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Stevie Sells

Stevie Sells

Published on 4 weeks ago

Stevie Sells Stevie Sells . 4 weeks ago
There’s a full video on my channel already! Go check it out 🔥
Cliff hanger? Take my downvote! 🙃🖕🏽
JUSTE JUSTE . 4 hours ago
I may be one of the few that does this but I refuse to watch the rest of the story anytime someone does this. Lol It’s my way of protesting crappy social media content.
mzwandile malambe mzwandile malambe . 9 hours ago
The second dealer probably exchanged it or changed some parts
Dan L Dan L . 10 hours ago
Why? What's the point of this? He bought some random Rolex watch and wants to take a journey into finding out if it's authentic? It's like people today make a documentary about the most mundane things.
Mike Rettig Mike Rettig . 19 hours ago
So it was authentic until you brought it to the first store where they swapped out some parts, lol
Why’d you buy that Rolex?
Mahmoud Ayman Mahmoud Ayman . 20 hours ago
Shove it in ur .... wat do ppl use watches now for
Who cares about it being authentic or not
ErmacBigmac ErmacBigmac . 1 day ago
Lol they prolly took it to the back and switched it with a fake. If it really is from the 50s it’s prolly worth a lot more than 900
AutoReflex AutoReflex . 1 day ago
Disliked. because you didn't post the full
skinny4070 skinny4070 . 1 day ago
Means. Go get a citizens or mud master or luminox. Way cooler watches
demonix demonix . 1 day ago
Rolex is the biggest scam.
Frankie Madrid Frankie Madrid . 1 day ago
distance ya self distance ya self . 1 day ago
The second salesman probably took it in the back room and switched it
Gentlemens Academy Gentlemens Academy . 1 day ago
We need @part2police on this.
Mini🥸minion Mini🥸minion . 1 day ago
Taking it to the backroom🗿👅
Bananafone Bananafone . 2 days ago
These ad are only educated on common Rolex models they 100% don’t know how to authenticate a 70 year old less common model it’s prob authentic as I can’t imagine anyone faking thes w
Mop Head Mop Head . 2 days ago
I thought he said I bought the cheapest robux on ebay
Logically Logically . 2 days ago
And you spent some more time with a watch you want others to waste their time as well on this nothing important nothing super usable..!!
Man...move on..its just watch.. you spending heck lot of money won't make it any extra can't tell when earth is going to get hit by asteroid no matter how much money you pour into it...
Shit i lost my 2 min with this zero value production xl comment..
Myke Myers Myke Myers . 2 days ago
Rolex doesn't ship straight to customer.
DarkKnight28 DarkKnight28 . 2 days ago
Bro hit up the youtuber Niko Leonard he has a watch Business called Pride and Pinion he'll sort you out with your concerns 👍👍
Ditto Ditto . 2 days ago
YouTuber -Stick around for part two. Everyone else - Swipe up 😂
Amanda Vadon Amanda Vadon . 2 days ago
I would totally call out the Rolex store that called it a fake (if that's a true story)
Frosty VR Frosty VR . 2 days ago
Rolex is such a stupid company
Vera F Vera F . 2 days ago
Never let anyone take a piece of jewelry to the back.

People should not have to take things back in a store. There should be in the store this could and should be done.
Vera F Vera F . 2 days ago
I hope the one whonyook ot to the back did not change y hing to it.......
acid._.alex acid._.alex . 2 days ago
I unliked this video because you left it on a cliff hanger. Just no.
Gustavo Zetter Gustavo Zetter . 2 days ago
We The Family We The Family . 2 days ago
That is an actual Rolex, my great granddad gave one just like that to my dad
tim smih tim smih . 2 days ago
It's not real anymore when the second place took it to the back and replaced with a fake one
Nimeh Mograby Nimeh Mograby . 3 days ago
The first guy told you the truth about your watch 😁👍
The second guy who took the watch to the "back room" replaced it's internal you better take it back to the first one and ask them if anything has changed or got replaced 🎃🎃🎃
Just suggesting 🎯♥️
hatersaywhat hatersaywhat . 3 days ago
Be careful taking rare pieces in to some shops, they’ve been known to switch out hard to find components with standard equipment. You should always take pictures of the inside and be as detailed as possible. I lost second and hour hands getting it appraised.
Say ain Say ain . 3 days ago
It's a womans
Shott Shott . 3 days ago
This form of content is lame
Nau Pranata Nau Pranata . 3 days ago
that's really unique piece, love it
gregimport gregimport . 4 days ago
It's real
Jonathan Larsen Jonathan Larsen . 4 days ago
Should’ve taken it to Rick from Pawn Stars. He has a friend who’s been doing this for, 35 years. (The guy is 40 lol)
ionside ionside . 4 days ago
Renzan Renzan . 4 days ago
That ending was the most cringe thing ever
soakedbearrd soakedbearrd . 4 days ago
Wasted 1 min of my life
Aaron Morales Aaron Morales . 4 days ago
Dude the second guys stole the insides to your watch!
Jebus Creepus Jebus Creepus . 4 days ago
Which means go sell it to the dealer that thinks it’s real
Norrotaku Norrotaku . 5 days ago
Rolex dealers?
rolec stealers
Bajan Gaming Bajan Gaming . 5 days ago
You should ask NIKO from pride and pinion
john storm john storm . 5 days ago
Rip off
Jose Vargas Jose Vargas . 5 days ago
So you can tell they are doing something 🐟 fishy. I never heard that you had to turn your phone off ☎️. I would never step in that store. The one that said is fake want to stilled it from you. Let me know when you post the next video
Dell Clouds Dell Clouds . 5 days ago
AB • AB • . 5 days ago
Screw your part 2 👎🏼
Eric Johnson Eric Johnson . 5 days ago
Not falling for the whole build up just to leave us hanging so we watch another one of your videos
Collin Wood Collin Wood . 5 days ago
Hate that nobody just does a full video

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