Play / Download Emma Chamberlain Reacts to Her Viral Red Carpet Interview w/ Jack Harlow at the Met Gala (Extended)
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The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Published on 2 weeks ago

Emma Chamberlain makes her talk show debut to discuss her viral red carpet interview with Jack Harlow, her experience hanging out in the bathroom at the Met Gala and her podcast, Anything Goes, and coffee brand, Chamberlain Coffee.

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Emma Chamberlain Reacts to Her Viral Red Carpet Interview w/ Jack Harlow at the Met Gala (Extended)


Jeanene Purser Jeanene Purser . 29 minutes ago
I’m a mom who relates to her and watches all her videos 😅👋
Andy S Andy S . 3 hours ago
Absolutely beautiful Emma 😍
Nikki Nikki . 8 hours ago
Emma Chamberlain slander is the only slander I cannot and will not tolerate.
Zina Rogers Zina Rogers . 12 hours ago
😁oh, wow
Thoughtspresso Thoughtspresso . 13 hours ago
We just watch her because she stays in bed all day and paints random stuff sometimes and maybe will put in some drum practice and for sure will feed her cats before she makes herself a coffee and an avocado toast, like we get what we expect and it's good
Alex Alex "Drip" Jones . 13 hours ago
So proud of her especially for wearing a bunch of stolen jewelry and yes when ur wearing something it's your responsibility to know about its origin and everything
Simple Head Simple Head . 14 hours ago
Papa bear Papa bear . 14 hours ago
It’s funny because she honestly doesn’t give a a fuck about Jack Harlow and thinks he a stupid 5 year old hair cut wearing moron is irrelevant and not important
Hamad Alh Hamad Alh . 16 hours ago
I see that jimmy stopped that fake laugh or at least he’s not doing it as much as he used to do
Hamad Alh Hamad Alh . 16 hours ago
Daamn what an amazing bathroom interaction I mean bellie kendall
and hailey !!
Hamad Alh Hamad Alh . 16 hours ago
Her being herself on the internet is such an amazing thing cuz it’s so hard to find someone as honest as her on the internet these days everyone is soo FAKE AF
Andrew Nation Andrew Nation . 17 hours ago
Should've done blind taste test of her ice coffee vs, whatever... if Harlow doesn't throw her off, nobody can 😆
Courtney Ray Courtney Ray . 17 hours ago
I legitimately think she was scared then him saying "you are not" really helped like suck it up kind of thing lol
Corn0nTheCobb Corn0nTheCobb . 18 hours ago
Not really sure who she is, but they did her dirty with this thumbnail with her eyes looking in two different directions. ffs
lexi lexi . 21 hours ago
she’s come so far, im very proud of her!! wishing her the best :))
Anisa Kasmollari Anisa Kasmollari . 1 day ago
Emma the Shawnnn thing is why we love her hahaah
Chris Okum Chris Okum . 1 day ago
Useless git.
RIA RIA . 1 day ago
I think she would be great to play games with
Acacica Brinley Acacica Brinley . 1 day ago
what is she wearing? LOL
Magic Tulips Energy Boost Magic Tulips Energy Boost . 1 day ago
What a DREAM Emma!!! So happy for you! Your younger self would be freaking at this! So proud of you & I’m in fact one of the many moms who loves you so much. You’re doing amazing!
euisa cous euisa cous . 2 days ago
Emma doesn’t change no matter the fame no matter the newest opportunity. She’s humble and genuine always
Freedom of Info Freedom of Info . 2 days ago
Sold her soul doe
Freedom of Info Freedom of Info . 2 days ago
Sell out doe
Marlenne Marcos Marlenne Marcos . 2 days ago
She gives me pick me vibes
Joe I Myers Joe I Myers . 2 days ago
pozitiva pozitiva . 2 days ago
i love this girl so much
lily errington lily errington . 2 days ago
yeah both me and my mum love emma
Olha Nesterenko Olha Nesterenko . 2 days ago
im good bcs im billy talk normal LoL just i dont need you i wales
Jk Bee Jk Bee . 2 days ago
Love ow she thinks 6:30 is early.
Kimderly S Kinder Kimderly S Kinder . 2 days ago
Valentina T. Valentina T. . 2 days ago
I just love her, she is honestly the absolute best YouTuber.
only me only me . 2 days ago
Never heard of her before but she looks and came over as cool af
Rose wise Rose wise . 2 days ago
I wonder what kind of dog everyone thinks jimmy is??
She’s so lucky 😚 I wouldn’t have expected her to be there
Drens Challenges Drens Challenges . 2 days ago
I sooo want to try her coffee! And now knowing it's in tea bag form! OHHH MYYY goodnesssssss!!! 🤯❤️
Dianita Dianita . 2 days ago
I love her 💞💞💞
Sarah Gorton Sarah Gorton . 3 days ago
perioddddd Emmaaaaa <33 like watching a friend, slay
Vale Ruiz Vale Ruiz . 3 days ago
I KNOW Shawn was crushing on Emma
Naomi Olutayo Naomi Olutayo . 3 days ago
I am honestly so happy for her❤️super proud! She looks so gorgeous here too
Nasibu Nyahunzvi Nasibu Nyahunzvi . 3 days ago
My girl is thriving
Cat M Cat M . 3 days ago
i love her so much
Nessa hoang do eina Nessa hoang do eina . 3 days ago
Haaaaaaaaaaaa jimmy Kimmel and jimmy
Chabelita Vanilla Chabelita Vanilla . 3 days ago
I wish I was a celebrity so I could meet Jimmy Fallon and play Think fast haha
X9IKY2X X9IKY2X . 3 days ago
How did she tie that shirt like that
Nuha Amari Nuha Amari . 3 days ago
omg she looked adorable everytime she smiled, love her! <3
Simón Gámez Simón Gámez . 3 days ago
She deserves to be where she is! Such a sweet, fun and relatable person. I just love her and I'm so proud she's getting the recognition she deserves.
NT NT . 3 days ago
There is something really wholesome about this video, also her outfit? On point.
nickiviloria nickiviloria . 3 days ago
I’m proud of her!! 🤓😁
Ransford Rowe Ransford Rowe . 3 days ago
If Jimmy Fallon does not know who Emma Chamberlain is before show booking.Then grandpa Fallon needs to get with the times and learn about social media stars😀😃

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