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Bri & Fern

Bri & Fern

Published on 2 weeks ago

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Bri & Fern Bri & Fern . 2 weeks ago
Click here for up to $200 off your Helix Sleep mattress plus two free pillows! Mama is enjoying and loving her new comfortable Helix Sleep mattress! #helixsleep
Jasmine Frontuto Jasmine Frontuto . 3 days ago
Mama is my grandma literally I buy her stuff & she says the same thing. Happy af then “pero porque andas gastando “🤦🏼‍♀️😂😂
Beatriz Perez Beatriz Perez . 3 days ago
Mama reminds me of the elderly man in the movie up he shows no emotion but has the biggest heart. Such a beautiful lady!
Beatriz Perez Beatriz Perez . 3 days ago
Her room looks like a beach hotel suite soo stunning!! Fits her perfectly 🌞❤️
champane Flores champane Flores . 3 days ago
Aww can't wait to watch !!!
Starr Castillo Starr Castillo . 4 days ago
Gotta love MaMa’s Sarcasm 😆
mrshy24 mrshy24 . 6 days ago
Can you do a tutorial on how you do your hair like this? Is so cute!
iris joaquin iris joaquin . 6 days ago
The room looks great! I know mama loved it when she was enjoying her new bed at the end. What a privilege to be able to do that ♥️

Fati Cabrera Fati Cabrera . 6 days ago
You’re such a great person Bri🤍
BreeVee BreeVee . 6 days ago
I love when mama is in the videos !!! wish I had my grams still.. I love you guys🫶🏽
Hisela O Dominguez Hisela O Dominguez . 6 days ago
how cute i know mama loves her new room 🥰
Gabriela Cuevas Gabriela Cuevas . 6 days ago
Mama is so funny! Love watching her lol $gabrielaac
Jesica Boren Jesica Boren . 6 days ago
Girl I feel it lol when I tell my Ama “I love you” lol she responds “okay thank you” lmao 🤣
Lesly Lopez Lesly Lopez . 7 days ago
Ramiro saying I I’ll sit here talk to her😍 so sweet all you guys! $ljlr93
Yesenia Torres Yesenia Torres . 7 days ago
What a sweetheart you are 🥰❤️
Sarah Rios Sarah Rios . 1 week ago
Lmfao she said when she moved around the bed it said cling cling 😂😂😂 we love mama ❤️
Lety A Lety A . 1 week ago
Great job Brit, your grandma deserves that and more ❤️❤️❤️$LetyArias
Emely Rico Emely Rico . 1 week ago
“Porque andas gastando” i swear my parents and Granma always say this when I try to surprise them too 😂 $elyrico91
Andrea Rodriguez Andrea Rodriguez . 1 week ago
I have a feeling my mom is going to be like mama lol she's barely 50
JJ’SVLOGS JJ’SVLOGS . 1 week ago
I loved it 💕💕 $jj22xx
Maria Nunez Rivas Maria Nunez Rivas . 1 week ago
I love your lashes where are they from
jennifer ferrusquia elizardo jennifer ferrusquia elizardo . 1 week ago
These videos make me so happy 🥹 reminds me of my grumpy old lady 🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍 $JennyElizardo94
Andrea Cuevas Andrea Cuevas . 1 week ago
Connie Diaz Connie Diaz . 1 week ago
Your such a blessing to your family your so humble love y’all $SconnieD
Priscilla Navarrete Priscilla Navarrete . 1 week ago
Mama saying, “Para que andas gastando Brianna”

Diana Mojica Diana Mojica . 1 week ago
Wishing I could afford plane tickets for my babies and I to visit my grandma! Your relationship with Mama is Beautiful 🥺🥺 You can tell how much she loves Evi as well a grandmas love is unlike another😭🤍✨

Elizabeth Vega Elizabeth Vega . 1 week ago
I FUCKEN LOVE MAMa ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ straight up
Yasmin Nathalie Yasmin Nathalie . 1 week ago
Papa is fuuny lmaooooo 😂
Jessica Gomez Jessica Gomez . 1 week ago
Bryan Huertero Bryan Huertero . 1 week ago
🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼. Awww it looks fabulous $jazminmoney
Felisha Lucero Felisha Lucero . 1 week ago
Felisha Lucero Felisha Lucero . 1 week ago
Your amazing
Monica Valverde Monica Valverde . 1 week ago
So sweet of you!! $Monicaval22
Adriana Alvizo Adriana Alvizo . 1 week ago
So cute! She was so surprised
mariana mariana . 1 week ago
Not papa talking shit about mama and then saying to not let her see it😂😂😂😂
Daisy Herrera Daisy Herrera . 1 week ago
Love how u guys treat mama
alejandra castillo alejandra castillo . 1 week ago
$aledollox the love and support you have for your grandma is beautiful. The fact that you spoil her no matter how hard things get is so beautiful to watch♥️
Abigail Juarez Abigail Juarez . 1 week ago
We’ll see my grandma don’t like me and I haven’t spoke to her since I was 6 I’m now 23 and honestly if we did talk this is how our relationship would be like u and ur mamas
Maritza Vargas Maritza Vargas . 1 week ago
Loved it Came out so beautiful Grandmas are so precious wish I still had mine she was tough love just like yours ❤️ $mthesweetest
JDXO93 JDXO93 . 1 week ago
love this
Princess Nena Princess Nena . 1 week ago
You have a beautiful soul & your family is goals! I know mama is so grateful for you guys! 🥹💕
Lupe Martinez Lupe Martinez . 1 week ago
I love mama 🥹 love how you and your family love and care for your grandparents 🥹❤️❤️❤️
Jevelynn Tee Jevelynn Tee . 1 week ago
I hella love how giving u are with ur grandma 💕even tho she is not affectionate I could tell she loved the room make over 👏🏼👏🏼🫶🏻 $EvelynToscano
Estrella Cordova Estrella Cordova . 1 week ago
$EstrellaCrdva 🤍
Nancy M Nancy M . 1 week ago
The way you guys love on mama and care for her is truly healing her heart. Keep loving on her, every chance you get. Mexican grandmothers have gone through so much trauma. Watching you and your sister break through generational trauma chains & becoming great women is amazing!! $FNMONTANO
Michelle Cardoza Michelle Cardoza . 1 week ago
Omg you are the best! You def made her day the room looks super cute!! $michellejcardoza
karlex karlex . 1 week ago
The room came out beautiful!! $karlexel
Domonique Escojeda Domonique Escojeda . 1 week ago
I love seeing how close Evi has gotten to mama the older he gets. Their bond is going to be so strong I love it!!!

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