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Best Movie Quotes

Best Movie Quotes

Published on 3 weeks ago

Demetrius232387 Demetrius232387 . 23 minutes ago
What movie is this
Жека Жаке Жека Жаке . 53 minutes ago
У этого актера голова большая относительна тела. Он несуразный в отличии от нормальных людей. Но его все равно пригласили на роль, из-за его маленького роста. Это не шутка, так оно и есть
Mete Çelik Mete Çelik . 59 minutes ago
Stefano Mancini Stefano Mancini . 2 hours ago
Che film è?
Camilo Sanchez Camilo Sanchez . 3 hours ago
Jesus died for our sin and if we don’t submit to him we’re gonna live a life full of sin and end up in hell when we die
ʍɨǟ ʍǟʟᏦօʋǟ ʍɨǟ ʍǟʟᏦօʋǟ . 5 hours ago
Que *_Youngstar.Quest_* encantan tus Momento videos.

Bendiciones hermosa Celina que Dios te cuide donde quiera.
Ceo ocean Jay Ceo ocean Jay . 6 hours ago
Ziaul Karim Ziaul Karim . 6 hours ago
Names toughest guy around peachy...
Али Исмаилов Али Исмаилов . 7 hours ago
Sanuj Chopra Sanuj Chopra . 7 hours ago
Those are real friends
Sanuj Chopra Sanuj Chopra . 7 hours ago
Keem O Keem O . 8 hours ago
This isn't how it goes down in any prison & I've never been but if scenes like this makes the majority feel better and bad ass I guess it will sell and minorities being portrayed in movies remain the sidekick, bud if jokes or punching bags ok with somethinganyone with self respect would not be ok with. Hollywood going to cater to what sells so make sure you let your kids know it's just a movie before they start talking racist and try shit like this in school like it's going to play out like it will in the movies
ineedmyhat ineedmyhat . 8 hours ago
Paul Rudd and Ant-Man are epic as fuck
KamiKakoze KamiKakoze . 9 hours ago
I thought he said I’m gonna miss you because he was about to kill him lmao
Lil Kayta00 Lil Kayta00 . 11 hours ago
someone subscribed to HBO 😂
Wagner Gs Wagner Gs . 12 hours ago
Film's name ?
M/m M/m . 15 hours ago
Movie name??
J Qua J Qua . 16 hours ago
You had us worried over there Scott
Bon Garçon Bon Garçon . 17 hours ago
Good add in Gang 😭😂😂😂
Bone Bone . 19 hours ago
Thought man was gon expire him
Norberto N. Retanal Jr. Norberto N. Retanal Jr. . 20 hours ago
they are firends??
yadiel ramos yadiel ramos . 22 hours ago
He’s a rock
karandeep singh karandeep singh . 22 hours ago
This guy is a good actor nothing woke in his movie
Charles Montgomery Charles Montgomery . 22 hours ago
If Reggie Bush never worked out again and only ate McDonald's he'd 100% be peach
Cringe Papi Cringe Papi . 23 hours ago
He would’ve been the perfect nathan drake.
Hitler Senpai Hitler Senpai . 23 hours ago
Sean Diamond Sean Diamond . 23 hours ago
Yeah chad
Sator Sator . 23 hours ago
Th1Doose Th1Doose . 24 hours ago
Земля небо эфир Земля небо эфир . 1 day ago
Nesro Nesro Nesro Nesro . 1 day ago
The last punch is enough to send someone to icu
Gobble my nuts10 Gobble my nuts10 . 1 day ago
Bro ate that shit
Skade Skade . 1 day ago
Whoever's reading this, I pray that whatever you are going through gets better and whatever your struggling with or worrying about is going to be fine and that everyone has a fantastic life
Tom bijziende Tom bijziende . 1 day ago
Ayo racist
The Bruh-inator The Bruh-inator . 1 day ago
Paul Rudd really out here sucker punching notorious BIG
Billy Branting Billy Branting . 1 day ago
sure it's a super hero movie but why make it that unrealistic?
Doyle Tipton Doyle Tipton . 1 day ago
Wish I was a man to turn the other Cheek
SwanSong SwanSong . 1 day ago
Imaginem se fossem inimigos!?
Dejuan Brand Dejuan Brand . 1 day ago
I'm starting to notice that they keep showing shorts of black men being abused in movies. Who the fu*k is promoting this. You must be warned. Stop this shiznit or you will feel the wrath and will be cursed
EpicGamerYTs2016 EpicGamerYTs2016 . 1 day ago
Ant man
EpicGamerYTs2016 EpicGamerYTs2016 . 1 day ago
Is it any man
utubez utubez . 2 days ago
I like how marvel is showing all our kids that sometimes super heroes go to jail 🤣💀😭🤧
Дархан Исмаилов Дархан Исмаилов . 2 days ago
Какой фильм
idk idk . 2 days ago
If it was Ryan Reynolds, he would've gotten punched and knocked out
spooqz ⚡ spooqz ⚡ . 2 days ago
Toughest guy named Peachy
Robb Montez Robb Montez . 2 days ago
This would never happen in the California prison system.
CrisisIsCalling CrisisIsCalling . 2 days ago
Honestly I never really understood this scene.
James Young James Young . 2 days ago
Donny Donny . 2 days ago
We all know he sucked that d

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