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Netflix Asia

Netflix Asia

Published on 2 weeks ago

It might not work out for us this time. The epic 2-part season finale of Stranger Things 4 premieres 1st July, only on Netflix.


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Stranger Things 4 | Volume 2 Trailer | Netflix

Divided by distance but ever determined, our scattered friends face a frightening future. But it's only the beginning. The beginning of the end.

Michael Hampton Michael Hampton . 36 minutes ago
that is an extremely virgin quote
cloudy kpop cloudy kpop . 11 hours ago
Spoiler alert if you have not watched volume 2 : eddie dies .
pLuss XD pLuss XD . 1 day ago
Gabriela Ramos Gabriela Ramos . 1 day ago
It doesn’t hurt me best part
Siddhi tech and new creativeness Siddhi tech and new creativeness . 1 day ago
Awesome video
klio msuo klio msuo . 2 days ago
finish as amazingly as it (and us fans) deserve
Eliminator 147 Eliminator 147 . 2 days ago
God this trailer showed too much.
John Sawyer John Sawyer . 2 days ago
WOW! Thank you this hack it really work!
Viajar contra reloj Viajar contra reloj . 2 days ago
Ovni real, Real UFO
Nazoaimam Nazoaimam . 2 days ago
Mohd Mashhad Mohd Mashhad . 3 days ago
Havri Flex Havri Flex . 3 days ago leak to antoher serie
INCOY INCOY . 3 days ago
🔥🔥🔥I think this is best movie🔥🔥🔥
Thùy Vân Lục Thùy Vân Lục . 3 days ago
Absolutely incredible. This show will be remembered for decades.
awnx ruyv awnx ruyv . 4 days ago
This trailer is absolutely AMAZING and I love how ‘Running up that hill’ has become the shows theme song in a way.
Tiana Rahman Tiana Rahman . 4 days ago
i love this movie stranger things s fix
XaiDor's Mashups XaiDor's Mashups . 4 days ago
Hey guys, this is the original remix of Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill with the Stranger Things Theme:
Siddharth Shyamsunder Siddharth Shyamsunder . 4 days ago
I only hope stranger things doesn't massacre it's 5th season like GoT did it's 8th 😭😭
mr jensnen mr jensnen . 4 days ago
jaehwi jaehwi . 4 days ago
The plot is so super good and damned crazy
siti zaleha siti zaleha . 5 days ago
when season 5...can't wait
noctuiddawn🌔✨ noctuiddawn🌔✨ . 5 days ago
this just hits different now
asos zan asos zan . 5 days ago
kicks in when Steve flips and lands into the upside-down, clearly ready for battle. Goosebumps every time.
Feel Good Feel Good . 5 days ago
Ash vs Evil Dead show better than Stranger Things 🥴🥴
Resumiendo Con Juan Resumiendo Con Juan . 5 days ago
Brendan ODonnell Brendan ODonnell . 5 days ago
f in the chat for Eddie
ALI'Z EDITS ALI'Z EDITS . 5 days ago
oceana lyric's oceana lyric's . 5 days ago
Anyone here after finishing vol 2? This season really left me in tears
Mr possum YT Mr possum YT . 5 days ago
Be prepared for heartbreak.💔
Last episode(9th) is like heartbreaking 😭😭😭
mazokuchan mazokuchan . 5 days ago
Damn that music with Kate Bush's Running Up That Hill is spine chilling!!
TVA Loki Batman TVA Loki Batman . 5 days ago
Good thing I didn’t watch this trailer before it premiered
Life with Bes Life with Bes . 5 days ago
They need to release this remix of the song 🎶
Flo Flo . 5 days ago
Celebrate the finale in style:
erog hau erog hau . 5 days ago
laptop, ever.
PupAquarius 97 PupAquarius 97 . 5 days ago
So does Papa another f in chat
PupAquarius 97 PupAquarius 97 . 5 days ago
Eddie dies f in the chat
DK💪 DK💪 . 5 days ago
Session 5 launching please
Steven Readicker Steven Readicker . 5 days ago
Coming back after seeing the finale, just to say "FUCK YOU NETFLIX!"
Hygamer Hygamer . 5 days ago
Everyone wondering if Max is going to die:
Season 4 Part 2: Yesn’t
ʚ ellaspopstar!! ☻ ʚ ellaspopstar!! ☻ . 6 days ago
2 HOURS 😭😭😭
Mrepicmarkerfinder Mrepicmarkerfinder . 6 days ago
I’m hypeddd
acidvac acidvac . 6 days ago
Bring back 80's style music again!
BenjiDuck BenjiDuck . 6 days ago
The trailer gave me chills or I was just cold
Josuha Alfaro Josuha Alfaro . 6 days ago
Hoper is going to die the exact way as Bob died :(
Demogorgon King Demogorgon King . 6 days ago
An interestibg fact:-
Season 1 Will sings "should i stay or...". He unknowingly saves himself from the Vecna. But probably got tires of singing it. Hence ended up on the vines just like Vecna places his victims.

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