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Chad Wild Clay

Chad Wild Clay

Published on 2 weeks ago

MEET US in Person!

After Chad Wild Clay made "Spy Ninjas - AGENT PETERS DISS TRACK (Official Music Video)", Vy Qwaint created "Are My Friends Hackers?", Daniel Gizmo uploaded "What's Inside Regina's Closet?", Melvin, PZ9 the best fighter has left the Spy Ninjas! It looks like he might be teaming up with the evil Agent Peters in his quest to strengthen his hacker organization, Project Zorgo. Now the Spy Ninjas must try and find Melvin and try and stop him before it's too late. Vy and Chad break go to the warehouse and try to sneak past the hackers to spy on Melvin. They use their sneaking skills and spy gadgets, including the covert communicator to get into the warehouse. Regina and Daniel try to get into her closet while they wait. Regina says that there is something in the closet to help Melvin. But, Agent Peters hacked the safe house Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy adventure vlog video in 2022!

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Chad Wild Clay Chad Wild Clay . 2 weeks ago
MEET US in Person!
What about justin can yall get him back
Amanda Mckenzie Amanda Mckenzie . 6 hours ago
Joshua Long Joshua Long . 7 hours ago
Natasha Dineley Natasha Dineley . 8 hours ago
sebas_69 sebas_69 . 9 hours ago
RIP all the 5 year old that think this is real
Mia-Rose Mia-Rose . 10 hours ago
I am so sad
Stevo AWecool Stevo AWecool . 18 hours ago
All out there meet you guys spy ninja at Australia Victoria how about that
Rafiah Nahar Rafiah Nahar . 18 hours ago
francisco rosa francisco rosa . 20 hours ago
I live at Austin there's no way you can get here I really want to be on your team but I can't 😭😭😭 so sad I can't get there I'm so sorry baby y'all can come to Austin pick me up be quiet Chad Daniela
Panther Panther . 22 hours ago
I’ll help you with only the hackers
Albertocano Albertocano . 1 day ago
Not me being 8 years old
Za DabKing Za DabKing . 1 day ago
Lord Zorgo's plan is working
syntia marcia syntia marcia . 1 day ago
Gaming With Sir Gaming With Sir . 1 day ago
Lay off the cheeseburgers 🤣
Gaming With Sir Gaming With Sir . 1 day ago
They nice to the hackers like Hey might have to lay off the cheeseburger Dang🤣
Bethany Asbury Bethany Asbury . 1 day ago
Ian haaff Ian haaff . 1 day ago
I'm only 10 so can I join still
Jacobus DHS Jacobus kiki u Knox Jacobus DHS Jacobus kiki u Knox . 2 days ago
I want to be a spy Ninja I live in North Carolina by the way
Amy Williams Amy Williams . 2 days ago
Boos pause choking to you
Amy wot how
olivia olivia . 2 days ago
Can I join tomorrow please
Angela Quinn Angela Quinn . 2 days ago
Kol me on spi ninja net work
Isabella Barre Isabella Barre . 2 days ago
Get over it
Isabella Barre Isabella Barre . 2 days ago
Vy I am short so I will be like you
Isabella Barre Isabella Barre . 2 days ago
I wish I could but one I live too far away and two I am only nine years old
swxberypie swxberypie . 3 days ago
I would really like to join your team but I live in Perth Western Australia.
Gail Gudgion Gail Gudgion . 3 days ago
Are you going to Australia so I really want to see you because I live in Australia I'm your biggest fan
Raven Windon Raven Windon . 3 days ago
Hi Chad my name is Cheyenne and I am subscribed and I love your ideas and projects zorogo is bad I don't like it we need to get melvin back pz9 the best fighter
Casey Hebert Casey Hebert . 3 days ago
I'm 6 so I can't
Sahar Shakir Sahar Shakir . 3 days ago
Are you still at you when I was six years old I love your videos
Krissy Cusack Krissy Cusack . 3 days ago
I don’t live in the USA I live in Canada
Xyon Mohammed Xyon Mohammed . 3 days ago
im in trinidad and tobago
emily emily . 3 days ago
i cant go because im a kid tell regina shee my favroite
olivia Chapman olivia Chapman . 4 days ago
Hi my ninjas I have talked to you for seven years now and you are the best and I want to join your team
guini perkins guini perkins . 4 days ago
can nine-year-olds join to?
Jeremy Mallari Jeremy Mallari . 5 days ago
Jeremy Mallari Jeremy Mallari . 5 days ago
Jeremy Mallari Jeremy Mallari . 5 days ago
Christine Giebel Christine Giebel . 5 days ago
Spy ninjas I’ve been watching you for I like two for three years that I love you and I really hope I win
Christine Giebel Christine Giebel . 5 days ago
I did it and I hope I win
ali kalhor ali kalhor . 5 days ago
I wish I could meet you guys in real life but my parents won’t fill out the website but they said no I subscribed to you guys and liked you are amazing YouTubers if someone said you are bad never believe hem they are just jealous of you guys. I wish I could be one of you guys. My favourite person is Regina she is always doing what I do and I wish I could hack. Bye I hope you see this especially I want Regina to see.I don’t live in America so it is so sad 😭😢! I love you guys!
mikey lee mikey lee . 5 days ago
pls choose me!!!!!!! my name brybry i’m 7 yeres old and i am at my mom and dads house i’m a huge fan so pls choose me🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 and it’s almost my bedtime i am at the front porch.
Thaakir Martin Thaakir Martin . 5 days ago
I live in south Africa
Hannah Gushlaw Hannah Gushlaw . 5 days ago
If he wants to quit then just let him quit like let him have his peace bro
Gavino Garcia Gavino Garcia . 5 days ago
In bathroom
Alecia Hobbs Alecia Hobbs . 5 days ago
I can
Zelma Matapo Zelma Matapo . 6 days ago
So if you guys are going to get more spy ninjas than what are the colors what about purple orange white black brown and murun
My mom the Queen My mom the Queen . 6 days ago
can you guys fight already
i miss those videos
Iglan Hashi Iglan Hashi . 6 days ago
I'm your biggest fan
Iglan Hashi Iglan Hashi . 6 days ago
I love YouTube video

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