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Published on 3 weeks ago


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拳の告白【BADTV】 拳の告白【BADTV】 . 3 hours ago
Youtube Muziek Youtube Muziek . 6 hours ago
I have never watched a video of him, but these Japan vloggggggs have made me binge them all. He seems like such a humble it!
캄보디아 시아누크빌 카지노 캄보디아 시아누크빌 카지노 . 10 hours ago
Hello, I'm Korean. Peter
Nice to meet you.
Wonderful Video
Stephan Buist Stephan Buist . 13 hours ago
biggest youtuber of all time. feels guilty to have to cars. love this guy
Paavo Alatalo Paavo Alatalo . 18 hours ago
Jaa Felix laittanu komian lantikan.
Xã Lợi Vlogs Xã Lợi Vlogs . 21 hours ago
I love you ❤
theothercherie theothercherie . 23 hours ago
This title is what a respectable millionaire would say . . .
The HL Traveller The HL Traveller . 1 day ago
Fernando A. Torres Fernando A. Torres . 1 day ago
Living in Japan must be like living among NPCs (from your/our perspective of course), and i think that's beautiful
Jack Daniels Jack Daniels . 1 day ago
2:00 you just climbed on something for an ego buff.
7:07 Was that a mirror?
Nooo! The cat. You need one.
Charge cable people totally trolled you. Move it. paint it.
Véronique Duguay Véronique Duguay . 1 day ago
YOOO it's so crazy we have the exact same spider sculpture as seen at 1:11 in front of the National Gallery in Ottawa, Canada!! and the vlogs are awesome man love em
BeastFelix BeastFelix . 2 days ago
Japanese PewDiePie Era Is Just Starting And Its Gonna Be Swick
Dubitz Dubitz . 2 days ago
13:09 make sure that cable is rated for outdoor weather, that could be why they had it in conduit to protect the cable.
Scatter Shot Scatter Shot . 2 days ago
Mans settled in with all he wanted, alone with his lady at the top of the tokyo tower enjoying his dream and life can't get better than this ✨
Aakash Raghu Aakash Raghu . 2 days ago
Imagine pewds gets a that a jdm
Tej Tej . 2 days ago
Felix says he's new to driving in Japan
Bec Kapernick Bec Kapernick . 2 days ago
The grill on ur land cruiser is from an older model. Its probs been in a crash
LuckyLeo LuckyLeo . 2 days ago
Who else saw the IKEA sign at 5:30
Marianna Hasegawa Marianna Hasegawa . 2 days ago
And then, after purchasing 3 cars, you slowly notice car is the TOP 3 useless things in Tokyo😉. You can get absolutely everywhere faster and more comfortable by train. Even with dogs , if you take seats in the Green Car.
vexnaex vexnaex . 2 days ago
View is like in Blade runner
Nichole Murray Nichole Murray . 2 days ago
I think it’s so sweet to try and make the cat comfortable, even tho it was it’s time. My fiancé and I love watching your videos!
Joo Ei Joo Ei . 3 days ago
Don’t worry, you can afford it.
Manel Boumalha Manel Boumalha . 3 days ago
Hello! Lil bit off topic, anyone got the reference of his sunglasses at 5:40?
Jake Jake . 3 days ago
LOVE the vlogs. Please never stop ❤️
Patrick Nichols Patrick Nichols . 3 days ago
Anyone know what the song is at 8:00?
Affan Mahdhir Affan Mahdhir . 3 days ago
“I accidentally used my rich boi ability”
onyi onyi . 3 days ago
does Marzia edit these? it has her old style
Geo Gmz Geo Gmz . 3 days ago
Holy cow! YouTube got me unsubscribed from this channel. I just noticed it.. It's been a while since I watched a video and now I know why..

Glad to see you and Marcia are still together and that you finally grew some legs..
Freed0m35 Freed0m35 . 3 days ago
interesting fact if u pause the video at 9:20 the street looks exactly like the tower from that angle.
Maple017 Maple017 . 3 days ago
1:21 that spider statue is named "Maman"! It has a twin outside the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa! So weird seeing that same statue on the other side of the world haha
Kaitlyn Parr Kaitlyn Parr . 3 days ago
Love these vlogs! What's the music pewds used for the Tokyo tower visit?
Tsuki Tsuki . 3 days ago
菊 . 3 days ago
Velazquez_920 Velazquez_920 . 4 days ago
:( poor cat 🙀
lilmoris1 lilmoris1 . 4 days ago
Amazing buy, those Toyotas are always a good investment
Keval _yay! Keval _yay! . 4 days ago
Your mom is so based, it really put few things in perspective for me, tell her your fan said thanks you.
AiM Shadow AiM Shadow . 4 days ago
The mind flayer 😮
産まれたてのさだまさし 産まれたてのさだまさし . 4 days ago
Mr.Truman Mr.Truman . 4 days ago
Recently I knew you.
シャ虫 シャ虫 . 4 days ago
Sahil Satish Pandit Sahil Satish Pandit . 4 days ago
OMG the best thing ever
なっかん なっかん . 4 days ago
Orangejuixe Orangejuixe . 4 days ago
I LIVE AROUND THERE LOL, Ropongi Hills lol
Kaito Spence Kaito Spence . 4 days ago
7:57 The correct pronunciation of Hilux is "HIGH LUX" which is short for High Luxury
Lou Joseph Tabajen Lou Joseph Tabajen . 4 days ago
Best arc so far
観覧専用 観覧専用 . 4 days ago
Joanne Lee Joanne Lee . 4 days ago
This makes me so happy… happy for you. You deserve this
BeyondAir BeyondAir . 4 days ago
when you running out of ideas

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