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Jon Denton

Jon Denton

Published on 2 weeks ago


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classyboy04 classyboy04 . 3 days ago
Beyoncé house beat is southside Chicago house music where house music was birthed
JC Mac JC Mac . 3 days ago
Respect, respect Queen B. Yesssss, the post covid summer vibe we all needed.
Kisha Newell Kisha Newell . 3 days ago
It's okay. I don't see the hype. SMH
Anthony Rubinetti Anthony Rubinetti . 4 days ago
Jon we need to reacting to more house music!
Past Future Merge Music Past Future Merge Music . 4 days ago there's a radio edit!
Striking Earth Striking Earth . 4 days ago
House isn't coming back - it never left.
Alexander Amaya Alexander Amaya . 4 days ago
You give me house, disco and/or synth pop and I'm happy guy.
JC Mac JC Mac . 5 days ago
Yes, much respect to Queen Bey. All hail the Queen
Khan Anand Khan Anand . 6 days ago
Mate you’ve got nice big hands - are your feet that big too?
SteadyNUnremitting SteadyNUnremitting . 7 days ago
Correction, Beyoncé has been in the music game 25yrs and counting
pablo pablo . 1 week ago
It's trash imo, not feeling it
Vicko S Vicko S . 1 week ago
I just need to say this: I LOVE YOU MAAAAAAN! And thanks to vibe with us!! ❤️
Troll Bot Troll Bot . 1 week ago
To be honest I think Beyonce did the house music better than Drake. Drakes album sounds like he was tampering with it but he just doesn't know how to execute the genre or do it justice. I think he relied to much on his voice (Ego) than featuring an artist that could have done some of his songs justice. So far im liking Beyonces attemp at this!
Marco López Marco López . 1 week ago
i fucking love your music reactions!!! you are the best doing this ♥
Albedo Kreideprinz Albedo Kreideprinz . 1 week ago
I have never really been a fan of Beyonce, but I do enjoy some of her music that I know. But because I love love love house so much, this might be my first beyonce era! definitely tuning in!
Jéssica Vilhena Jéssica Vilhena . 1 week ago
Yes yes yes!😍😍😍
Tiger Shwark Tiger Shwark . 1 week ago
Not going through the song again, boring and uninspired.
Krysta Siller Krysta Siller . 1 week ago
This is what Drake tried to do lol. Drake just can’t sing. He can only hit two notes.
Stevie V Stevie V . 1 week ago
House is back? House music NEVER left lol
denise eugene denise eugene . 1 week ago
That’s it! My new jam! 👏🏾
Kherynn W Kherynn W . 1 week ago
Your reaction was exactly the same to mine too. I liked the song the very first time I heard it.

It’s a vibe.

It’s been some time since I’ve enjoyed a new release from B.
Manuel Custodio Manuel Custodio . 1 week ago
You’re cute 🥰 I didn’t like the song, vocals are amazing but this style cannot come back.
Corey Muilenburg Corey Muilenburg . 1 week ago
I was wondering why I don't like this song and it doesn't move me at all.

Then I looked up a definition of House music and it all made sense why I so dislike this song: House is a genre characterized by a repetitive four-on-the-floor beat and a typical tempo of 120 beats per minute.[10] It was created by DJs and music producers from Chicago's underground club culture in the late 1970s, as DJs began altering disco songs to give them a more mechanical beat.

Keywords: Repetitive, Mechanical - The song is SO repetitive and goes nowhere for 4 minutes!
Ayush Pant Ayush Pant . 1 week ago
Come on Jon, stop acting
Johnxein Johnxein . 1 week ago
Zero reaction for Lady Gaga.
Johnxein Johnxein . 1 week ago
Tom Marren Tom Marren . 2 weeks ago
Here's hoping Nu Jack Swing can hitch along for the ride.

