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Published on 3 weeks ago

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Backend Foreign Backend Foreign . 3 weeks ago
I get him gone for this clarity and call it a dead diamond

I’m (alive) with this (water) on I still see the (dead) (drowning)

Can’t find this (keyboard) I’m a whole different (type)

Do (cpr) on the (moon) before mama have a (dead sun)

Put that money in the (wall) forever I’m a le- (john) “ john wall john legend “

Surprise she ain’t got 30 (kids) all I want is in(cum)

Know I’m counting up this (blue) check nigga all I know is (red)rum.

Ima (smoke) this opp pack & (chief) it just like I’m (T hill)

(Plant) that money in the (ground) and I pour lean up in my (root) beer

Had to get up off my (ass) i pay for all my bitches (butt) lifts

I’m a natural born (leader) now they can’t do nothing but (cheer)
3 ossy 3 ossy . 3 hours ago
Michael Terpson Michael Terpson . 3 hours ago
been w you cap since neighborhood hero ny fav song til this day is let it go
Cash💫 Cash💫 . 8 hours ago
I had to get up off my ass an pay for my bitches butt lift🔥🤝
Andrew Zinn Andrew Zinn . 9 hours ago
This music is awful
Kasper Texas Kasper Texas . 10 hours ago
This shit trash
YT Demon Time YT Demon Time . 18 hours ago
apple music
Cody Wallen Cody Wallen . 21 hours ago
Who gon be listening in 2089
JUGGOAT JUGGOAT . 22 hours ago
This should have wayy more views 🤧
Christian Guerrero Christian Guerrero . 23 hours ago
“real estate can’t save yo life is rather invest in guns” 🔥
Nyc Adottyy Nyc Adottyy . 24 hours ago
Justin Justin . 1 day ago
Yo favorite rapper favorite rapper
Jefe Jefe . 1 day ago
My homie put me on and now I click on every song
Jess7 Remond7 Jess7 Remond7 . 1 day ago
Star Light Star Light . 1 day ago
No Cap is authentic & God fearing. Greatness comes from the hellish of places.

"I still see the dead drowning......never told nothing🎯✊🏾💫
Zethbrennan Zethbrennan . 2 days ago
New album pleasee bro if you can do it better than steel human thats crazy
Jay Jay Jay Jay . 2 days ago
Mobile Al created the best rapper alive🐐🦅 , I hope the world don't destroy my mans , never had a favorite rapper or artist, no cap your that for me by 1,000% idk if its me being from the same city or I just can relate we're from your rapping for . Be safe be smart be smooth big bro . (251mobile-Al) pull up on me when you get back to city 💯🤘🏼
ItsMarch ItsMarch . 2 days ago
Fgm_tee ! Fgm_tee ! . 2 days ago
Song made me cry
M BandZz M BandZz . 2 days ago
this a classic n we dont even kno it
bossfam hound bossfam hound . 3 days ago
Talk that Cap 🧢 they tuned in that’s why the numbers going up and one thing I learned numbers don’t lie keep going hard 🔥🔥🔥💯💯🖤🖤🖤🖤🔥🔥🔥
Jettalk Jettalk . 3 days ago
What kinda glasses them is cap
J Runna J Runna . 3 days ago
How tf is this nigga don’t got a million subscribers yet ???🤔
Life Of Reek Life Of Reek . 3 days ago
Nocap Never Miss 🔥🔥🔥
SFM LGLO SFM LGLO . 3 days ago
AssassinKC28 AssassinKC28 . 3 days ago
When you putting this on Spotify home dawg
Tiona Small Tiona Small . 3 days ago
when tf the world gon feel me 💯
jamar morgan jamar morgan . 3 days ago
bars on bars fire
Katleho Motsiri Katleho Motsiri . 4 days ago
No Cap He A Beast Fr🔥🔥🔥
Dboi Dboi . 4 days ago
Great Messiah Great Messiah . 4 days ago
414 Mafiablue 414 Mafiablue . 4 days ago
back at it again ...
Great Messiah Great Messiah . 4 days ago
Africankid3 Africankid3 . 4 days ago
put this on spotify right now
Sonia Deveau Sonia Deveau . 4 days ago
No one can beat the swag of NoCap. he is not like other rappers who are going viral by using *authentic views* to get the views up. Thumbs up who agree
Ben Dover Ben Dover . 5 days ago
Respect cap Ong😤💯🔥🐐
Bo Black Bo Black . 5 days ago
keep dis shit up chief the streets need it rn
Taykeith Taykeith . 5 days ago
I know if I give my life 2 da trap they might take it can’t sell my soul for a couple grams 🦅
EraxkGaming EraxkGaming . 5 days ago
Do anyone else hear “On my block x ScarFace” beat ? 🔥🔥🔥
Ally Wally Ally Wally . 6 days ago
Yessir 💔🎸
Soooo underrated in my top 10
Brandy Crystal Brandy Crystal . 6 days ago
NoCap go in soo hard on this right here, straight up BANGER! He aint like all them trappers and oppas who just be usin that *AU* *THE* *NTI* *CVI* *EWS* dawwwt cawwwm jawwwn to get they hits up to go HAM like them Island boys did... SMH
Liyahlicious Liyahlicious . 6 days ago
Liyahlicious Liyahlicious . 6 days ago
please go tune in, everyone has to start somewhere right??
Flexico squad Flexico squad . 7 days ago
This song is so good
Warren Crowley Warren Crowley . 7 days ago
The greatest out
Evan Adkison Evan Adkison . 7 days ago
Grem Lin Grem Lin . 1 week ago
His album flopped so hard

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