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Matt & Abby

Matt & Abby

Published on 2 weeks ago

Today I'm packing my hospital bag. Baby boy will be here any day now so it's about time that I prepare for the hospital.

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Nina Burns Nina Burns . 5 hours ago
Girl! You're giving birth! Of course you can eat while in labor, you're burning calories and need the energy!
Ashton McHenry Ashton McHenry . 9 hours ago
I reallly wanna knwo when little man is born
Ashton McHenry Ashton McHenry . 9 hours ago
How many more days till little dude comes
JEAN KERN JEAN KERN . 10 hours ago
you won't need all that you will be out in 1day
Taylor White Taylor White . 12 hours ago
When will the baby be born
Chris Beals Chris Beals . 21 hours ago
You've got this Abby and Matt, like the nurse said no ones Judging its your first time.
Barbara LaBrosse Barbara LaBrosse . 1 day ago
Make sure everything is prewashed. It'll be more comfortable.
Thomas Tarwater Thomas Tarwater . 1 day ago
Did you have your baby boy? It’s been two weeks since this video was posted. Bouquets to you and Matt!
Kasey Frost Kasey Frost . 1 day ago
Would love to see a video afterwards about what you’re glad you packed, what you didn’t need, and what you wished you packed. Y’all are doing amazing and I can’t wait to see y’all become parents!
CeeKay CeeKay . 2 days ago
Your mom wasn't helpful at all😄She sounds just like mom and people wonder why I never call her for anything. She leaves me feeling more inadequate.
Siofo C Siofo C . 2 days ago
Dont forget Diapers for baby x
Rykki Kriner Rykki Kriner . 2 days ago
Renee makes Gacha Renee makes Gacha . 3 days ago
Remember diapers because I’ve heard they charge extra for those sometimes I don’t know if it’s true but rather be safe than sorry
Desi Skweres Desi Skweres . 3 days ago
Hi Matt and abby I subscribed u love your hair and outift
Juliet Stewart Juliet Stewart . 3 days ago
I just had my first baby 3 wks ago and packed pretty light and still didn’t use most of what I brought lol! When I arrived I was already 5 cm dilated and I delivered within 4 hours so there wasn’t very much time 😹 I totally understand why some people want to bring more stuff though bc you never know how long you will be in the hospital for! One thing I didn’t bring that I really wished I had was my nursing pillow. After labor your muscles are so sore and the hospital pillows are not very supportive so trying to hold him to nurse was very hard for me.
RawCast RawCast . 4 days ago
i love u guys but u do not need a nightlight
Carleigh Lynne Carleigh Lynne . 4 days ago
Abby! You look soo pretty! 🥰
Maryann Patterson Maryann Patterson . 4 days ago
im so excited for baby
Kait J Kait J . 4 days ago
Girl I would have parked in the handycap spot 😭 you’re 9 MONTHS pregnant lmaooo
lifekilledme lifekilledme . 5 days ago
Don't forget snacks for yourself!!!!! You are allowed to eat I never heard a rule against eating in labour.
Momto5 Momto5 . 5 days ago
Mom of five here! Pack a roll of soft charmin toilet paper because the cheap scratchy hospital toilet paper hurts on your sore lady bits.
Shannon Bolton Shannon Bolton . 5 days ago
Pigging backing off the NICU nurse post, I worked as a postpartum RN for about 5 years and I hate that you spent money for pads, foam, etc bc they would have given it to you. That's okay though! You're a step ahead for once you get home but if you want to forego taking them to the hospital, they'll totally have you covered 😊
Tess Reynolds Tess Reynolds . 5 days ago
@ the place that i play hockey they have maternity parking lol
Purple Edits,Plays,Reacts Purple Edits,Plays,Reacts . 5 days ago
Question: will u film ur birth?
Mariana Mora Mariana Mora . 5 days ago
Is it really different in the US? In my country we have law 7600 which basically says that elderly citizens, pregnant woman or people with any kind of physical disability have their own space in the parking lot or their on seats on the bus for example. So, they always have a place to seat and spaces closer to the stores
Minisha K Minisha K . 6 days ago
This is stressing me out tbh lol! This is my first baby and I’m about a month out from my due date and I just feel more all over the place with the hospital bag
•°JessiexGamez°• •°JessiexGamez°• . 6 days ago
Ok so I also Live in Arizona! Qnd I know that heat. I put my feet in my pool last night and it was warm. Its not ok. The valley of Arizona is so hot
Cherry OnTop Cherry OnTop . 6 days ago
Girl the adult diapers are sooo much better than pads
Shanell Coleman Shanell Coleman . 6 days ago
You got this!Have a good day and love you lots.
Amelia-!! Amelia-!! . 6 days ago
Almost every channel I watch are , they are re pregnant-
This is 1 one my favorite channels!
Clare Griffin Clare Griffin . 6 days ago
Take plenty of nightwear and big knickers for your 1st hunny xx
Leanne Reilly Leanne Reilly . 7 days ago
I love abby vlogging on her own while matts away. you go girl! such a sweet vlog to include us in. I'm so happy for you.
Lilly_Gylsen07 , Lilly_Gylsen07 , . 1 week ago
My dad ALWAYS says "better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it"
Riana S Riana S . 1 week ago
Wow it is so crazy how far you guys have come!!! Ur gonna be parents soon!!! U are going to be great parents!!! Congratulations 🥳 and I wish u the best for the future!!!
Rama B & I Rama B & I . 1 week ago
Abby you so sweet ❤
Chelsea Lynn Chelsea Lynn . 1 week ago
Whenever I've been in the hospital they pretty much have everything expect what you need to shower. You won't need just need maybe 2 pairs of clothes. They even have socks! Bring babies first outfit and one more or 2. Dad will maybe need more than you! Snacks too because they only have you eat at certain times and maybe you may need a snack! With My second I did this and it was a saving grace. I just find I over pack and forget about it for months after lol
DramaQueen67 DramaQueen67 . 1 week ago
Her mom “pack what you would bring on a vacation”

Me “bikini?”

Ella and Sophia Ella and Sophia . 1 week ago
You’re like my mom on vacations she always has a list of last minute things
rkw rkw rkw rkw . 1 week ago
Disposal diapers ! ! ! A couple of small baby bottles ! For sugar water supplements for when baby is not feeding ! !
Diana Diana . 1 week ago
I'm genuinely so happy for you guys! It's crazy how time went by, and how the baby is going to be here!!! Thank you for sharing such a beautiful and heartwarming experience! ❤
TheBFam2018 TheBFam2018 . 1 week ago
Where did u order the hello world outfit in the box?
jamie hennessey jamie hennessey . 1 week ago
Keep us updated
Kristy💄💋 Kristy💄💋 . 1 week ago
You don’t need all that care down there stuff they will have all that for you at the hospital so save that for when you’re home ..all u need is clothes gown socks and a baby outfit in a big enough duffel bag to bring wipes and diapers from the hospital and anything else they give you .
Makaide Ruggles Makaide Ruggles . 1 week ago
you should probably get extra long chargers for ypur phone
Somaya Alawadi Somaya Alawadi . 1 week ago
You need to add blankets and your own pillow . Can’t wait to see you with your little cute baby boy
Emily Steenhoven Emily Steenhoven . 1 week ago
Love watching the just Abby content❤️
Bristol Tibbitts Bristol Tibbitts . 1 week ago
Are y’all gonna do a live birth vid!??!! Please!!
Krystal Ramirez Krystal Ramirez . 1 week ago
Sooo matt is the real tuber!
Megan Shurr Megan Shurr . 1 week ago
Don’t forget to take your free things that you aren’t supposed to take

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