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Published on 2 weeks ago

Prankster & professional rawdogger, JiDion, joins the boys to discuss getting banned from Twitch, dating Lizzo, visiting the most racist town in America, Pokimane beef, KSI & Logan Paul’s career-changing advice, Top 5 influencers for teens, joining PRIME squad, pranks gone wrong & more…

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0:00 Intro
1:09 Welcome JiDion!
6:17 Best Prank Ideas
10:14 Becoming A YouTube Legend
16:27 JiDion Praises Logan
20:47 Banned From Twitch
25:52 Glory To God
30:58 Adin Ross Gambling
35:36 Logan Paul Needs God?
43:54 Dating Lizzo
52:27 Next Prank Video (Exclusive)
54:27 Top 5 Influencer List
58:29 JiDion Joins PRIME Squad!
1:00:18 KSI & Logan Give JiDion Advice
1:11:07 Most Racist Town In America
1:15:36 Should You Obey The Bible?
1:21:53 Professional Rawdogger
1:30:52 Mike’s Threesome

Impaulsive is a significant break from the typical content viewers have come to expect from the vlog channel & we could not be more proud and excited to watch this unfold and grow. Please be advised that we will be exploring a wide variety of topics (some adult-themed) and our younger viewers (and their parents) should be advised that some topics will be for mature audiences only.

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Purple Ramen gaming Purple Ramen gaming . 39 minutes ago
Wtf Logan after Japan you still don't learn 😒
tyler accardo tyler accardo . 53 minutes ago
yo i havent heard of white boy 7th st ina min
Darvensky Louis Darvensky Louis . 1 hour ago
Bro Logan please get me on this podcast to shed some light and truth on the Bible! The shrimp and shellfish stuff isn’t true! Those laws were for Old Testament jews!
Gerald Mairena Gerald Mairena . 3 hours ago
George wanted his ions approval so bad
Seth Morin Seth Morin . 3 hours ago
I like this dude a lot. I WISH I had HALF the maturity this man has at 21 years old. Amazing. God Bless you all. Thank you for creating content ✌️
jLz jLz . 5 hours ago
ayyyyy i go to clear lake jidion
Naveena Avalos Naveena Avalos . 10 hours ago
logan u gotta do a podcast w baylen levine
Rebecca E Rebecca E . 10 hours ago
Ethan just chilling in the background
SV9_ Kenobi SV9_ Kenobi . 11 hours ago
i cant with this new lingo w rizz L rizz wtf is happening this new lingo is so bad
EpicSome4Life TV EpicSome4Life TV . 12 hours ago
TheBig478 TheBig478 . 14 hours ago
lol anyone else notice Behzinga in the background???
scumbagmatt scumbagmatt . 18 hours ago
He’s got so many professional rawdogger shirts that’s all you see him wear 😂
Snatch Team Snatch Team . 21 hours ago
I love how they broke it down to them and how he had great responses to the questions they were asking, and comments that were made about the Bible. & that is so true! Eyes & ears will see & hear what they want.
Kevin Hernandez Kevin Hernandez . 23 hours ago
Might have to subscribe after watching bro
dio dio . 23 hours ago
21 ??????????👁️👄👁️
I thought he was thirty at least
Franklin Warner Franklin Warner . 23 hours ago
Who’s sitting next to jidion
Quinn Barr Quinn Barr . 1 day ago
"You believe in that, but no Jesus"? 😂😂 I love that guy
Jatin Jain Jatin Jain . 1 day ago
1:02:00 so that's when jidion and Logan Paul 20 v 1 was shooted, 2 weeks before
Tyler Brown Tyler Brown . 1 day ago
A fresh of breath air had me laughing
muslim_mental_health_ Issues muslim_mental_health_ Issues . 1 day ago
All and praise and thanks is to Allah= Alhamduliah

God granted us success.

Ask God for this.
“Our Lord! Give us in this world that which is good and in the Hereafter that which is good, and save us from the torment of the Fire!”.

We all need God.
Pray to God. Be grateful to God. You will succeed. You will feel meaning and you will fulfil the purpose of Life.
The purpose of life is to worship God alone. Follow his commandments. Follow his advice. It’s for our own good.
God has the blueprint for success. It’s our job to take it.

Keep praying to God alone Logan.

