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Beth Therese

Beth Therese

Published on 2 weeks ago

thehalfqueen thehalfqueen . 20 hours ago
Please do a reaction vid to Beyoncé's "B'Day" and "Dangerously In Love" before she releases "RENAISSANCE" for everybody to know that she kinda spice up everything in every era. 🖤
ke luv1 ke luv1 . 3 days ago
Lol beyonce never worked a Job but I still love this song and listen to it everyday because this is how I feel
Mylo Fuentes Mylo Fuentes . 1 week ago
This a banger ? 🤡🐸
Curtis Douglas Curtis Douglas . 2 weeks ago
Formation was released as a lead single to Lemonade. The album was released without the date being announced, but you knew it was coming
Soberus Soberus . 2 weeks ago
I think you should check out Carlie Hanson😄
Alex Sandro Alex Sandro . 2 weeks ago
ashrick718 ashrick718 . 2 weeks ago
This is going to be sickening in a club !!!!
SV D SV D . 2 weeks ago
I honestly don’t like the song but I am excited for the album.
TheNraveles TheNraveles . 2 weeks ago
Lemme just say I’m gonna fucking scream if Gaga and Bey ever collab again because they’re both bringing back house music like THEY NEED TO
Tonio Lamar Tonio Lamar . 2 weeks ago
Reactors like you are the reason why I LOVE reaction videos, ESPECIALLY Beyoncé ones. I absolutely loved this reaction! I subscribe IMMEDIATELY.
denimso denimso . 2 weeks ago
I love how happy people are. Music is such a special thing. I can’t imagine a world without it.
Max Brecher Max Brecher . 2 weeks ago
The beat is where it saves the song other than that WAY TOO repetitive
dezmaaniiyh neueli dezmaaniiyh neueli . 2 weeks ago
tjz official tjz official . 2 weeks ago
I love you Beth!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️👌🏾😎💯🐝👏🏾👏🏾
Matias Quiñones Matias Quiñones . 2 weeks ago
The song SLAPS since 0:01 sec the queen is backkkkkkkkk 🫶🏻🫶🏻🫶🏻🫶🏻🫶🏻🫶🏻💓💓💓💓
Beybts 🐝 Beybts 🐝 . 2 weeks ago
Jeanine M Jeanine M . 2 weeks ago
That's Big Freedia you're hearing...he was also on Formation
Adrian Anderson Adrian Anderson . 2 weeks ago
Oi, Fogs Oi, Fogs . 2 weeks ago
I felt the same way you did on my first listen. The first chorus and verse feels repetitive for me, but by the second chorus and on, the song grows with the added backing vocals and the new melody on the bridge. Her rap is also great.

I'm excited for this album because one magazine reported that there would be dance tracks but also country-leaning tracks, and if there's one person that can merge this two seeming opposite worlds, it's Beyoncé!!
MrRorosuri MrRorosuri . 2 weeks ago
Sanna Olsson Sanna Olsson . 2 weeks ago
This took me a few listens to really appreciate. If you like Beyoncé rapping you should check out Apeshit 🤩
the path the path . 2 weeks ago
bestie please react to POPPY 's Discography :
jr nj jr nj . 2 weeks ago
Was waiting for your reaction!!
Kevaun Mitchell Kevaun Mitchell . 2 weeks ago
This is 90s house music and it has a sample of big freedia 2016's single and big freedia was happy that he was featured on the song
Majdi Issa Majdi Issa . 2 weeks ago
welcome to the house music resurgence! we have lady gaga to thank for that, it all started with chromatica which was paid dust by the general public cuz, as usual, gagas albums r ahead of their time but im glad people r getting into house music now. enjoyed ur reaction! cant wait for the album
SimsBGCTV SimsBGCTV . 2 weeks ago
it’s house/dance music which is typically repetitive so the repetitive chorus was intentional! it’s such an amazing and motivational song! I can’t wait for the album omg!
Drit Cerkini Drit Cerkini . 2 weeks ago
Her Album for the movie Lion King is one of my favorites. U should listen to it ;-)
duwan duwan . 2 weeks ago
I love your reaction to this very uplifting song. ♥️ I love how the song was house then at the end it went straight gospel 🔥 and of course her songs will not be complete without those heavenly harmonies ♥️
Guillherme Camargo Guillherme Camargo . 2 weeks ago
Even tho Lemonade was her last solo project, she released 2 albums after that. EVERYTHING IS LOVE, with Jay-Z and THE GIFT, with new tracks (at the time) inspired by the Lion King movie. U should listen to those 2. Are the most recent ones.
peaches and toast peaches and toast . 2 weeks ago
not I need a banger about hating working 😂😂
HausOfArtpopII HausOfArtpopII . 2 weeks ago
if you like this song you're gonna LOVE b'day, the production sounds a bit dated sometimes but i recommend listening to the original release of the album to maximize the ENERGY.

and that voice repeated through the song is Queer icon and Queen of bounce (a new orleans based dance type genre), big freedia! her voice also appears in the formation video
Asaunte Brazier Asaunte Brazier . 2 weeks ago
It's the first solo single from a solo album that she's released since 2016 not 2013.
cipher cipher . 2 weeks ago
and her new album coming out next month 😙
Sean Logue Sean Logue . 2 weeks ago
Your videos honestly are IT!!!!! ❤️
big baby big baby . 2 weeks ago
The song wasn't my cup of tea at first but now it's the whole teashop

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