Play / Download Ultimate ''GUESS THE EMOJI'' Challenge VS my GF (Funny) #shorts
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Published on 3 weeks ago

Would you guess all of these?

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NichLmao NichLmao . 3 weeks ago
What other emojis should we do next time? 🥰
Tahlia Dickerson Tahlia Dickerson . 15 minutes ago
Zoe is so cute
ashley ashley . 37 minutes ago
Awwwwwww so cute when she said it's really sad
Theresa Lauina Theresa Lauina . 1 hour ago
When Zoe watch the squid game she said it's really sad she sound cute very cute
Ayam Geprek Ayam Geprek . 1 hour ago
Hai anna iam Nagendar Anna na age 42 qualification m.l.t medical lab technicianf ,Srpt lo jobs unte cheppagalaru anna.with govt Jobs8gd
Tiffani Rollins Tiffani Rollins . 1 hour ago
It's really soft:😔❤️
Tiffani Rollins Tiffani Rollins . 1 hour ago
Bro zoe got me🌸
tani boo tani boo . 1 hour ago
Zacari Hall Zacari Hall . 2 hours ago
Bald headed phones lol💀
chase and my puppy911 chase and my puppy911 . 2 hours ago
She's has a new truck in the beginning
El the eggo eater El the eggo eater . 2 hours ago
Zoes voice is so cute and shes so funny and I think you 2 are soul mates so if you break up I will be depressed 😂😂
Ms. Rojas Ms. Rojas . 2 hours ago
“I only like PINK headphones 😤”
Yen Le Yen Le . 2 hours ago
At first I saw much has pink nails
Jellymealways Jellymealways . 3 hours ago
Actually it isn't an apple watch because it doesn't it can't tell time
Moataz Badawy Moataz Badawy . 3 hours ago
They shall get married
How she said “it’s really sad” tho😊
Noman Khatri Noman Khatri . 3 hours ago
So much funny 😂
Cynthia Stiles Cynthia Stiles . 3 hours ago
Is anyone going to talk about the guy in the background?
Evan Rodriguez Evan Rodriguez . 3 hours ago
Her voice is terrible
Evan Rodriguez Evan Rodriguez . 3 hours ago
Her h be live is so baby I hate it
Kenz Is an alien Kenz Is an alien . 3 hours ago
His face at the end 😆😆😆😆
Raul Sanchez Raul Sanchez . 3 hours ago
Watch out your dad is watching you
Analese Navedo Analese Navedo . 3 hours ago
It's really saad
Pieschool💫 Pieschool💫 . 3 hours ago
Zoe:ItS rEaLlY sAd .
Medina Hajdari Medina Hajdari . 3 hours ago
Nick i love you
Jadyn Gangone Jadyn Gangone . 4 hours ago
Didn’t subscribe
Joanne Malagar Joanne Malagar . 4 hours ago
The man behind the car be like:🤨
Pinkey Wilson Pinkey Wilson . 4 hours ago
Ace of Glocks Ace of Glocks . 4 hours ago
Jeffrey Jeffrey . 4 hours ago
wendy shelley wendy shelley . 5 hours ago
I love it when she said it’s really sad
The-AmazingYoutubers The-AmazingYoutubers . 5 hours ago
Zoe look cute
RaWr RaWr . 5 hours ago
"It's really sad🥺"lol her voice it's so funny and cute
Roselie Diaz Roselie Diaz . 5 hours ago
I have pink 200$ Headphones
HeatKillsYa HeatKillsYa . 5 hours ago
Amy S Amy S . 5 hours ago
Isn't zoe going to be in the new movie boo b**ch
Isse Jad Isse Jad . 5 hours ago
Zoe :" it's really sad ".
Me : 🤩😍🥰😊😙💓💗💗💗.
Khadija Zahraa Uddin Khadija Zahraa Uddin . 5 hours ago
I don't need to subscribe cause i already did 👍👍👍
Almotasem Altoutou Almotasem Altoutou . 5 hours ago
Zoe is really cute
MineAxo MineAxo . 5 hours ago
for some rearon i thought headphones was facebook
Boris Udovičić Boris Udovičić . 5 hours ago
Next emoji 🔥🦮
Angxlic Angxlic . 5 hours ago
“It’s really sad”
Me/ so cute!
I think you should do 🌽🍞🥖
ClumsyOwlPLZ543 ClumsyOwlPLZ543 . 5 hours ago
“i only like pink headphones”
the $300 headphones: Man that hurt 😢
Sisi🐾 Sisi🐾 . 5 hours ago
When she said " it's really sad " 🥺her voice is so cute...💖
Elianys Ortiz Elianys Ortiz . 6 hours ago
Zoé is so cute
Chandini cv Chandini cv . 6 hours ago
Jocelyn martinez Jocelyn martinez . 6 hours ago
the one that show a Apple with tape ... no it’s not yes it is😂
Itz Cammi Gaming Itz Cammi Gaming . 6 hours ago
Not me thinking the oculus ( vr game)
CircusCrewProduction CircusCrewProduction . 6 hours ago
When she said,”it’s really sad”I fainted from her voice
Nnapa K Nnapa K . 6 hours ago
When did Winx win his

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