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Bradley Harrison

Bradley Harrison

Published on 10 years ago

Artist: Blackstreet, Dr. Dre, Queen Pen
Song: No Diggity
Album: Another Level (1996)

Paul Hirst Paul Hirst . 5 days ago
Hey C.I.A!
Just think!
In something like the words of Apollo Creed!
America's Homeland Security have now "Retired" More of Russian military than the Russian Social Security! 😎

We Are America!


God Bless The United States of America!

Regards Always!


That average fellow. That average fellow. . 5 days ago
I thought the song was: I like the way you work it no gigity lol.
The Rav3n The Rav3n . 1 week ago
Beat is still dope to this day!
arahbella estrella arahbella estrella . 2 weeks ago
Lol everyone saying i am here cos of pitch perfect but mo one even paying attention the lyrics here are wrong lol
No diggity no doubt
11Onzas 11Onzas . 3 weeks ago
Ukulele cover here
kqpikaa kqpikaa . 3 weeks ago
my mom would play this a lot back at our old store omg
Santiago Anton Santiago Anton . 3 weeks ago
Jasmine Lee 🪷🫧 Jasmine Lee 🪷🫧 . 4 weeks ago
Everyone: I’m here because
Me: those comments are giving me a headache…😒💀
Nimi Ratudina2² Nimi Ratudina2² . 4 weeks ago
Fr lyf tamana
The idiotic gamer The idiotic gamer . 4 weeks ago
*This song is a perfect 10* 👌💯
THE Frog THE Frog . 4 weeks ago
Adamajora Adamajora . 4 weeks ago
I'm here rn because of a commercial that plays so often on tv so this song gets stuck in my head but i didnt know what it was until now
Presbyterian girl Presbyterian girl . 4 weeks ago
Wow. 1996. I was 13 when this song came out. I remember when it was brand new.
TheGlowingNugget TheGlowingNugget . 1 month ago
ComeWith Juana ComeWith Juana . 1 month ago
st★rgirl st★rgirl . 1 month ago
I’m here because of an edit of miles teller
scotty Skywalker scotty Skywalker . 1 month ago
I missed this dropping and Tupac being alive . Shame .
CJ The Haasman CJ The Haasman . 1 month ago
Anyone else here from the Instacart commercial?
Wiphur_ Wiphur_ . 1 month ago
I love this song. Most people I know don't even know what this is! I feel old but I'm not (I'm turning 16 in a week) 😂
Daryl Stewart Daryl Stewart . 1 month ago
The musical track is great. However, the lyrics does not make any sense.
Fernando cadena Fernando cadena . 1 month ago
Most of us are here because we heard this frequency 21+ years ago
Kathy Houston Kathy Houston . 1 month ago
I came here from the InstaCart commercials. Memories. 😁
Tiffany Clabaugh Tiffany Clabaugh . 1 month ago
I'm here cause I'm a 90s kid, Pitch Perfect sucked 🤮😂🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
Venom2kBaller_824 Venom2kBaller_824 . 2 months ago
#90s #kid
Roby Roby . 2 months ago
Who's here from GTA5?
Jesus Girl Jesus Girl . 2 months ago
I'm here because I used to bump to this beat at the club ! Man, I know God was watching out for me back then. Crazy times....
Tisha Carver Tisha Carver . 2 months ago
Leaving this comment here so whenever it gets liked I'll be reminded of this song ❤
Dimitri Ioannou Dimitri Ioannou . 2 months ago
dr lazy ass dr lazy ass . 2 months ago
jerome bongcales jerome bongcales . 2 months ago
Rav Malhotra Rav Malhotra . 2 months ago
I think he says “A dog couldn’t catch me, straight up.”
Chase Griffin Chase Griffin . 2 months ago
I discovered this song because of an Instacart ad.
Nate Nance Nate Nance . 2 months ago
Play on, playette.
Lizabeth Duran Lizabeth Duran . 2 months ago
This song has been stuck in my head for days now. Haven't heard it in awhile. Use to love dancing to this beat back in the day. Anyways. Hoped listening to it again in full. Would leave my head quiet again. NOPE NO DIGGITY Playing it again & again 💃🎶
R2R R2R . 2 months ago
How can you cut such a song, in the best part of it ! that means dude you dont even taste this fucking old school shit ! a good song, never get cut!
denise dangilan denise dangilan . 2 months ago
I know this song by heart like i swear if i was in a coma this coud wake me up🤣
Krystal Harwood Krystal Harwood . 2 months ago
glenn quagmire sings it like this- no Giggity!
Nick Yates Nick Yates . 2 months ago
I dreamt about this song last night so I looked it up
Koriander Yander Koriander Yander . 2 months ago
Grand Theft Auto didn't bring me
Ari Nichols Ari Nichols . 2 months ago
Best song ever
Em08 Hernandez Em08 Hernandez . 2 months ago
Im here bcoz of sarah g and james reid ❤️
AnthonyTheAutismDude2006 AnthonyTheAutismDude2006 . 3 months ago
1:27 fav part of song
King King . 3 months ago
I just learned about this Song on GTA V radio, that shit 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Fernandez Fernandez . 3 months ago
im here because they say that psychopaths listen to this kind of music
Nate Harder Nate Harder . 3 months ago
I'm here from an instacart add
Emily Monroe Emily Monroe . 3 months ago
This was uploaded 9 years ago, and it boggles my mind that apparently NO ONE has ever mentioned that some of the lyrics to this song ARE WRONG. If your going to upload great lyrics, so it correctly.

Getting paid is her forte each and every day, true player way I can't get her out of my mind (wow), not (what) like it's on here. It's WOW
I think about the girl all the time (wow wow) NOT what what.

Baby never act wild very low key on the profile catchin feelings is a no let me tell you how it goes herb's the word, spin's the verb lovers, it curves so freak what you heard.

NOT..... catching catchin vilains, is a no, let me tell you how it goes curves the words spins the verb.
(which I think the person was trying to spell villain)

Like WTF, if you're going to do something, DO IT RIGHT.
I can't believe no one has ever commented about this. Must of been someone who wasn't around when this classic first came out. SMDH.
Willy Massey Willy Massey . 3 months ago
I'm here because I just heard this on a rerun of Castle. I heard it on Pitch Perfect when I saw that movie, it's a good one. Heard it when my cousins use to bump it in their rides with the bass, they were coppying me, I played the same songs in my boom boom ride 5 years earlier. Heard it at work on the radio. Damn this song and I have history. Good music.
Tiffany Brown Tiffany Brown . 3 months ago
Hold up all this time I thought he was saying "Catching feelins is a no not villians lol

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