Play / Download T****'s Relentless, Illegal Scheme To Overturn The Election | GOP Candidate Goes RINO Hunting
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The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Published on 2 weeks ago

Today the Jan. 6th Committee laid out in shocking detail how the former president's scheme to overturn the 2020 election brought harrowing consequences for the public servants who resisted the pressure to support his lies. Elsewhere, GOP primary voters in Missouri are seeing yet another violent campaign ad from a gun-toting candidate. #Colbert #Comedy #Monologue

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Michael Salisbury Michael Salisbury . 4 hours ago
Trump belongs in PRISON NOW for High TREASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!
brmbkl2015 brmbkl2015 . 14 hours ago
mistaking a mint for state secrets is just what is to be expected from a man who wants to solve decades of intergenerational poverty and systemic misery by fixing windows. I know that's just a snappy name for an actual socio economic theory that had widespread credence, but anyone with some life experience knows you can't fix underlying problems by dressing up. Giuliani was a clown, even before the hair paint.
anik monette anik monette . 2 days ago
I was wondering why all of these ghouls resemble Lex Luther or Gollum then it struck me:

These greedy, megalomaniacal and sociopathic characters were inspired by THEM!
jason mcmillan jason mcmillan . 2 days ago
who are the traitors that helped him film the video?
Michael Salisbury Michael Salisbury . 2 days ago
The Republican Party is the new American Nazi Party!!!!!!!!!
Michael Salisbury Michael Salisbury . 2 days ago
Not Rudy Gulianini just my neighbor Rudy.
Michael Salisbury Michael Salisbury . 2 days ago
Speaking of Rudy he's leaving now!!
David Schilling David Schilling . 3 days ago
Any kingdom divided against itself cannot stand.
Who said that?
MM Mountain MM Mountain . 4 days ago
moons over ur hammy is worth at least 2m
Maria Carrera Maria Carrera . 4 days ago
Oh my that guy for real?
Nigel Corney Nigel Corney . 5 days ago
I know why Stephen Colbert is so Obsessed with the J6 Capital Hearings
K. Paq K. Paq . 5 days ago
Colbert is so full of it. All propaganda. Check out 2000 Mules documentary. There’s plenty of evidence.
Jody Ariewitz Jody Ariewitz . 6 days ago
We've got your back Lady Ruby!!!💯👍❤❤❤ Much love and Respect to you and your family, Maam!! You deserved so much better than you got!!!
Lorraine Clark Lorraine Clark . 6 days ago
Are there NO PROSECUTORS with any guts left in America? Isn't a DEATH THREAT illegal anymore?
Justin 0ldman Justin 0ldman . 6 days ago
Only Fools Believe ColberT
buggar green buggar green . 7 days ago
And they say cancel culture is only on the left, the right has "RHINO" they don't just Cancel, they eat their own
Mikoto Misaka Mikoto Misaka . 7 days ago
Brand Loyalty is pretty much the definition of Politics in the present day. Either you exercise complete loyalty to the left or the right, and people in the middle are considered either invalid or traitors of some sort. Its become Republican Vs Democrats, CNN vs Fox... and anybody not on either one of sides is considered by both sides to be on their enemy's side.
Craig Pradarelli Craig Pradarelli . 1 week ago
This guy is no Carson or Letterman
the man with no name the man with no name . 1 week ago
"douche kassidy", i seriously have to remember that line, LOL.
LeavingIt Blank LeavingIt Blank . 1 week ago
If resigning in the face of impeachment wasn't enough, Greiten's ad clearly solidifies his guilt in those charges of violence. Unfortunately, one thing radical Republicans have learned since 2016 is that what doesn't kill you gives you another opportunity to run for office.
LeavingIt Blank LeavingIt Blank . 1 week ago
I like that painter! I want him on my team! (Seriously, he delivered his lines better than any of the additional cast they've ever pulled into this show.)
