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Published on 2 weeks ago

00:00 Intro
00:23 Beyonce new song "Break My Soul"
02:22 Drake and Beyonce competing?
03:20 Drake's "Honestly Nevermind" review
06:48 Tamar Braxton spills tea on relationship with Loni and other former cohosts

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Beach Life Beach Life . 21 hours ago
Drake knows how to use the bc.
Autumn Falls Autumn Falls . 1 day ago
Like I said before, VINCE got Tamar fired. I love Tamar but every time this issue comes up Tamar story always changes to "this person did this and this person did that" Loni and the rest of the girl's story didn't change. If she did talk to producers it was probably to get rid of Vince because he wanted to have control over Tamar's career. Plus Tamar admitted on her own show that she was trying to find another manager. (Loni explains this on the breakfast club)
carpediemtoday carpediemtoday . 3 days ago
Beyonce and most black people in America in the 90s grew up on house music. Drake is missing a cultural element of the genre.
Jadwisia Strickland Jadwisia Strickland . 5 days ago
I like that Bey is doing something different, not giving us the same album over and over like some artists do.
Bahati Patrick Bahati Patrick . 6 days ago
Y'all talking about Beyonce and Drake like Amorphous & Kelly rowland didn't ressurged this dance music wave
KitKat 954 KitKat 954 . 6 days ago
Tamar had grown so much and I just love her growth
VenusLove VenusLove . 6 days ago
I don't know why, but I feel like Tamar being fired. I feel like Loni is just getting the brunt of it all because she's big and black, making her an easy target. But I think more people had a problem with Tamar.
Lipez Nsksk Lipez Nsksk . 6 days ago
Take care will forever be his best album .
JC Mac JC Mac . 6 days ago
Queen Bey hands down, period. Love both, but BMS is the post covid vibe the world needs. Tnx to Queen Bey and Big Freedia
Tonette Smith Tonette Smith . 7 days ago
Crystal Water is back too and it’s Pride And 1985 but party like it’s 1999
ItsNotAJoke ItsNotAJoke . 1 week ago
He’s smart. Once Beyoncé release then it’s a wrap for other black artist. So he did a good job 👍 lol
Tamu Young Tamu Young . 1 week ago
I don't like it cause I don't like it.. SHE'S A DEMON
TerriBerri TerriBerri . 1 week ago
When your from Houston and you hear slowed and reverb instead of chopped and screwed
S Bee S Bee . 1 week ago
Ty Dolla Sign been on that vibe. 🔥
Daily Dose Daily Dose . 1 week ago
What would Lonnie have gained by getting Tamar fired? She didn’t seem to have that level of clout on the show and definitely did not gain anymore notoriety after Tamar was fired. What people are really mad at is that Lonnie didn’t play the social justice mammy role that is expected to advocate for the “preferences” elevated above her in every way in society. Lonnie also had the audacity to publicly date a white guy and not praise black men on the show. She came in and did her job. No more and no less. Tamar’s mess on the show was hers alone. Amanda’s mess on the show was hers alone.
Tiffany Grant Tiffany Grant . 1 week ago
Honestly Drake’s album sound like something he’s done before. I like it.
kayteeelle kayteeelle . 1 week ago
I personally liked Jeannie and Tamar’s dynamic on the panel. It reminded me of Rose and Dorothy from the Golden Girls
Mrs. Francis Mrs. Francis . 1 week ago
Never liked loni when I read the story from the young girl. who was supposed carry a child for loni, then before that child was born loni backed out and said I don't want that baby. I thought that was really fucked up, to put that woman through that and then ultimately back out. As if this was a purchase of a car, or clothes and not realizing you're about to adopt a child.
Shalene GVW Shalene GVW . 1 week ago
I liked Drakes album but I wish it was in the oven a little longer. Beyonce’s new song wasn’t anything for him to rush to drop to “beat”. He couldve definitely put Majid Jordan on his album because they’re amazing at House production. He couldve also used Kaytranada to help the house vibe as well! I dont think PND needed to be on this album.
Antonio Fred Antonio Fred . 1 week ago
Drake's is number #1
Anabel belle Anabel belle . 1 week ago
I really didn't like Beyonce's new song and ppl are gonna buy it only because it's B. It's not a good single
Michelle Clark Michelle Clark . 1 week ago
So Bey still a culture vulture 🦅
The Drake album is trash 🗑️
Tamar still ain't got her flowers 💐
Loni Love still in denial 🤦🏽‍♀️🥴
Tamera and Adrienne loyal good girls ❤️❤️
Jeenie plays both sides 🤷‍♀️like when she'd hunt innocent animals with her ex and pose over dead bodies then claims to love animals 🤦🏽‍♀️🦁🔫⚰️
