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ABC News

ABC News

Published on 3 weeks ago

President Joe Biden fell when he tried to get off his bike at the end of a ride Saturday at Cape Henlopen State Park in Delaware but wasn’t hurt in the tumble.

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moncorp1 Inc moncorp1 Inc . 2 hours ago
The dude literally cannot do anything. I hope the predictions of dims losing the most seats of any party in congress since 1871 come true.
Chad reece Chad reece . 2 days ago
Russia hacked the bike
FlyingIguana FlyingIguana . 2 days ago
Oh dear sniffy joe fell off a bike. Bruh he was standing, has to be staged. Sometimes I don’t understand people who act like…well that
Addie IsMe Addie IsMe . 3 days ago
his 1st thought after busting his ass was to go after the little girl 👧 creepy Joe biden never fails to disappoint
Why we paying $5.87 at the pumps,
Why we paying $5.87 at the pumps,
Only Post The Best Only Post The Best . 3 days ago
Manuel Angulo Manuel Angulo . 4 days ago
I would keep that little girl away from him.
Only Post The Best Only Post The Best . 4 days ago
Melvin Holloway Melvin Holloway . 4 days ago
Like a “TRUE CHAMP,” fall and get back up!
Uhtred Uhtred . 5 days ago
I am not American. I dont get it, did America just give up their country? Like I know this is just falling off a bike one time but this guy in general is barely alive and it seems like no American voters actually chose him. Its like he was installed by some secret society so that America can be reprocessed and used up. 2 ineffective American presidents in a row seems like a lot
Just Some Praying Mantis Drinking Brewski’s Just Some Praying Mantis Drinking Brewski’s . 5 days ago
Can’t climb stairs, can’t ride a bike, can’t run this country, list goes on and on 😅
Kundi C Kundi C . 5 days ago
he's an EMBARRASSMENT 😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭
Mister Honey Bunny Mister Honey Bunny . 5 days ago
Joe Biden is not permanent.
Mister Honey Bunny Mister Honey Bunny . 5 days ago
Joe Biden is the Fainting President.
Mister Honey Bunny Mister Honey Bunny . 5 days ago
Joe Biden is a big fart.
Mister Honey Bunny Mister Honey Bunny . 5 days ago
I did not choose Joe Biden to be the U.S. President.
Omegaforce 1 Omegaforce 1 . 5 days ago
Idiot 😂 let the lgbtq+ community pick him up
Artie Offield Artie Offield . 5 days ago
The pervert went straight over to a little girl probably to git a smell sleazy child molester
jusjos19 jusjos19 . 6 days ago
Oldest active president of all time. Look it up.
unrevoked unrevoked . 6 days ago
what a tragedy, condolences to biden
Audi 1 Audi 1 . 6 days ago
Dude gets up and says I'm fine. Your far far from fine my friend far from fine.
Audi 1 Audi 1 . 6 days ago
Only airhead would rush to. His aid clapping and yelling we love you Joe. Yay......... What world do you live in. The world's getting destroyed Yay. Wake up
Aragorn II Aragorn II . 6 days ago
The pride of leftists 😂. Had to get him elected through mail in ballots and all 😭
Apollo Apollo . 7 days ago
This old man should resign
Gemini Dreams Gemini Dreams . 7 days ago
Why, and how, is this the President of the most powerful nation???
The Bearded Powerlifter The Bearded Powerlifter . 1 week ago
That’s clearly an assault bike and needs to be banned immediately. We need common sense bike reform NOW! We’re not gonna tolerate this elderly abuse anymore.
ŅoĆtRŅlcr3@Țř ŅoĆtRŅ[email protected]Țř . 1 week ago
Of course a guy named Biff would be there to see Biden. All of the rejects that condemned America for 4 years. Thx losers
Slayer Jake Slayer Jake . 1 week ago
Oh my gosh operation hurt himself oh my God she hurt his feelings oh my gosh oh my God she's 4 news oh my gosh she worrying about a president who fell off a bike just did everyone that's all everyone fell off their back sometimes oh my gosh news you making a big deal about it this is why I hate social media and these f****** news and CNN and everyone else on the f****** news and thing all they're all f****** stupid
Information Control Patrol Information Control Patrol . 1 week ago
Lord help this poor man. This is elder abuse!
O-Jay 937 O-Jay 937 . 1 week ago
I wish these gas prices would fall this fast.
Glen Bard Glen Bard . 1 week ago
He fell just like the economy.
A A . 1 week ago
Was that really Joe Biden?
Blockade Blockade . 1 week ago
This perfectly describes Joe's run as president lmao.
Matthew773 Matthew773 . 1 week ago
I despise the Democratic Party but I never noticed that this bike has the pedals that are more secure where it’s not just open. Makes a lot more sense why he fell now. He couldn’t get his leg down and was being way to casual with his weight.
Christine Wyatt Christine Wyatt . 1 week ago
Please some body put him back where he belongs in a nursing home!!!
Gustavo Carleon Gustavo Carleon . 1 week ago
They forgot to upgrade the bikeriding feature in MrBGuy
James James . 1 week ago
He fell off his dinosaur
Carol Smith Carol Smith . 1 week ago
Pedo Joe spies next victim.
car san car san . 1 week ago
el abuelo senil esta culpando a ru.sia de la caída ....... los estupi.dos grin.gos ya dicen que es verdad ....
Internet Research Agency Internet Research Agency . 1 week ago
He didn't blame Putin?
Bravo 6 Bravo 6 . 1 week ago
I send my deepest condolences for bike and it’s family.
Betsy Portillo Betsy Portillo . 1 week ago
Is he ok 😭
Leonard Mayer Leonard Mayer . 1 week ago
I would like to see Biden and his wife do shuffle dance.
Middle Finger Middle Finger . 1 week ago
😂😂😂 🥔
Golvellius Golvellius . 1 week ago
J K J K . 1 week ago
Ahhh American's you voted for this guy LMAO
You can't say you didn't know what you were getting, it was very obvious

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