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MSA previously My Story Animated

MSA previously My Story Animated

Published on 2 weeks ago

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Fatherless._.DinoNugget Fatherless._.DinoNugget . 2 hours ago
HAHA I finally found the story from TikTok that never posted the next part. Jokes on u I can finish it now 😈
`•ßStrawberryß•` `•ßStrawberryß•` . 2 hours ago
why is all her videos like click bait
Kaylin Ross Kaylin Ross . 4 hours ago
How did they move your sister when you’ve seen your sister and she’s in chroma
Your stories are so good , I didn't know you before I just know you now but I literally saw many videos and gonna see full
Kuldeep Pal Kuldeep Pal . 5 hours ago
Eevijav Eevijav . 6 hours ago
When comes story from finland😂🥺
Lil Pixie🔅 Lil Pixie🔅 . 7 hours ago
Love the new animation
PerfectAlibi PerfectAlibi . 10 hours ago
She looks a lot like a young Samus Aran... 😅
Stella Utuber Stella Utuber . 17 hours ago
Hey look the title changed!
cici Moten cici Moten . 17 hours ago
Her dad looks like Johnny depp and the mom looks like his ex wife lol 💕
sofayyy bizon ♡︎ sofayyy bizon ♡︎ . 20 hours ago
This might be one of my fav stories ever. Ty MSA!
Angelo Angelo . 22 hours ago
Juda Kelly Juda Kelly . 23 hours ago
Am really cute to
Jelly Joaquin Jelly Joaquin . 1 day ago
•🌻Stav-Chan🌻• •🌻Stav-Chan🌻• . 1 day ago
Am i the only one who loved the line I didnt ask for ur opinion mom Im wearing a mask,Period🙄💅
-The Life Be Life- -The Life Be Life- . 1 day ago
xTOASTIEx xTOASTIEx . 1 day ago
Comment 6400
Mehar Abbas Mehar Abbas . 1 day ago
Dina just wants attention
Nicole Nix Nicole Nix . 1 day ago
Her friend watching this:👁🫦👁
Jatin Savla Jatin Savla . 1 day ago
The music scared me.
Artic Wolf Artic Wolf . 1 day ago
Why does nastya sound like nasty…
Vanessa Harkins Vanessa Harkins . 1 day ago
My school never had the stereotypical "Queen of the school"... Although If we ever did I would have broken her!
kanishaka singh kanishaka singh . 2 days ago
Well i think in the starting they are vampire or something 😂😂
Julia Lundqvist Julia Lundqvist . 2 days ago
I from 🇸🇪🥰
#fishyarmy #fishyarmy . 2 days ago
Your not even allowed to homeschool in Sweden 🇸🇪
Hsndn ndnfmfm Hsndn ndnfmfm . 2 days ago
⌞Wᴀ̃ɪ 𝗫𝗬𝗡⌝ ⌞Wᴀ̃ɪ 𝗫𝗬𝗡⌝ . 2 days ago
This one gotta be anime-ish animation
sus bro sus bro . 2 days ago
Best video ever
X-butterfly_Alexia-X X-butterfly_Alexia-X . 2 days ago
ri Ok ri Ok . 2 days ago
my BFF for one God and I miss😭😢🥺😩😫
Kimberly Villagomez Kimberly Villagomez . 2 days ago
R,d,d Jfmfmgmgm R,d,d Jfmfmgmgm . 2 days ago
Ja okso är från sweden
AstoriaHERE AstoriaHERE . 2 days ago
Jane?!? LIKE ELEVEN/011
Anna Gaimbichner Anna Gaimbichner . 2 days ago
I never seen someone that has the same name as mine my name is also dinah
Mia Sofia Alexa Infante Mia Sofia Alexa Infante . 2 days ago
Witnilla Witnilla . 2 days ago
Tbh in my opinion she’s kind of an anoyying kid tbh
Shaikha Alserkal Shaikha Alserkal . 2 days ago
Are your anime characters are really pretty I love them!
Ilie Adela Ilie Adela . 2 days ago
My keyboard pink and I put it so it's japanese so I have symbols
Yoona Jang Yoona Jang . 2 days ago
Do you think I'm ugly becus my chin is a but I'm not ugly ok I'm sorry but my chin is a but and you think stupid that is your voice idc if someone else say this or not or if this is a true
story or not ok it's not my fault that I have a but chin :c
Viktoria Johansson Viktoria Johansson . 2 days ago
i am sweden and my mom is ukrain
AkiiYonnee AkiiYonnee . 3 days ago
5:36 lol
AkiiYonnee AkiiYonnee . 3 days ago
4:56 hahahaha
AkiiYonnee AkiiYonnee . 3 days ago
Daniel Mohlen Daniel Mohlen . 3 days ago
Hej jag heter Clara linn Mohlen
Gisle Helleseth Gisle Helleseth . 3 days ago
4:00 thats a big table😅😳
{Vicky the gamer} {Vicky the gamer} . 3 days ago
2:32 me and my sister will be free🤗😍😩
s h s h . 3 days ago
McDonald's McDonald's . 3 days ago
She is Called Dinah Jane.
Joseph Hifo Joseph Hifo . 3 days ago
Omg when I saw this video I was like OH MY GOWD
Kevin Eli Kevin Eli . 3 days ago
Buy me a huge fan Want to watch your videos but my iPad always dies Can you I'm forever

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