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Nicole Laeno

Nicole Laeno

Published on 2 weeks ago

HAPPY SUMMER!!! welcome to the first summer vlog of 2022!!! up next… travel content!!! & make sure to go to for 15% off your new favorite phone case :)

last days as a sophomore:
24 hours in my room… covid vlog:



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hoax - moon moon baby
hoax - indian summer
kissmykas - chill with me
mr. jello - passion fruit
mr. jello - roasted & toasted
mr. jello - sunrays
ninjoi - taste of love

how old are you? → 16
what grade are you going into? → 11th
ethnicity? → filipino + vietnamese
cameras? → canon m50 + canon g7x
editing software? → final cut pro x

sub count: 2.5M

stay positive!
xoxo, nicole

Nicole Laeno Nicole Laeno . 2 weeks ago
Honey Mirada Honey Mirada . 3 hours ago
I love Nicole beacuse she's pretty and she's always happy everyday
Honey Mirada Honey Mirada . 3 hours ago
I love Nicole and here videos is satisfying she can spent here time with here friends I love you Nicole❤️❤️
Alba Heylen Hernández Alba Heylen Hernández . 10 hours ago
The summer i turned pretty, omg i love the books and also the serie. Happy summer all!💗
risceanne124 risceanne124 . 17 hours ago
I love how you have a great bounding with your brother any tips?
Isabella Mulkey Isabella Mulkey . 1 day ago
Your going to Spain 🇪🇸
lakhwinder sidhu lakhwinder sidhu . 1 day ago
lakhwinder sidhu lakhwinder sidhu . 1 day ago
Penelope Burd Penelope Burd . 1 day ago
Omg that’s what I did on the last day of school we all as a grade went to the beach
jaydens world jaydens world . 2 days ago
HelloWorldHolly HelloWorldHolly . 2 days ago
slayed, boots the house down!!! This is campppppp!!
Tehilah Odjegba Tehilah Odjegba . 2 days ago
12:08 not me laughing with y’all 🤣🤣🤣
Honey Milk Honey Milk . 3 days ago
Literally I know that am late but am going to sophomore in September and I haven't finish school yet because next week Friday is the last week of school then summer I deciding to stay home until Friday to get my results and booklist all I wanna say your a huge inspiration I love your channel and your my influencer
Κατερίνα Νικ Κατερίνα Νικ . 3 days ago
You are so sweet and I love you so much 💕🤗
Reyna Davila Reyna Davila . 4 days ago
bowen voowy bowen voowy . 4 days ago
I love how you spend time w/ friends, family, film for us and still have time to have time for your self!😊
fouoii gyhh fouoii gyhh . 5 days ago
It’s amazing on how Nicole manages school, filming, and having a social life. Nothing but love and respect to you. Love you Nicole, you’re the best!!
𝙼𝚒𝚕𝚎𝚢♡︎ 𝙼𝚒𝚕𝚎𝚢♡︎ . 5 days ago
In th summer I turned pretty series do u have read all 3 books? Or just the fist one? And btw ♡︎ ur content colie!!!
sarah michael sarah michael . 5 days ago
casetify sucks my phone case yellowed and broke within less than a year (the case was two pieces and was glued on).
just get an amazon phone case for cheaper and that can actually last longer
voleybollllll voleybollllll . 5 days ago
Yaz günü uzun koll ahhhh
Raylee Trautloff Raylee Trautloff . 5 days ago
Got a guesstion who would you date in your friend group
Stephanie Bolan Stephanie Bolan . 5 days ago
I love you Nicole I wish I had your life you are so pretty
Aloha vibes Aloha vibes . 5 days ago
The amount of anxiety I had when u dropped ur phone
Sophie Deloy Sophie Deloy . 5 days ago
Fernando Fernando . 6 days ago
Nice 👍
LivUrBae LivUrBae . 6 days ago
I love how she is always happy and tries to make our days better !
Katrina Mathews Katrina Mathews . 6 days ago
Selam Teklemichael Selam Teklemichael . 6 days ago
I love your vids,so much
JustBrielle JustBrielle . 6 days ago
the wheeze when Nicole laughed😭
jordan grace jordan grace . 6 days ago
The summer I turned pretty is so good!!
Mesk Kamil Mesk Kamil . 6 days ago
Hi Harry
Fardowsa Mohamed Fardowsa Mohamed . 6 days ago
Recklobius Recklobius . 7 days ago
Omg poor iphone gets drop in every video😭💔
Roshanay Roshanay . 7 days ago
Yay Nicole I love you ur the best have an amazing holiday
callmeiyah;) callmeiyah;) . 7 days ago
hi collie! Where do you find ur bg music for ur vlogs:))
Kenzie K Kenzie K . 1 week ago
mama laeno is the best. i love seeing her in your videos so much
kavya raval kavya raval . 1 week ago
im so jealous of Nicole's life bro lol
corinne♡ corinne♡ . 1 week ago
I just watched your first day of Seventh grade vlog and oh my and it was so good for how young you were, I just love you so much, and I’m glad you still doing your channel!💗
morgan hartt morgan hartt . 1 week ago
the whole video reminded me of the summer i turned pretty but it might just be me 🤷‍♀️
Your birth month your… Your birth month your… . 1 week ago
Patricia Jennings Patricia Jennings . 1 week ago
Sittie Causar Mutalib Sittie Causar Mutalib . 1 week ago
Can't Skip the street food clips😩,this video is so much fun ❤️❤️ can't wait for me to have this confident ❤️
itstocaxo itstocaxo . 1 week ago
Nichole and Maddy look like twins
Jenny Jenny . 1 week ago
can you tell me you nail polish colofr and brand?? at 2:23
Arina Shafiee Arina Shafiee . 1 week ago
♡︎ s a v a n n a h ♡︎ ♡︎ s a v a n n a h ♡︎ . 1 week ago
that pizza looks bomb
Skylar Calvert Skylar Calvert . 1 week ago
You have a belly piercing
Lillian Lillian . 1 week ago
Moji Val Moji Val . 1 week ago
Nicole’s channel is so nice and now she’s my fav YouTuber
Kimmy Kimmy . 1 week ago
Hey Nicole ^^ love your videos, I enjoy watching 'em everyday they make happy and they also make me laugh a lot,yay no more school summer break

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