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Published on 2 weeks ago

This looks wild 😱 (via @galen.avl)

Susan Collings Susan Collings . 4 hours ago
Nice stainless
James Taunton James Taunton . 5 hours ago
Now you have to swim all the way back lol
Wesley Ribeiro Wesley Ribeiro . 9 hours ago
Muito legal
Truck Dean Truck Dean . 1 day ago
πŸ€” saucer sled mat sprayed with Pam🀨πŸ€ͺ
Loki Wolfe Loki Wolfe . 1 day ago
I would be the guy who tries it in a low stance with my center of gravity pushed down as far as possible; I just love a challenge.
Steven Weitzman Steven Weitzman . 1 day ago
What body of water is this.
Definitely not West Coast
mikerafone music mikerafone music . 1 day ago
Tandom ill go in back
pjmtts pjmtts . 2 days ago
The forced chick laugh after splitting her chin on the board
Geoff Woodham Geoff Woodham . 2 days ago
Gotta luv that ! Need a JetSki to bring em back :):):)
Sandy Davis WhyteLewis Sandy Davis WhyteLewis . 2 days ago
Phil Foggs Phil Foggs . 2 days ago
Cool. I’d do it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜Ž
Chad Hosmer Chad Hosmer . 2 days ago
Must be nice!
μ•ˆμ€ν¬ μ•ˆμ€ν¬ . 2 days ago
놀이기ꡬ λ©‹μžˆλ‹€ 아이듀은 νƒ€κ² λ‚˜
James A. Polite James A. Polite . 3 days ago
Helly Yeah !!πŸ‘
Jonah Hamm Jonah Hamm . 3 days ago
Wouldn’t your arms scrape against the side?
Megan Roberts Megan Roberts . 3 days ago
Wonder how many blooper moments they have every year
Maksym Bondaryev Maksym Bondaryev . 3 days ago
Looks fu
Keith Watson Keith Watson . 4 days ago
I bet fat people go further.
Hanna Balogh Hanna Balogh . 4 days ago
Me wathcing this w thalassophobia:
ε½“γŸγ‚Šγƒžγ‚¨γƒ€ ε½“γŸγ‚Šγƒžγ‚¨γƒ€ . 4 days ago
πŸŽΌζ€γˆγ°ι γγΈζ₯γŸγ‚‚γ‚“γ γ€œπŸŽΆ
A tV A tV . 4 days ago
How does this look weird
KSL inAz KSL inAz . 4 days ago
I can't believe how far she went. Too cool haha
Theresa Gomez Theresa Gomez . 4 days ago
That looks like a lot of fun!!
JoeOvercoat JoeOvercoat . 4 days ago
Perfect execution.
Mohith Ram Mohith Ram . 4 days ago
This term is known as hydrofoil.
SaXuM SaXuM . 5 days ago
Water slide on steroids!
Carolyn Kuhn Carolyn Kuhn . 5 days ago
This is such a fun sport and NO ONE got HURT!!
jefmatttab jefmatttab . 5 days ago
Gravity Powered jet ski 😎
The Viking The Viking . 5 days ago
Pretty cool. But you better hope somebody on a boat or jetski doesnt come flying by at the wrong time.
Dex Dex . 5 days ago
Anybody know what state this is ???
Ikaika Maleko Ikaika Maleko . 5 days ago
Now that looks fun.
tim pilcher tim pilcher . 5 days ago
That's a long way out.....
Belden Demecilio Belden Demecilio . 5 days ago
πŸ€™ Solid πŸ€™ Rajah Dat One,, I'm interested in trying that RideπŸ€™
Derrick Bird Derrick Bird . 5 days ago
Is this Arkansas?
alisha shields alisha shields . 5 days ago
Is this lake of Ozarks in MO?
A little razzle dazzle A little razzle dazzle . 5 days ago
Takes two hours to swim back to shore though 🀣🀣🀣
Moss Fountain Moss Fountain . 5 days ago
Please tell me where this is at? I want to do it!
Joe Colwell Joe Colwell . 5 days ago
What are the slide panels from?
Donna Trent Donna Trent . 5 days ago
Looks fun
Casa de Freedom Casa de Freedom . 6 days ago
Looks like a blast!
HB2 Arabic HB2 Arabic . 6 days ago
Ocean Grown Ocean Grown . 6 days ago
Whipping Post πŸ‘πŸΌ yup πŸ‘πŸΌ it does look fun 🀩
Roger Rendzak Roger Rendzak . 6 days ago
That is awesome! NEVER seen this, before 😁!!!
Denton Thomas Denton Thomas . 6 days ago
Good way to drown trying to swim back
ε€•ιœ§γƒ ε€•ιœ§γƒ . 6 days ago
Heniu Kozak Heniu Kozak . 6 days ago
Mega dobrze Super
Bobby Daugherty Bobby Daugherty . 6 days ago
They need a flouting dock 20 ft to the side with a Tow Rope on a small motor & a inflatable raft that works like the one on the Kiddie Snow Ski Slope so you don't have to swim all the way back
kim long kim long . 6 days ago
Damn. You know girls a re badasses
Max Sparks Max Sparks . 6 days ago
Then there’s that swim back.πŸ˜–
Courtney Sorrell Courtney Sorrell . 6 days ago
This looks FUN!

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