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Walk of Shame

Walk of Shame

Published on 3 weeks ago

Long Island Audit

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Walk of Shame Walk of Shame . 3 weeks ago
Long Island Audit
Plus/\cut Plus/\cut . 25 minutes ago
Sounded like some kids arguing and shi lmao
fernando rodriguez fernando rodriguez . 43 minutes ago
There both wrong. The real phrase is " Reasonable activity in a articulation".
Mac Tray Mac Tray . 48 minutes ago
Sarge was the smart one in this equation.
RoofkingABC RoofkingABC . 56 minutes ago
Try doing that in Houston 😂😂 gonna wake up in the county on possession charges
Truth violates community guidelines Truth violates community guidelines . 1 hour ago
You can see that cop expending tremendous energy to try to get his 4 brain cells to work all at the same time and understand what “reasonable & articulable suspicion” means 🤣😆😆😆
Martin Ramirez Martin Ramirez . 1 hour ago
They can charge him for harassment.
Sergio Esparza Sergio Esparza . 2 hours ago
Why do you have to hang around a police station parking lot to make a video. Why can't this fool go to the mall and make videos there?
Olive Drab Garage Olive Drab Garage . 2 hours ago
That's hilarious and yet another example of just how bad the police are trained in the US. Their senior commander had to come along, figure out why they're arguing with a member of the public and then school them before sending them on their way to do the job they're actually paid for. The more and more I see these videos of really badly trained police in the US...the more I understand why Uvalde mass shooting happened.
Javier Zavala Javier Zavala . 3 hours ago
"I never heard that phrase"🤣🤣who hired this clown??.? Fire who ever hired this guy
Bryce Jones Bryce Jones . 3 hours ago
this guy is a nuisance
Sam Razo Sam Razo . 3 hours ago
I know for a fact he was bullied in school and he constantly abuses his power. Look out for Mr.Geyer
Brent Lockwood Brent Lockwood . 4 hours ago
Get a life bro
Chad Delle Donne Chad Delle Donne . 4 hours ago
Gotta love how they just backed off and walked away without a word when their boss said that's enough you guys are all set.... He aint wasted his time... And when they all go back inside hes gonna give the 2 deputies shit for wasting theirs...
The Lil Yopo Show The Lil Yopo Show . 4 hours ago
joe mama69 joe mama69 . 4 hours ago
This is what happens when you only have a high school diploma . 🤷‍♂️
Jose Mendez Jose Mendez . 5 hours ago
Is a shame that this guy's supposed to know the law sence they enforce the law. They don't need to be cop's 👎 I can imagine how many people this two idiots have put in jail for no reason. They are actually a treat to the public. They need to go back to school illiterate fools
Martin Cohn Martin Cohn . 5 hours ago
Tell me ur an oath breaker without telling me ur an oath breaker.
Sadamski Escape Sadamski Escape . 5 hours ago
Some many hate in this country
I dont need this
David Wright David Wright . 5 hours ago
Love sean number one auditor in the world Our AB and KB love him too 🇬🇧. Keep it up Sean 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿👏👏😂
Laureen Hall Laureen Hall . 6 hours ago
Sounds like young cop was just showing authority over a trivial matter & it had to take his senior to sever the situation now go
Shawn Chute Shawn Chute . 6 hours ago
It's scary that they're not using the standard ras
tomas noguera tomas noguera . 6 hours ago
"Reinforced articulating suspension? I don't know what that is nerd."
Isidro Ayala Isidro Ayala . 6 hours ago
Cops should attend therapy and mandatory meeting to Learn the laws, THEY DONT KNOW ANY BETTER😂
Tmen 147 Tmen 147 . 6 hours ago
David Simpson David Simpson . 6 hours ago
Sad that these two walk of shame guys are ridiculous and disrespectful
Sam Loomis Sam Loomis . 6 hours ago
How about this phrase... Cowardly pig.
spooqz ⚡ spooqz ⚡ . 6 hours ago
Caught in 4k
Zavanah Jo Zavanah Jo . 7 hours ago
Another cammer who thinks he’s smarter than the law…
john davies john davies . 7 hours ago
Go away so tired of you instigating confrontations with law enforcement!
P-Tree P-Tree . 7 hours ago
Lmao SGT had some nice things to say to them when they all got inside
cedric T cedric T . 7 hours ago
Wawa Tosa Wawa Tosa . 7 hours ago
You better hope that you never need police assistance because your life is in danger. At least in the area where are you treat them so disrespectful.
Egged Ape Egged Ape . 7 hours ago
Get a life homie
Ryan A Ryan A . 7 hours ago
Lotta bullies pretending to be cops these days
M D M D . 8 hours ago
These bottom feeders couldnt make it on the wrestling team. Got drunk at prom and ended up as pigs. Jokes
Jason B Jason B . 8 hours ago
Just... WoW
Charlie Simon Charlie Simon . 8 hours ago
The only one who should be ashamed is the person making this video making videos of police officers while you harass them is not entertaining and it shows how intelligent you are because you can’t even phrase a sentence correctly I would recommend going back to school my man And you’re lucky that you didn’t get arrested for trespassing
Andrew Navarro jr Andrew Navarro jr . 8 hours ago
I would say arrested him
Andrew Navarro jr Andrew Navarro jr . 8 hours ago
The police parking lot is not public private the only able to be on the property if you have any kind of business you're just there cam recording that's trespassing
marcus ramirez marcus ramirez . 9 hours ago
That supervisor was embarrassed to the max! 😭😂😂😂
Dawn Brown Dawn Brown . 9 hours ago
I like how the 3rd officer just came up and dismissed the other two officers and it was over. To bad he wasn't there all the times an unarmed black man was loosing his life due to racially motivated police brutally.
Roy S Roy S . 9 hours ago
How to tell me I'm uneducated without calling me ignorant
Steve Mazzulli Steve Mazzulli . 9 hours ago
When you make a living baiting cops. Good show Charlemagne 👏
Fishing After Dark Fishing After Dark . 9 hours ago
Adam Sciulli Adam Sciulli . 9 hours ago
No Colonel Sanders Yooour Wrong! Haha
Adam Sciulli Adam Sciulli . 9 hours ago
More I want more lol
Tyler Carter Tyler Carter . 10 hours ago
Why cause drama. Get a life
Kal Boro Kal Boro . 10 hours ago
The most STUPID police in this world.
TJ Tin Survival Tin TJ Tin Survival Tin . 10 hours ago
Wish I was a cop….so I could beat the hell out of this lousy troublemaker

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