Projekt Crimson Projekt Crimson . 1 week ago
Not really feeling Drake
Queen Nikki Queen Nikki . 1 week ago
I never saw the live Jeannie’s curls look super cute
SFMG_Ello SFMG_Ello . 1 week ago
Liability my favorite song on Drake album that slowed chopped made me like it 🔥🔥
Tamekia Kendrick Tamekia Kendrick . 1 week ago
I believe in drake and Beyoncé it’s different and the are barrier breakers y’all keep up the good work. I believe the album want flop. They just don’t get it bc it’s different. Do y’all as young artist and keep inspiring others
Raven McClinton Raven McClinton . 1 week ago
Bigger question, why is the real and Tamar still a conversation???? Like let it go already😫😮‍💨
Nikeya P Nikeya P . 1 week ago
Tamar's response was perfect. Classy
Rae Rae . 1 week ago
Beyoncé is a full fledged demon now. Direct descendant of MarieCatherineLaveau
You don't Matter You don't Matter . 1 week ago
You don’t know how long he’s been working on his album. Tf. You’re always reaching im tired of you
Jordan Harrington Jordan Harrington . 1 week ago
Listen…I was tryna back up Loni lately but sis was the only one that didn’t speak up about Amanda and now I’m legit suspicious 🤨 lol
Maya Noctis Maya Noctis . 1 week ago
That song was garbage and you know it
Davon Nelson Davon Nelson . 1 week ago
Drakes song sounds way better then that BS Beyoncé singing about!!!
Jeffrey Walters Jeffrey Walters . 1 week ago
I have to disagree. These artist like Beyonce and drake aren't trying new styles or genres of music because they want to reach other people. They are doing it to expand their brand, and also make even more money. Fame and greed will make an artist try anything to remain popular loved and worshiped. I will never get nor understand why people worship celebrities.
alixia002 alixia002 . 1 week ago
I hope this gets a new Dance Central 💃 🕺
Salina Rogers Salina Rogers . 1 week ago
“Break my soul” Jesus Save My Soul how about that. Seriously… how do these people come out with these type of names for a song. I can name so many ungodly songs and the name says it all. Just my opinion. I don’t want nothing breaking my soul but Jesus Christ.
Nana Abena Darkowaah Nana Abena Darkowaah . 2 weeks ago
Is Tamar still with the Nigerian?
Louverture desprit Nest Pas Une Fracture du Crane Louverture desprit Nest Pas Une Fracture du Crane . 2 weeks ago
Drake is an interloper in any genre he taps into. Including in Tap/Hip-Hop. He will release a soca album if It sells, he is musically rootless and ahistorical.
Beyonce.on the other side, is very cognizant of her roots and Black 🇺🇲 music. The use of gospel in a house sing is absolutely SPOT ON!
A thread that one can find in every single of her album.
DaTeamMinaj DaTeamMinaj . 2 weeks ago
Empressive I love you girl but this the first time I’ve ever felt mislead by your title. Tamar ain’t spill no tea on that girl 😂
Micah Snyder Micah Snyder . 2 weeks ago
Awwwe u a hater cause it sounds gay.
Noreen Goraya Noreen Goraya . 2 weeks ago
CLB came out 9 months ago... With a bunch of pregnant women on the cover.... Honestly Nevermind came out almost exactly 9 months later... I love Bey but I don't think that's what happened here. Surprised empressive didn't pick up on that. Drake is a Beyonce fan, I doubt he would do it intentionally. He literally dropped it a few hrs before no promo no nothing but man still can't win...
Chris Muffin Chris Muffin . 2 weeks ago
The year of house music 🎶 😄
Happy black coffee produced it yay SA represent
Black Barbie Doll Tiara Black Barbie Doll Tiara . 2 weeks ago
That's all beyonce do is compete with people never whole tho. be yourself
Ashley Gillett Ashley Gillett . 2 weeks ago
I think it's more beyonce who got word of whats about to be bumping and did something for that
You're Only One Prayer Away You're Only One Prayer Away . 2 weeks ago
🗣You tripping that drake album fire we Chicago house heads can’t listen enough. Drake did that✊🏽🔥💯
Jeanie Mashup Jeanie Mashup . 2 weeks ago
I don’t expect loni to reach out or anything because Tamar really went off on loni about something she didn’t do. She even tweeted about finding out the producers knew what was up and they let her attack loni on social media for no reason. If
Dee Dee . 2 weeks ago
Love your channel. Love your new intro, but bring the old dreamy music back ro your intro.
Stanley Banks Stanley Banks . 2 weeks ago
I just don't like Lonnie love 🤷🏽‍♂️🤣🤣
potatopotatoe potatopotatoe . 2 weeks ago
Glad you brought up Party. I love me some party and I know when he’s missing 😂😂💀

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