And we love Jesus as Muslims.
Jesus is one of the best prophets ever.
Jesus performed miracles by the permission of God.

Muslims are monotheistic. We believe in One and only God.
The Creator of the heavans and the earth.

Logan “ God has played a very big role in my life”
Logan said he doesn’t see God the same way his Christian friend sees it.

Read about Islam Logan.
Humans have a compass in us to find the truth. Islam is the truth.

"I bear witness that there is no deity worthy to be worshipped but Allah, and I bear witness the Muhammad is His servant and messenger.''.
KAylA K KAylA K . 1 day ago
It’s so cool to see them not scared to speak about God to them❤️
Hounin Kyoma Hounin Kyoma . 1 day ago
When is the podcast with ishowspeed coming
George Karmis George Karmis . 1 day ago
40:21 not again 💀
Drizzonmobile Drizzonmobile . 2 days ago
(fr) fume
Drizzonmobile Drizzonmobile . 2 days ago
I lo
Dong Shwon Dong Shwon . 2 days ago
It’s insane they actually think he wants to be with lizzo. They still haven’t picked up on his humor ORRR haven’t watch many of his videos
Page Clark Page Clark . 2 days ago
is it me? or every time they are in the UK its always the best interviews?
Joe Boyd Joe Boyd . 2 days ago
George needs to stop the Jesus talk
Jacob Allen Jacob Allen . 2 days ago
“Fresh of breath air”
tou siuey tou siuey . 2 days ago
ive watched almost every single one of logans podcasts and this certain one was great, i really enjoyed it. Hope JIDion grows big and starts to post more often.
Izanawrld Izanawrld . 2 days ago
No disrespect George is such a old head 😭
Šerif Lelić Šerif Lelić . 2 days ago
To be honest i haven't heard of this guy before the sidemen sunday ..🤔
Sameer Siddiqui Sameer Siddiqui . 2 days ago
Chicago is the 3rd biggest city in America! not houston
Matthew Stewart Matthew Stewart . 2 days ago
Where do you think the use of the word being used in America came from Mike lmao. People say it here too, it's just more people would see it as offensive.
I'm in this video! I'm in this video! . 2 days ago
England has always had the most loyal fans when it comes to everything in my experience, I’ve been to sport events all over but nothing is surreal as a Manchester or Liverpool game, those brits are proper mad
Hyperwarp Twitch Hyperwarp Twitch . 2 days ago
im curious if they read and reply to the comments or does their publicists? prove me wrong
Khyvon Grace Khyvon Grace . 2 days ago
17:04 as a Loganger listening that hurt to here😞
Tickle Tickle . 2 days ago
Wow. This podcast was a real fresh of breath air
michal dadsadas michal dadsadas . 2 days ago
bruh jidion i love u for ur comedy but u r navigating your life that some random dude back in the day wrote that has been misconcepted as some dogma that world is just white and black, its just a bullshit that contradicts all the science like cmon bruh ur not eating shrimp cuz it says it in the book (skull emoji)
Dominic Booth Dominic Booth . 2 days ago
I love George and Jidion’s religious conversation man
Eduardo Sierra Eduardo Sierra . 2 days ago
This was sort of like a “Mentorship Episode” for Jidion, but it’s so inspiring to watch
Kalie Vesely Kalie Vesely . 3 days ago
George really thought he was so funny and cool when he yelled at Mike for asking the guest for more information about his creative process.. like it’s a podcast about him bro 😐 we wanna know
S A S A . 3 days ago
FYI- Spaz/ Spazz attack/ spaztic are all derogatory terms for someone who is mental Ill or someone who is a “retard”
MBK JAYS0 MBK JAYS0 . 3 days ago
My boy Demarcus Cousins going up😂
MBK JAYS0 MBK JAYS0 . 3 days ago
Bro could definitely have the best run in yt history
fw_yessir fw_yessir . 3 days ago
25:35 “a fresh of breath air”😭😭
Jebemti Mater Jebemti Mater . 3 days ago
Logan stop disrespecting christianity. If he would be muslim you would never have the balls to joke about allah.. so treat every religion with respect and stop bullshiting. And the quote' i pray every night ' is lame because everyone can 'pray' and laugh after about it
oddpanikk oddpanikk . 3 days ago
Biggest YouTube click bait in history

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