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Davina Michelle

Davina Michelle

Published on 2 years ago

You like this one? Then you'll love my new song Liar!

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Original by: ‘Everybody Loves An Outlaw’

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PONI PONI PONI PONI . 3 days ago
Great great
Sandy Candy Sandy Candy . 3 days ago
Looks like you're lip-synching.
Lyvia Trahan Lyvia Trahan . 6 days ago
My sis isn’t happy that I’m singing this hehe
vaniademulambo vaniademulambo . 1 week ago
Perfeita demais 😍😍😍😍👏😍👏😍
Brandi Clanton Brandi Clanton . 1 week ago
The best cover ever!!!
Elvânia SS Elvânia SS . 2 weeks ago
Did you really think, I'd just forgive and forget, no
After catching you with her
Your blood should run cold, so cold
You, you two-timing, cheap-lying, wannabe
You're a fool, if you thought that I'd just let this go
I see red, red, oh red
A gun to your head, head, to your head
Now all I see is red, red, red
Did you really just say, she didn't mean anything, oh
I'll remember those words, when I come for your soul, your soul
Know that you, you dug your own grave, now lie in it
You're so cruel, but revenge is a dish best served cold
I see red, red, oh red
A gun to your head, head, to your head, oh
Executioner style, and there won't be no trial
Don't you know that you're better off dead
All I see is red, red, oh red
Now all I see is
Run, hide
Oh, you're so done
Oh, better sleep with one eye open tonight
I see red, red, oh red, oh
A gun to your head, head, to your head, oh
Executioner style, and there won't be no trial
Don't you know that you're better off dead
All I see is red, red, oh red
Now all I see is red, red
DaniZitcha DaniZitcha . 2 weeks ago
Meu Deus, arrepiei
Claudia Rodriguez Claudia Rodriguez . 2 weeks ago
i just heard this song at America hits talent with Kristen Cruz she beat all this covers even the original
J M J M . 2 weeks ago
Anna Marie Ponds-Velez Anna Marie Ponds-Velez . 2 weeks ago
ShabbyTwo ShabbyTwo . 2 weeks ago always....anything you sing just blows this planet open. Beautiful ❤️
majed alhashmi majed alhashmi . 2 weeks ago
Your voice
Your facial expressions
Your body language
Everything is perfect

Love you so SO so much

Best wishes from Oman🇴🇲
ItsjustCeline ItsjustCeline . 2 weeks ago
Who's here June 2022
Emma Yoongs Emma Yoongs . 2 weeks ago
I used to be fan, but I'm a whole conditioner now
Jason Samuel Jason Samuel . 2 weeks ago
Song and voice fantastic
glen judge glen judge . 2 weeks ago
not too mention smoking hot
Anny LaVida Anny LaVida . 3 weeks ago
The best! Better than the original <3
Toane Fernandes Toane Fernandes . 3 weeks ago
Voz excelente
SirAngie SirAngie . 3 weeks ago
Can you cover you broke me first by Tate
☆☆☆☆☆ ☆☆☆☆☆ . 3 weeks ago
Interf sist
dianayang dianayang . 3 weeks ago
Damn, girl! Okay .... 🔥 🔥
Romana Crabbe Romana Crabbe . 4 weeks ago
Bij alles wat ik hoor van jou wordt ik stil , je bent top ❤
Here again
I love this cover
Fazi Paeerhati Fazi Paeerhati . 1 month ago
therealflurk therealflurk . 1 month ago
Ik snap waarom u voor de song van P!nk gekozen hebt als uw cover bij "Liefde voor muziek", maar ik had u dit nog liever zien doen met alle toeters en bellen eraan! Dit was prachtig!
Francisca Mora Francisca Mora . 1 month ago
Just listen to the original and This is way better than the original!!! Yessssssssssssss girl
New subscriber
This is amazing 🔥🔥🔥
Anny Gabrielly Anny Gabrielly . 2 months ago
Senhor q voz 😍😍😍
メFeeh FF メFeeh FF . 2 months ago
Luíza Sonza ?😱😱
Corredor Selvagem Corredor Selvagem . 2 months ago
Obrigado Gustavo Lázaro por me apresenta uma boa cantora 🇧🇷🇧🇷
Georgia Georgiadis Georgia Georgiadis . 2 months ago
Your voice just gave me shivers! So powerful ♥️
HANA :) HANA :) . 2 months ago
MIA MIA . 2 months ago
I’ve always loved this song but now, obsessed. Your voice is unreal
Julia Markowska Julia Markowska . 2 months ago
Okayy that's amazing it was in my recommendations so glad that I've clicked
WEEDOWZX WEEDOWZX . 2 months ago
Look this voice!!! ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE!!
Dewi Maslia Dewi Maslia . 3 months ago
Sandra Minca Sandra Minca . 3 months ago
LeoTheBacon LeoTheBacon . 3 months ago
When i sing with davina i sing like her but when i sing alone i sound like a Cat giving birh
Oli F Oli F . 3 months ago
365 dni/days 👀
Parisa carty Parisa carty . 3 months ago
Wow! She is amazing!
Wendy.K Wendy.K . 3 months ago
This song is scary enough as it is, but your voice literally makes it more real, like it's more than just a song
zahra ghasemi zahra ghasemi . 4 months ago
Finally..the best cover of this song. Your voice gives me peace.
Aesthetically Gemini Aesthetically Gemini . 4 months ago
Davina executes every perfomance with grace and power, which leads me to thank her for her ongoing passion and love for music to grace us with her powerhouse voice and commandment of an audience.♥
Aimee Angomas Aimee Angomas . 4 months ago
Hacker444 Hacker444 . 4 months ago
Piniel Park Piniel Park . 4 months ago
Your covers are full of emotions. Exactly the matching feeling with the lyrics.
Ashley Makhulumo Ashley Makhulumo . 4 months ago
Oh Massimo!!!’

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