Joni Skibo Joni Skibo . 1 week ago
Mr.RUMP Always Says; I don't Know that Person:
*Jeff Epstein
cam cam . 1 week ago
"It's rare to call for the death of a member of your own party" oh, I can think of at least a few parties that not only called for the death of their own members, but carried them out in short order. Here's a hint: we tend to now call their leaders "the most evil men in history"
Jim Carter Jim Carter . 1 week ago
Missouri just gets more hillbilly every day.
Mike Block Mike Block . 1 week ago
trump needs to face the penalties, you know what they do to people in other countries when they attempt a coup, they line them up for the firing squad because it is considered treasonous
Johnny lee walker Johnny lee walker . 1 week ago
Rich Clarke Rich Clarke . 1 week ago
When Trump asked for the voting records for all Americans for the past ten years, I remembered 1936, Germany.
And no one got it.
I am lifted up, reading the comments below, from veterans.
Stand up
Sound off.
Screw these bastards that in a few signatures are writing off what so many fought for.
I would suggest, finding their country of national origin, and send them back.
Yooper Dog Yooper Dog . 1 week ago
Douche Cassidy
Robert Hartford Robert Hartford . 1 week ago
The Russia Hoax was just a hoax until the inauguration, then it became treason.
Jim Scheidt Jim Scheidt . 1 week ago
I bet Money he is know seal
Ingrid Grattidge Ingrid Grattidge . 1 week ago
And yet did Bowers actually say he would vote for trump? Did he say this?
L Austin Speiss L Austin Speiss . 1 week ago
I never understood LARP and Cosplay… it just ‘clicked’.
They’re all playing “Live Action Republican Party’
thisbarb thisbarb . 1 week ago
This is a dark time in American history and I've come for my Colbert fix. Life seems to repeat since I was doing the same thing back in 2007-2009.
Harry Kuheim Harry Kuheim . 1 week ago
wombat44444444 wombat44444444 . 1 week ago
You are an enemy of the people colbert. Can't wait to hear you are locked up for life at best. Enjoy your swansong 🤦‍♂️
Manfred Bartels Manfred Bartels . 1 week ago
The US is on its way to making all dystopian novels like " The Handmaid's Tale", " 1984", "We", "Brave New World", "It Can't Happen Here"' and" Fahrenheit 451" real.
Amberlyn Olsen Amberlyn Olsen . 1 week ago
I can't get past that ad. How is that legal??? What it represents and is inviting my fellow Americans to do is extremely violent and disturbing! I couldn't even find the jokes, after showing the clip, funny. I'm just shocked that that was ever allowed to be aired as an ad for a Senate race. Smh.
Evette Raspberry Evette Raspberry . 1 week ago
mrwilson mrwilson . 1 week ago
Q-trumplicans will pay for their complicity in this attempted cuop.
Solariis TrippleEight Solariis TrippleEight . 1 week ago
well it ain't the black cauldron you damn molloch
Florian Florian . 1 week ago
In Germany, that ad would have gotten that man disqualified and indicted on incitement charges.
oldschooloc oldschooloc . 1 week ago
The building construction scene is absolutely hilarious!
Patricia Patricia . 1 week ago
So, Bowers doesn't want to win by cheating but would still vote for the Cheatin' Cheeto in Chief to win the next election. Damn, and he seemed like a sane person at the hearing. Sad.
Stephanie Diaz cortez Stephanie Diaz cortez . 1 week ago
I did
TNTCanada 420 TNTCanada 420 . 1 week ago
Your failed democracy is horrifying yet strangely entertaining.
You can't fix stupid and they vote...mainly right wing.
54 MGTF 54 MGTF . 1 week ago
Someone needs to take up Lady Ruby as a client to sue 🍊🤡 and Rudi colludi for all they have.
Joe Colling Joe Colling . 1 week ago
Sallie Ann Gillen Sallie Ann Gillen . 1 week ago
Projection!!! The Republicans are projecting all their bad qualities on us liberals who don’t break the law!
Sallie Ann Gillen Sallie Ann Gillen . 1 week ago
Hahaha haha 😆
Sallie Ann Gillen Sallie Ann Gillen . 1 week ago
Rump has NO morales.

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