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Published on 2 months ago

Music video by Morgan Wallen performing Thought You Should Know (Lyric Video). © 2022 Big Loud Records, under exclusive license to Mercury Records/Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc

Pamela Smith Pamela Smith . 4 hours ago
So Beautiful ♥️💯
Lil Juice Lil Juice . 21 hours ago
Check my song out "Strangers" if you miss her!!!!
Ellie Knopik Ellie Knopik . 23 hours ago
Country Music Collection Country Music Collection . 23 hours ago
*Feel every word. It's nice that we have country artists like Morgan Wallen who always surprise us with great music. 😍👍💖*
pamela graves pamela graves . 1 day ago
My son sent this today and we are very close I couldn’t hold back the tears we’ve been through hell and back but I’ve never gave up on him and never will he has become a very responsible Dad and Husband to provide for his family with everything he’s got and I’ve never been more proud of the Man he’s become so I haft to try to stop crying and listening to this song it beautiful Morgan you sir are one hell of a song writer and singer you have a tremendous gift
Peter Rocc Peter Rocc . 1 day ago
The LORD is righteous in all his ways, and holy in all his works. The LORD is nigh unto all them that call upon him, to all that call upon him in truth. He will fulfil the desire of them that fear him: he also will hear their cry, and will save them. The LORD preserveth all them that love him: but all the wicked will he destroy. (Psalms 145:17-20)
And the times of this ignorance God winked at; but now commandeth all men every where to repent: (Acts 17:30)
I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish. (Luke 13:5)
Christian Garretson Christian Garretson . 2 days ago
Leighton Vary Leighton Vary . 2 days ago
Hey Morgan I love your music man im from Australia and when I ever feel down I listen to your music to make me happy keep up the good work
Steven Farley Steven Farley . 2 days ago
This is by far my favorite morgan wallen song ever it brings back memories of of my mom as I was growing up and I always enjoyed our talks
LiL [ash] LiL [ash] . 2 days ago
I miss my mama so much. Rest in peace.
Ervin Ervin . 2 days ago
Elvis Presley Little sister cover Ervin no rights song
Deb Deb . 3 days ago
I pray when my son is grown, he calls to talk to me. I am not crying.... allergies maybe.
jbear jbear . 3 days ago
Just when I thought Morgan couldn’t get any better… great song bro!
Josh Hampton Josh Hampton . 3 days ago
I’ve heard this song a million times and tonight just sitting on the couch I decided I would read some of these stories shared by mourning hearts. It has brought me to tears again… when I showed my mama this song on Mother’s Day we cried together… I’ve been in and out of the system. I’ve been to rehab and have fought my demons like the rest… I lost my father unexpectedly in 2019. With that being said I fell off shortly again and my momma and I grew closer… life is so bitter sweet. It’s beautiful and cruel. I’m just glad artists like this make it worthwhile in a world filled with such corruption. Thanks again Morgan for another humbling experience 🙏❤️
SavvySavi SavvySavi . 3 days ago
This song and “Did You Call Me” by Lukaz are some of the only things getting me through tough times. I hope everyone is doing well. I love you! 🌹
MaryJane Derringer MaryJane Derringer . 3 days ago
This song is so good I listen to it for hours on repeat. Morgan could sing the song from Mickey mouse and it would would be graceful. God gave you a talent Morgan
live life happy🕊😊 live life happy🕊😊 . 4 days ago
This song reminds me of my son's they love their momma..But got their 💖 ....💔...
By a died over a girl..the other..walked away from one.3yrs...took him for all he had...for disrespect comes in all forms..
But there is not a day that goes by an he tells me...That his momma is his # 1 girl..💝
An I 'm thankful..AMEN🙏
Rashannda Eshele Rashannda Eshele . 5 days ago
Kvng.james 45 Kvng.james 45 . 5 days ago
I miss my mom 😕
Julee Ann Guilliot Julee Ann Guilliot . 5 days ago
I miss my son
Pepa Burdett Pepa Burdett . 5 days ago
