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Published on 2 weeks ago

Aphmau is adopted by the Ultima Family and leads her pack!
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Josie Cuevas Josie Cuevas . 54 minutes ago
Zane,noi and kc needs to stop blaming Aphmau
Ejk bil Ejk bil . 1 hour ago
Key detail Aaron’s tail is fully out but wolf aphmaus tail is curld
Adalynn Groves Adalynn Groves . 7 hours ago
Sandhya Sandhya . 12 hours ago
Aphmau’ is that silver
Gacha Ox Gacha Ox . 14 hours ago
Something is weird because aphmau is playing as the child but aphmau is the mother🙃😃
Delilah Laird Delilah Laird . 15 hours ago
Can you adopt me
Ella Mae Silvestre Ella Mae Silvestre . 16 hours ago
And the spell Datter
Ella Mae Silvestre Ella Mae Silvestre . 16 hours ago
Duck+Tape that really was a good joke 😂🤣
Imran Dinc Imran Dinc . 18 hours ago
lv Tancioco lv Tancioco . 20 hours ago
Your my idol nice to meet you
prince plays prince plays . 24 hours ago
Izzy Lindsay Izzy Lindsay . 1 day ago
I feel like Ein would be a PERFECT voice actor for an evil disney villan
APS APS . 1 day ago
I think you should be adopted by the warden family
Ashton Arbenowske Ashton Arbenowske . 1 day ago
Rip Tecnoblade
Gaurav Khandelwal Gaurav Khandelwal . 1 day ago
Maybe it’s kc playing “adult” aphmau bc there can’t b 2 aphmau
Jig the asian failure Jig the asian failure . 1 day ago
Using the power of asian mom’s weapon the broom it can defeat anything
Carter Schwenk Carter Schwenk . 2 days ago
Hiya aph!!! I hope you read this!!!!!!! I LUV YOUUUUUUUUUUUUU
Forever Forever . 2 days ago
Jag älskar dig 😇
Maria Juvy Torrea Maria Juvy Torrea . 2 days ago
WOW Nice Vid I love it
Daniela Cuestas Daniela Cuestas . 2 days ago
Badass quit YouTube
neena murray neena murray . 2 days ago
Make a vid of u playing in mine craft with Aron just u too
neena murray neena murray . 2 days ago
Yes I love u Aphmau woooooo
อรปรียา แตงงาม อรปรียา แตงงาม . 2 days ago
BoosT BoosT . 2 days ago
the way aphs kid said to ein "you sit!" he sat
Kitty Boo Kitty Boo . 2 days ago
Jen Medina Jen Medina . 2 days ago
I eve you aph maw
Nereen_Canagde Nereen_Canagde . 2 days ago
I think aphmau has a other laptop for a other acc And Shes voicIng It I. Think?.
Also I’m ur biggest Fan!
A_DuckQueen A_DuckQueen . 2 days ago
sunarto soetomo sunarto soetomo . 2 days ago
i want to ultima wolf
Ryleigh Rutledge Ryleigh Rutledge . 2 days ago
Does anybody know that aphmau is married to Aaron
marlene teron marlene teron . 2 days ago
Kim:i been a wolf for 5 minutes and im loving it
Me:Did he turn you in to one of da wolves to???
meme king 1000k meme king 1000k . 2 days ago
How do you get that kid sus 😏❤️
Alipro_ytbr Alipro_ytbr . 2 days ago
you so cute
Mara Cortes Mara Cortes . 2 days ago
Savage boy Savage boy . 3 days ago
Yeah I think that what I was looking for
Hannah Hannah . 3 days ago
🎏🐟 vis !🎏🐟 but i speak english and i am a Maid and my name is Hannah
jasmine drake jasmine drake . 3 days ago
Louis aphmau if you're watching this I'm about to die
Florina Tugui Florina Tugui . 3 days ago
Aphmau ein love you?
Kristiqn545 Kristiqn545 . 3 days ago
Yan Ping Sun Yan Ping Sun . 3 days ago
Aphmau+broom=greatest PvP player in the universe
Aiden West Aiden West . 3 days ago
Laura Escatel Laura Escatel . 3 days ago
It must be hard for zane to yell at aph because he’s like her bestie😂😂
Gabriel david Gabriel david . 3 days ago
You have a TWIN
Albert Fantinalgo Albert Fantinalgo . 3 days ago
Albert Fantinalgo Albert Fantinalgo . 3 days ago
Albert Fantinalgo Albert Fantinalgo . 3 days ago
Albert Fantinalgo Albert Fantinalgo . 3 days ago
Ahh vsx v
Yayah S Konneh Yayah S Konneh . 3 days ago
Holy Boy Yes you that I do

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