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Published on 2 weeks ago

SML SML . 2 weeks ago
Go watch the behind the scenes:
Wolves For life Wolves For life . 25 minutes ago
10:23 was the actual LOL
Graham Miller Graham Miller . 44 minutes ago
The hoyonoys got me dying. You hear these weird words when Rose names the rabbit
Y. Y. . 53 minutes ago
It’s been like a Week and still haven’t made the ending part
caroline Brennan caroline Brennan . 1 hour ago
Is this the remake of jeffy's foster home
roxy roxy . 2 hours ago
Part jeffy saying 😂 2:52
Kong❤️Laina Kong❤️Laina . 2 hours ago
potato potato . 3 hours ago
5:31 😂
Amelia MacKenzie Freitas Amelia MacKenzie Freitas . 3 hours ago
My favourite family members are probably my sister and my two brothers. My sister and my two brothers are older than me they're in their twenties. I like Jeffy's grandparents because I like how they pronounced the kitty cats in a different way.
Demon_slayer5 Demon_slayer5 . 3 hours ago
Demon_slayer5 Demon_slayer5 . 3 hours ago
GameParade GameParade . 3 hours ago
I love how they laugh but still manage to keep character lol
julian vickery julian vickery . 5 hours ago
my fav family member is me 💅
ryanenn ryanenn . 5 hours ago
Cordoribel Cordoribel . 8 hours ago
Jeffy: *accidently bakes thumper*
Me: *very sad and kinda disappointed that he literally died minutes later*
Jake Fart Jake Fart . 8 hours ago
4:44 😭
bryce angell guillermo bryce angell guillermo . 14 hours ago
Rosalina is my fav
Jxuniee2 Jxuniee2 . 17 hours ago
the mask quotes are fuckin golden😂😂😂😂
Paul Eugene Brennan Paul Eugene Brennan . 18 hours ago
That's dark
pills vr pills vr . 18 hours ago
Love your vids I watch every vid there all so good
angel perez angel perez . 20 hours ago
Good vid
Susan Buzzard Susan Buzzard . 20 hours ago
“Why would you name him Humper like hoyoyoy” got me off my bed 🛌 lol
chromedwheels turning chromedwheels turning . 22 hours ago
Mom and dad
Steve Allen Steve Allen . 24 hours ago
Duck season is in fall
Demon_slayer5 Demon_slayer5 . 1 day ago
Demon_slayer5 Demon_slayer5 . 1 day ago
Demon_slayer5 Demon_slayer5 . 1 day ago
Khushal Tafwiz Khushal Tafwiz . 1 day ago
jeffys 18th birthday
You Menyou You Menyou . 1 day ago
Umm who was that when jeffy went to HES grandma’s house
Novak Novak Novak Novak . 1 day ago
sml idea : cody's grandparents
JazzyArtist JazzyArtist . 1 day ago
6:01 4:42
Mr. AKC Mr. AKC . 1 day ago
I have been watching you sense you name was super mario logan
ThePinkyQueenGal! ThePinkyQueenGal! . 1 day ago
Jeffy is a strong boi <3
bxnkrollbaybee bxnkrollbaybee . 1 day ago
Piggysaiyen 32 Piggysaiyen 32 . 1 day ago
12:02 he ran inside the house instead ofrunning out
Frizzo F Frizzo F . 1 day ago
Hoy yoy yoy - Marvin
Noahhyyt Noahhyyt . 1 day ago
5:31 made me laugh
Enjoy today Enjoy today . 1 day ago
Jeffy gave me very very specific instructions in this video how to make carret cake. I never knew carrot cake needed carrots!!
Allan Paul Allan Paul . 1 day ago
not the secondhand lion theme lmao
Mr.Rossiboi Mr.Rossiboi . 1 day ago
All new Jeffys cooking show
amphibia fan amphibia fan . 1 day ago
i went weeks not knowing jeffys grandma in the background when jeffy and the cop were talking
Suyincx Suyincx . 1 day ago
I love the face Jeffy makes at 6:29 😂

I also love Jeffy at 7:39 his accent🤣😂😂🤣
Ethan Michael Palmer random content Ethan Michael Palmer random content . 1 day ago
Ethan Michael Palmer random content Ethan Michael Palmer random content . 1 day ago
Wabbit season duck season
withered foxy withered foxy . 2 days ago
Simply Fredric Simply Fredric . 2 days ago
Rosalina somwehere at 1:01 to 1:02
NFT TJ NFT TJ . 2 days ago
PeWe1000iyihnl8 PeWe1000iyihnl8 . 2 days ago
That's that Mr Mr Incredible be coming uncanny music
Jay_Devil👿 Jay_Devil👿 . 2 days ago
Um it’s in October
Michelle Fields Michelle Fields . 2 days ago
My cooking be like: yep this is a carrots cake.

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