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FaZe Rug

FaZe Rug

Published on 2 weeks ago

I switched lives with @KEEMOKAZI and my new family hates me :(
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FaZe Rug FaZe Rug . 2 weeks ago
if you like the video we will switch lives..
K3vinD3monBG K3vinD3monBG . 34 minutes ago
Keemo and FaZe Are My Favorites Legends
Joshua Daniel Abella Joshua Daniel Abella . 18 hours ago
This game was awesome I had the game to do so when the first update came in it had a few more bugs to play but the only reason why the screen would make the screen screen for a little while but the game itself has a little lag in my iPhone but it’s free to me and the game crashes and it is annoying when you have a little more time and
♡preppy girl♡ ♡preppy girl♡ . 18 hours ago
Bruh this is amazing I love it 9:00
Light Fuse Light Fuse . 1 day ago
Add more people to the subscriber wall
Alan Gamboa Alan Gamboa . 1 day ago
Faze rug is the best you tuber
Fortnight Pro Fortnight Pro . 1 day ago
Fortnight Pro Fortnight Pro . 1 day ago
Fortnight Pro Fortnight Pro . 1 day ago
Please how bo BGVRP please for pc
ddrreewwL ddrreewwL . 1 day ago
bafaraj bafaraj . 1 day ago
I know him
Jr Lovel Jr Lovel . 1 day ago
si traduces espero que tengas un buen día hoy o si eres español dios te bendiga
Skyla Zea Skyla Zea . 2 days ago
🐇Isabella💗 🐇Isabella💗 . 2 days ago
Khummy1740 Naledi Khummy1740 Naledi . 2 days ago
I’m cool
Jeremiah Mosley Jeremiah Mosley . 2 days ago
I wish y’all did it like they did in freaky Friday (from Chris brown’s music video
Meshal Sb Meshal Sb . 2 days ago
Natasha Hattingh Natasha Hattingh . 2 days ago
Fazrug I love you
Issiah Cooper Issiah Cooper . 3 days ago
Faze rug you test nuk out by Jake pall
Voorust Voorust . 3 days ago
Keep up the work FaZe Rug you are THE BEST!!!!
Jasmine Benson Jasmine Benson . 3 days ago
Is he from tiktok
AstroLogic AstroLogic . 3 days ago
The vid they did they copied there own in 1 vid
Tia Gordon Tia Gordon . 3 days ago
Can I get his TikTok
BeamSpark BeamSpark . 3 days ago
Although this is really cringy but his acting is getting a little better
Adriana Solis Adriana Solis . 4 days ago
Ashley Huerta Ashley Huerta . 4 days ago
Abdullah Muhammad Abdullah Muhammad . 4 days ago
yoooo i could not stop laughing love your videos
selvedina Bajric selvedina Bajric . 4 days ago
I love you guys so much
Da boi yoooo Da boi yoooo . 4 days ago
I liked it
Abdulmuhaymin Adesokan Abdulmuhaymin Adesokan . 4 days ago
Mama rug and keemo's mom are alike.
Unlimited Lyrics Unlimited Lyrics . 4 days ago
One of the besttt videos
Unlimited Lyrics Unlimited Lyrics . 4 days ago
Please do more videos like this, They are the best
la bella la bella . 5 days ago
The fact that Noah got more likes than faze rug and this is his video
eliana Flores eliana Flores . 5 days ago
gokuMaster123 gokuMaster123 . 5 days ago
wat the heck
paquin titin paquin titin . 5 days ago
so im still waiting for him to go down the slide
Emily Vasquez Emily Vasquez . 5 days ago
hehe this was funny
Sefanit Afework Sefanit Afework . 5 days ago
You both look like twins
Matthew crossthwait Matthew crossthwait . 6 days ago
Obeyminininja Obeyminininja . 6 days ago
acting is cringe
3A Baby 3A Baby . 6 days ago
Keemo’s older sisters fine asff😩
Kyair Jackson Kyair Jackson . 7 days ago
Kaelyn should switch lives with mama rug
REALEpicgamer2000 REALEpicgamer2000 . 7 days ago
8:40 had me dyin xD
Gurshaan Basra Gurshaan Basra . 7 days ago
14:55 omg i love mama rug so much 🤣
FREDDY FB FREDDY FB . 1 week ago
9:44 papa rugs face 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Mr. Orange Mr. Orange . 1 week ago
You should switch lives with Noah
Mary Suarez Mary Suarez . 1 week ago
Switch lives with faze highsky
Adiyyplayz Adiyyplayz . 1 week ago
lol she threw her phone bc ur song was there
Gianna Hall Gianna Hall . 1 week ago
So sus

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