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Published on 2 weeks ago

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Aubrey keding Aubrey keding . 19 minutes ago
Vaishvik Dogiparthi Vaishvik Dogiparthi . 5 hours ago
There is no way this house is 2.3 million around I thought this house was like 5 mil or more my house is like 1.6 mil and it's not even close to the size of this house
Cole-Trickle Cole-Trickle . 8 hours ago
Let’s Go Brandon ! Vote those SOB’s out of office before they break us all
Denis Majdecki Denis Majdecki . 1 day ago
You should paint the bug killer black
Timmay 2k Timmay 2k . 2 days ago
All u gotta do is sell the Bugatti for 2.5 million and the lambo and you’ll be fine. 😂😂😂
Star87 Star87 . 2 days ago
The evidences that some people don’t know how to manage money. Even when Graham Stephen tried to help with.
MONERO 101 MONERO 101 . 2 days ago
That's why you pay off the house first and then buy toys aka cars.
Broderick Camel Broderick Camel . 2 days ago
badass house
Hope your not in a HOA. First time you start any car, hoa sucks. 😁😁😁🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🚚
Netwrking Netwrking . 3 days ago
Always fun to watch you! Super excited for the Hummer EV content
Wile E Coyote Wile E Coyote . 5 days ago
Unfortunately he was found dead with his organs missing
Dave Jones Dave Jones . 5 days ago
Should not buy a house you cannot afford. Or perhaps get a real job.
TAGTED1 TAGTED1 . 5 days ago
Caswell Benjamin Caswell Benjamin . 5 days ago
Blacked out Gtr and leave White wheels, you will thank me
Marcus Sensabaugh Marcus Sensabaugh . 5 days ago
Big killer going OG Strad. Purple on white
Ethan Boyd Ethan Boyd . 6 days ago
He’s building a family sized house for 1 person no wonder it’s not cost affective for him and he’s got loads of cars he doesn’t need with a massive garage
A Mac A Mac . 6 days ago
Hope you got a secure cash flow
jeff mays jeff mays . 6 days ago
As a gc, you should’ve locked in your rate months ago. Extensions if needed can be obtained. Why your bank and financial advisers haven’t told you this doesn’t sound right to me.
Greg S Greg S . 6 days ago
Jeez, this is going to be ugly. I do appreciate his transparency though, hopefully it continues.
CrazGam3r24 CrazGam3r24 . 6 days ago
damn!! every mans crazy dreams could happen. very good video man wish i live a wild dream like you bro
Auusstin Auusstin . 6 days ago
I did not know that you don’t lock in your interest rate until the house is done. That’s some major BS.
kenneth street kenneth street . 6 days ago
Time to invest in a title company. The refinance market will be raking it in.
tylo sam tylo sam . 7 days ago
Do it like pearlescent purple green blue with the white wheels
DmvHut DmvHut . 7 days ago
Get a 10/1 arm loan for a lower rate and then refinance within the next 10 years when rates go down.
aaryan prakash aaryan prakash . 7 days ago
bro I suggest that you should start a few businesses which will help you in the long run like houston has
Trevor Tressler Trevor Tressler . 7 days ago
if I make you guys a new song to use for b-roll will you PLEASE stop using that god awful free music. I will give you three songs if I need to
Karson Beauregard Karson Beauregard . 7 days ago
I’d sell the c8 and orange aventador aswell as maybe the veron and then save up to buy maybe a Chiron or p1 or even save long term for a jesko
ricky smith ricky smith . 1 week ago
with the hummer it comes in white so whats better than getting paint u or ur fans make?
ricky smith ricky smith . 1 week ago
wrap mint green
Bryan Santana Bryan Santana . 1 week ago
Biden is to blame for it all
Vladimir Talijan Vladimir Talijan . 1 week ago
Just spew out meaningless information with an even louder voice and kids will watch that...great success :) :)
Kique Marmolejo Kique Marmolejo . 1 week ago
Charles Quinn Charles Quinn . 1 week ago
That’s Ryan Sheckler
Ron Morris Ron Morris . 1 week ago
Provide your own financing!
justin kujawa justin kujawa . 1 week ago
The math is off. You pay less interest over time on your monthly payments. Look up your amortization schedule.
Ina Sever Ina Sever . 1 week ago
And it will just get worse
John mark Jumawan John mark Jumawan . 1 week ago
You can do it strad👍👍👍❤❤❤
Hope for the best 🙏🙏🙏
TrashBox87 TrashBox87 . 1 week ago
Jesus Christ $10k a month
ENReviews ENReviews . 1 week ago
Look into an ARM, we all know the crash is coming
Bootygoon17 Bootygoon17 . 1 week ago
I bet its cringy watching two dudes act like kids when you’re working.
true gamer true gamer . 1 week ago
I found a 488 for 78k that is crashed get it so the other Ferrari can live!!!
Jp Highbaugh Jp Highbaugh . 1 week ago
ugh i cringe so hard when people buy or build huge houses and their neighbors are litterally 40ft away at least build on an 3/4 acre
Carter Gordon Carter Gordon . 1 week ago
Wrap the gtr chromeeee
Carter Gordon Carter Gordon . 1 week ago
Chris Arocho Chris Arocho . 1 week ago
Let’s go Brandon!!!
Michael Hensley Michael Hensley . 1 week ago
The fact that you put less than 20% down is laughable.
riggins44ful riggins44ful . 1 week ago
Cool how quickly you dropped knowledge about the finance situation. Exactly correct 👌 👏. It's a big game 🎮
c dawg c dawg . 1 week ago
Would be interesting to know what the bank appraised the house at when you got your construction loan and what it appraises at now after interest rates have risen. That may affect the amount of money you can finance.
eddie gomez eddie gomez . 1 week ago
For a guy that’s $1.3 million+ over budget , you’re super cheery lol
Jason Lang Jason Lang . 1 week ago
I haven’t been to this channel in a while. Wasn’t this his new house ?

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