Play / Download Dave Portnoy Gives Redemption To Place He Scored A 0 After Being Kicked Out
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One Bite Pizza Reviews

One Bite Pizza Reviews

Published on 3 weeks ago

Dave went back to Goodfellas after the infamous review in which he was kicked out and scored it a 0, and all is ok now with the pizzeria (maybe just not the guy who did it) #shorts

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Im S0 Done Im S0 Done . 2 hours ago
If you act like that dude your gonna be licking boots and working for 9hr for the rest of your life 🤡
Abdullah A Abdullah A . 3 hours ago
I’m the exact 102k like. Thank u for listening to my Ted talk
Noemad Noemad . 4 hours ago
I think you scored it 0 because you got kicked out
Graham Crawford Graham Crawford . 6 hours ago
There's a bullet in my gun
Ajax Ajax . 8 hours ago
Who the F is Dave Portnoy? that's the real question...
Jordy Grymez Jordy Grymez . 9 hours ago
When I went there and asked them about this they told me Dave was harassing the female waitresses in there and the guy wasn’t having it.
Kas Shen Kas Shen . 9 hours ago
That was the video I first watched. 😄😄😄
POG YT POG YT . 10 hours ago
I remember this!!!!!
nescaffier nescaffier . 12 hours ago
Real question is is Dave famous enough to be hated
JamesJoyce12 JamesJoyce12 . 14 hours ago
proby never spent two secs thinking about you dude - unlike you
The Real Anonymous The Real Anonymous . 19 hours ago
I would like to point out places have rules for example one of the places I worked at would fire us if we didn’t kick out someone recording without permission. If you think I’m gonna pull the cool guy move and let you pass and lose my job you got another thing coming.
no one no one . 20 hours ago
Ive been there Its pretty good
Oswald Olazabal Oswald Olazabal . 21 hours ago
Tomato Street Spokane WA
Nick Knighten Nick Knighten . 1 day ago
My guy Jacob!!! Hell yea yes a good dude.
Jd.K!ng Jd.K!ng . 1 day ago
He looks like mark Zuckerberg with a beard
bassguitarislife bassguitarislife . 1 day ago
That was the first video I ever saw of Dave & I was so confused.
Tartan Salmon Tartan Salmon . 1 day ago
That "WHAT!" sounded offensive
Good for you for winning the libel/ slander case
International investigations International investigations . 1 day ago
Goodfellas really isn’t all that good though
TheOutsider Jess TheOutsider Jess . 1 day ago
I saw that video and employees like that annoy me when they act like they own the place and have an holier than thou attitude annoys me
Tyler Stokes Tyler Stokes . 1 day ago
I love Goodfellas.
Givemeliberty30 Givemeliberty30 . 1 day ago
I was there for the first go around and didn't know who David was at the time.
Jim Meek I I Jim Meek I I . 2 days ago
The employee affected the score.Hmmm.
R P Poker R P Poker . 2 days ago
You should have been thrown out shameless republican
Elliot Elliot . 2 days ago
That place got absolute flooded with 1-star reviews on Yelp and Google reviews. He managed to lose the company an absurd amount of business in 30 seconds
Wes Dowden Wes Dowden . 2 days ago
“Does he hate me,” a lot of people hate you dave
Neatkal Neatkal . 2 days ago
Don't think hes even thinking about you
Kris Miller Kris Miller . 2 days ago
Undercooked in Louisville.
Phillip Ramos Phillip Ramos . 2 days ago
I love when people work somewhere for 3 weeks and start calling things "my"
The best thing to do those people is hand them an uncut out coupon and ask them to cut it out for you
Hank Hank . 2 days ago
Lost total respect for this guy thinking it's ok to use abortions as birth control
Petit Penoit Petit Penoit . 2 days ago
Good fellas is good
Bruce Leroy Bruce Leroy . 3 days ago
Still a bunch of d bag a holes, everybody knows the rules.
Scrubz on Horse tranquilizers Scrubz on Horse tranquilizers . 3 days ago
Comment 999
Devin Scranton Devin Scranton . 3 days ago
The fact that he gave them a 7.7 ( hight score in his books) after an incident like that, you know he got pressed heavy by some good fellas
slaytanicsabbath slaytanicsabbath . 3 days ago
Y'all's frozen pizzas are flavorless
Devil Dogg Devil Dogg . 3 days ago
Dude you act like your review will ruin businesses for one bud you are not and never will get that big
Jasmine Rivero Jasmine Rivero . 4 days ago
The employee was def asked to do that.. this guy was def the ass in the situation.
Urethra Franklin Urethra Franklin . 4 days ago
Imagine having nothing better to do than harass businesses
YoungenBlaze YoungenBlaze . 4 days ago
He looks like a long lost cousin of mark Zuckerberg 🤣
Sheriff K Sheriff K . 4 days ago
I'm very picky when it comes to italian/brooklyn style pizza (fastfood "pizza" ain't pizza,) it's very rare to find a place that do pizza right. But man that inflation hurts.. pizza that was $8 a few years ago, is like $20 now.
hourtokill hourtokill . 4 days ago
if that guy still works there then it's still a 0.0
all they learned was "don't fuck with THAT guy in particular. everybody else get the fuck off MY patio."
Kyle Klopf Kyle Klopf . 4 days ago
I see your mask your opinion is invalid
high dadd high dadd . 4 days ago
I really don't understand all of you supposedly Alpha's, acting like a bunch of sissified fan bois. WTF is wrong with you people? Each generation just keeps getting softer than baby shit. Act like men goddamnit, and quit embarrassing your family.
JoylessDancer JoylessDancer . 4 days ago
His pizza views are pretty bad.
Jeffrey Adams Jeffrey Adams . 4 days ago
Trash! Everyone knows the rules
Tyler Jewett Tyler Jewett . 4 days ago
Need to try rockys pizza in flint Michigan
DieHardPandas DieHardPandas . 4 days ago
Lmao bro making so much outta someone just asking him to move.
Jack Purvis Jack Purvis . 5 days ago
I don’t think he did anything wrong. It’s not uncommon for restaurants, especially local ones, to not want influencers filming on the premises and I wouldn’t be surprised if the owner put him up to do that, plus he was super professional and prompt about it.
ian dallen ian dallen . 5 days ago
Nice mask bro

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