Beautiful song
Stephen Sholty Stephen Sholty . 5 days ago
Just moved 2200 miles away from everything I've ever known a couple weeks ago. This song resonates well with me
Anthony Cantu Anthony Cantu . 5 days ago
Who else born in 93’ and loves their mama?
Alexander Hopper Alexander Hopper . 6 days ago
Keep putting out them hits 🎸🇺🇲
Jess Wach Jess Wach . 7 days ago
I can't even.....
karen karen . 1 week ago
They murdered my mom and family and brutalizing everyone else and murdering them and Utah KY Nevada and Idaho Montana just helping out no one cop system shit can stand up for self or job but don't want their family fucked with but it is ok to big the big star real McCoys burning babies 50 states of people who see everything in jail prison drowning babies ya fucking our vets up and telling you if can be with family this is a joke just know you never know what can happen just when you believe you won't be there get greedy ugly controlling money hungry liar theif some people work and take pride and you would be dead before killing ones family member I know this song welcome to my house a shit load more than I can count are that song and I don't know but no city slickers idk
Renee Wilder Renee Wilder . 1 week ago
I am squalling like a baby. My youngest son just sent me this on my birthday 💜💜💜💜
Landon Myers Landon Myers . 1 week ago
Morgan Wallen I’m probably coming to your concert in St. Louis
Dirt Sr. Dirt Sr. . 1 week ago
Since 82 moma been losing sleep… just saying
Martin Willson Martin Willson . 1 week ago
Lost mamma in 2020 and this is almost exactly how our conversation would play out today God!! I miss her !!
33 33 . 1 week ago
Lonna Camp Lonna Camp . 1 week ago
Beth Dezember Beth Dezember . 1 week ago
May Wise May Wise . 2 weeks ago
I’m in a argument with my mom and she loves this song I’m so glad I have you morgen idk where me or my mom would be without your music
Lisa Parrish Lisa Parrish . 2 weeks ago
Mr. Morgan Wallen, You have another beautiful song!! What a precious tribute to your momma!! One of your first songs you recorded said you never cuss around your momma! I just played this song today!! You are awesome!! Thanks for the great song!!!
Chastity Porter Chastity Porter . 2 weeks ago
How I'm I just hearing this today 🥺
Stacie V Stacie V . 2 weeks ago
Lost my big sister on my bday this month. I know prayers reached her bc she no longer walking on this earth & I flying high In heaven.
Beaux1 Beaux1 . 2 weeks ago
i know defeating addictiob COMES FROM GOD.SO DOES SHE. DAMN I BET I Wz hard to find........❤, just a lil too concentrated. ❤
Jen Jen . 2 weeks ago
This is my Mama to everyone in my Family is is One Hella Woman 💯🔥🫶🏻 I am so blessed to have her and my papa 🔥💯🫶🏻
Klorissa Nicole Klorissa Nicole . 2 weeks ago
Bella Henderson Bella Henderson . 2 weeks ago
Your my fav singer
Ryan Wallace Ryan Wallace . 2 weeks ago
If I could just get a girl in Jefferson city and on the radio this would be my life song....
FindingDori FindingDori . 2 weeks ago
My 22 year old son just sect me this song out of the blue. What a Blessing! Thank you 💛
William Farley William Farley . 2 weeks ago
Aj Scott Aj Scott . 2 weeks ago
Morgan is a wonderful singer! He is so talented. Yes I here him all the time on the Radio. I listend to all his songs, I think my favorite song from morgen is don't think Jesus. Also I can't wait for more songs!
Trina Loe Trina Loe . 2 weeks ago
It’s a beautiful song! It reminds me of my son, stationed on the other side of the country in the Army. Morgan is the best artist ever!!!! ❤️❤️❤️🇺🇸
Nonyo Business Nonyo Business . 2 weeks ago
Yep yep yep
Michael Bartlett Michael Bartlett . 2 weeks ago
I lost my mom 3-11-22. I miss her more then anything. Gave up. Had a decent life. Im living proof it will make u lose everything.
Kimberly Tilton Kimberly Tilton . 2 weeks ago
The funny thing is I'm 25 south of Jefferson city MO, and my momma passed when I was 11. I really feel this song. Good job Morgan
Karen Landers Karen Landers . 2 weeks ago
This is my new favorite Morgan song love it 🥰

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