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Published on 2 weeks ago

Drake-( Jimmy Cooks ) Ft. 21 Savage *REACTION!!!*

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AcesKing704 AcesKing704 . 2 weeks ago
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TyJ99 TyJ99 . 1 week ago
W album
Walt B Council Walt B Council . 2 weeks ago
1st beat is flamethrower...
bigsmokeduzydymloko bigsmokeduzydymloko . 2 weeks ago
co to znaczy man ktos pl?
Adam Bligh Adam Bligh . 2 weeks ago
Bro siad “man” at least 30 times in the first 45sec
WEEP XD WEEP XD . 2 weeks ago
this is the only good song on the album lmao
peto kende peto kende . 2 weeks ago
This man really shit himself twice in one reaction 😭😭😭😭
Tanaka Mukuwiri Tanaka Mukuwiri . 2 weeks ago
The res of the album sucks no cap
Richard Perry Richard Perry . 2 weeks ago
I need a reaction from someone from Memphis the first time they heard this!
NoeLikeCheese NoeLikeCheese . 2 weeks ago
Mans rip one 💀1:18 and 4:02
Akib Hazari Akib Hazari . 2 weeks ago
Pls react to Sneaking- Drake FT 21, if u haven’t seen the video!
Rap hael Rap hael . 2 weeks ago
Please watch my new reaction video to Jimmy cooks drake ft 21 savage
Jarvis Brown Jarvis Brown . 2 weeks ago
Woulda been a classic album if this was the only song on the album!
Would love to see what you guys think of my remix of this track. Its slappppping
RimstaMr RimstaMr . 2 weeks ago
I know alot of people are going to disagree, the first half was good then the switch up int he beat ruined it. Drake has done this a few times before and it always pisses me off.
Chris White Chris White . 2 weeks ago
Sticky is good too besides this one also man
Zyru Zyru . 2 weeks ago
4:01 song so gas it gave him gas
bkit5 bkit5 . 2 weeks ago
Drake so stupid he could have split this song into two and made double the money.
Desmond Phillips Desmond Phillips . 2 weeks ago
Give Lil Fly (Playa Fly) his flowers !! Memphis legend.."Just Awaken Shaken"
Karabo Mamokgage Karabo Mamokgage . 2 weeks ago
U must react to 21 savage
Artzlol Artzlol . 2 weeks ago
only good song on this disgraceful by worst album stave has ever put out
habaguette habaguette . 2 weeks ago
You make my day.
Antonio Dólera López Antonio Dólera López . 2 weeks ago
Salute from spain bro, this ⚡️⚡️
Rheem Vlogs Rheem Vlogs . 2 weeks ago
What did he release it on?
DizzleAfool86 DizzleAfool86 . 2 weeks ago
Need that real drake fire We jus did a Kendrick verzuz Drake battle to finally settle this 🐐vs🐐 Tell us who won🥈🥇🏆‼️‼️👇🏾
DizzleAfool86 DizzleAfool86 . 2 weeks ago
Only song worth listening to smh
Here You go 👉🏾
Okey here You go 🙄
JD_Pumps JD_Pumps . 2 weeks ago
Goes hard wish the others did tho 😩😩
Adf Jgd Adf Jgd . 2 weeks ago
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Hkameleon Music World Hkameleon Music World . 2 weeks ago
Mid album 😰😰😰.
Dom Dom . 2 weeks ago
Imagine listening to this first and the expectations you would have for the remainder of this album 😂😂😂😂💀
Jason Jason . 2 weeks ago
i rate this song 21/10\
Barrack Obama Barrack Obama . 2 weeks ago
Only good song on this unbelievably mid project

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