(PS- House music originated in Chicago)
DUB B-side DUB B-side . 2 weeks ago
HOUSE MUSIC NEVER WENT AWAY the 100s of 1000s of House records released consistently every year & the 100s of 1000s of great House DJs that fly all over he world to gig every week in clubs & at huge festivals is proof - that Beyonce now feels the desire to do what Jocelyn Brown & some of the other greatest House vocalists have been doing for decades good for her - but listen to those House vocalists first. Understand your history of House Music first then comment please on that fact. SO BIG UP FRANKIE KNUCKLES, MASTERS AT WORK, ROGER SANCHEZ, RON HARDY, TONY HUMPHREY, DANNY TENAGLIA, THE U.Ks DEFECTED RECORDS, EVERY HOUSE DJ THAT PLAYS EVERY YEAR IN IBIZA ETC ETC
nana 007 nana 007 . 2 weeks ago
Please do the new Fka twigs song Killer
hoesway gonzalez hoesway gonzalez . 2 weeks ago
new Orleans bounce music and house music mixed together?!, we needed this.
Renaissance Man Renaissance Man . 2 weeks ago
Fun Fact!! House music was actually created in Chicago, IL in the United States during the late 80’s-early 90’s.
LAV!SH LAV!SH . 2 weeks ago
Loved writing this song with Beyoncé! I’ll play it with her 7/18/23 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin!
Kampffmonkey Kampffmonkey . 2 weeks ago
I'm so happy Big Freedia is on this too! The Queeeeen of bounce music, ALWAYS makes a song hype af 💖
Olavi Hekandjo Olavi Hekandjo . 2 weeks ago
Her voice doesn't fit.
im big blunts im big blunts . 2 weeks ago
React to south african house music please😭😭
Ladybugg Luv Ladybugg Luv . 2 weeks ago
Part of the beat remind me of Robin S. So Me Love.
Mopar 300S Mopar 300S . 2 weeks ago
You people in the comments and this “house” music obsession. Please go listen to Disclosure…..
Kyle Strain Kyle Strain . 2 weeks ago
It sounds like another beat in the background
Earth Angel Earth Angel . 2 weeks ago
Beyonce's one track is better than Drake's whole album
MaximusOfficial MaximusOfficial . 2 weeks ago
Sean Warren Sean Warren . 2 weeks ago
Sirius Akari Sirius Akari . 2 weeks ago
After listening to this song, Drakes's stuff sounds more like a leaked Demo tape.
Black Jay Black Jay . 2 weeks ago
Everybody’s b-slapping Drake’s weak release. Even Beyoncé got in on that backhand. 😂😂😂
VoyageOne1 VoyageOne1 . 2 weeks ago
Lots of Steve “Silk” Hurley vibes going on ❤️👍
robin volpi robin volpi . 2 weeks ago
Some FYI:

Those sounds originated on Chicago's Southside, in the early 80's, by Black DJ's who later taught the European DJ''s who I see many giving the credit to.

In fact:

Black people are the creators of House, Disco, Jazz, Blues, Hip Hop, Rock & Roll (yes, Rock), Boogie-Woogie, R&B, Pop(ular), Country & Folk, Funk, Soul, Gospel, Bebop, Ragtime, Afrobeats, Reggae...

Basically AMERICAN MUSIC. GLOBAL Music, essentially.

You're. Welcome. 😎
LostThoughts LostThoughts . 2 weeks ago
queen rules
Loved By You Loved By You . 2 weeks ago
Jon don’t compare drakes Condo to Beyoncé’s house music. Please 😩🥴
Loved By You Loved By You . 2 weeks ago
No one is doing anything else but letting BEYONCÉ thrive and I love it.
Nicolas Charly Nicolas Charly . 2 weeks ago
Well, more than 15 years ago, we had a resurgence of the 80's style.

And since a couple of years, the 90's aesthetic and sound has been on the rise. So it's normal to have more House music coming up, as it perfectly embodies this decade.

Dope track btw.
Nitorious Nitorious . 2 weeks ago
Cmon Jon, u gotta react to Daniel Caesar's Freudian album, its one of the greatest R&B albums of the last decade

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