champ
Rob Leavy Rob Leavy . 1 day ago
Bullshit lol 😂
Rune Kit Rune Kit . 2 days ago
Abdul Mueid Abdul Mueid . 2 days ago
I wish he was that productive in every other marvel appearance other than Hawkeye. Man the director did him dirty.
Just a Chiklet Just a Chiklet . 2 days ago
Omg how painful that must have been.
salamander337 salamander337 . 2 days ago
This movie was so much fun to watch. A great heart warming film for the family. Never forget who your friends are and don't take tag so seriously it's only a game that will last forever but your friends will not.
Michael Aldredge-Greenwell Michael Aldredge-Greenwell . 3 days ago
Jeremy Renner is so cute
Manav Lekhwani Manav Lekhwani . 3 days ago
Mad respect.
Yorick Westendorp Yorick Westendorp . 3 days ago
Props 😎
Jono Madden Jono Madden . 3 days ago
What a warrior
Letsfuckingo Letsfuckingo . 3 days ago
Horrible movie
Chasidah *teampublishorperish Fried Chasidah *teampublishorperish Fried . 3 days ago
I knew that I liked him NOW I know why.💕💖🙏🌹
Chris Percival Chris Percival . 3 days ago
Total commitment. What a badass.
Chrisy Toman Chrisy Toman . 4 days ago
That's some commitment🤣 wonder which one is stronger his tag character or Hawkeye🤔🤣
J.R. J.R. . 4 days ago
No wonder he’s an Avenger :)
doc waft doc waft . 4 days ago
What show/movie are they talking about
men with ven men with ven . 4 days ago
20 feet??? Ummm that was more like 10 feet. Big fucking difference between jumping off a 1 story roof to a 2 story roof.
Mayrin Mayrin . 4 days ago
I don’t know why I think he is so good looking
MackWaffle MackWaffle . 4 days ago
Ale Vera Ale Vera . 4 days ago
Talk about work ethics!!! Daaamn, RESPECT Sir!!
TheQxx TheQxx . 5 days ago
Renner is a G
Chippy L Chippy L . 5 days ago
If half the men in this world had half his work ethic, we would be in a much better place!
Joel Glanton Joel Glanton . 5 days ago
Lmao this movie looks terrible.
Unicorn Kitteh Unicorn Kitteh . 5 days ago
That "stunt" seemed ridiculously fake & unnecessary. And he broke his arms cuz of it. Im sure the movie wouldve been equally as good (or bad) without it.
MrGAMECATCanaveral MrGAMECATCanaveral . 6 days ago
Red has an accent?!?!
Vanessa Asman Vanessa Asman . 6 days ago
The most badass actor gets the lamest superhero. Nice
Marty Malon3 Marty Malon3 . 6 days ago
What kinda bitch drinks hazelnut 🤣😂😂
Mel Gibson Mel Gibson . 6 days ago
Breaking your wrist and your elbow is not breaking both your arms
Xyle Zentry Xyle Zentry . 6 days ago
Jasmine Dragon Jasmine Dragon . 6 days ago
This is why stunt doubles exist
Jaq Jaq . 6 days ago
"oh my god the movie's about to shutdown"
"so anyway..."
luh_rxlla luh_rxlla . 6 days ago
Because that's what heroes do.
Bowman's Breaks Bowman's Breaks . 6 days ago
He played Hawkeye for a decade and almost died making TAG. One of history's all time best jokes.
Elias Ripley Elias Ripley . 6 days ago
Man after my own heart. Fell running after a bus. Took the full impact on my hands, wrists - arms, basically, 3 months ago. Got xrayed yesterday: I've broken both wrists, my elbow and my shoulder. Just been rebreaking em apparently. Explains the pain and loud snaps I keep hearing. I've a high pain tolerance so I rarely go to hospital unless I can SEE something is wrong. Dunno what they'll do to fix me though! Plaster-casted C3PO springs to mind! 😋
Hotrod24 Hotrod24 . 6 days ago
i love this movie
Anthony Rivera Anthony Rivera . 6 days ago
No wonder why in the movie he looked so stiff
coffeeismy boyfriend coffeeismy boyfriend . 7 days ago
Can someone tell me the name of this movie would love to see it
Justin Gentry Justin Gentry . 7 days ago
Modesto, Ca in the house
Lisa Ollivier Lisa Ollivier . 7 days ago
This fucking movie is great
Lily Blanski Lily Blanski . 7 days ago
that's such a jeremy renner thing to do 💀
Adam Damper Adam Damper . 7 days ago
Love this

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