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Published on 2 years ago

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lyrics for I See Red by Everybody Loves an Outlaw:
Did you really think, I'd just forgive and forget, no
After catching you with her
Your blood should run cold, so cold
You, you two timing, cheap lying, wannabe
You're a fool, if you thought that I'd just let this go
I see red, red, oh red
A gun to your head, head, to your head
Now all I see is red, red, red
Did you really just say, she didn't mean anything, oh
I'll remember those words, when I come for your soul, your soul
Know that you, you dug your own grave, now lie in it
You're so cruel, but revenge is a dish best served cold
I see red, red, oh red
A gun to your head, head, to your head, oh
Executioner style, and there won't be no trial
Don't you know that you better off dead
All I see is red, red, oh red
Now all I see is
Run, hide
Oh, you're so done
Better sleep with one eye open tonight
I see red, red, oh red, oh
A gun to your head, head, to your head, oh
Executioner style, and there won't be no trial
Don't you know that you better off dead
All I see is red, red, oh red
Now all I see is red, red

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weary weary . 2 years ago
0:49 I see red, red, oh red 💗💗😁😍
Le97 Le97 . 3 days ago
Kristen Cruz 2022
Cj Mobley Cj Mobley . 6 days ago
I love her voice and this song !
Clare Clare . 4 weeks ago
I started listening to the song

Watches movie- Ummm yea idc
Zach Brown Zach Brown . 4 months ago
365 days brought me here
Youssef Ahmed Youssef Ahmed . 10 months ago
I see red kill I front of my head among us
OfficalAngel OfficalAngel . 1 year ago
2:53 is what you are looking for
Dʀ. KιʟʟᴇʀYT Dʀ. KιʟʟᴇʀYT . 1 year ago
I need 365 days!
C&Cmusic C&Cmusic . 1 year ago
Julz_irishdancer Sweeney Julz_irishdancer Sweeney . 1 year ago
guys i made out with a guy last night to this song and i was in fucking heaven😭 and it lasted like a half hour😭😭
Dahlias & Salvias Dahlias & Salvias . 1 year ago
People : traumatized by said movie
Me who didn't watch it: *enjoy music*
euknees. euknees. . 1 year ago
i came to ask if anyone knows that one tiktok vid where the person was just putting oil on their chicken until it got kinky n they handcuffed it then please comment because ong i need that vid💀
Mimozix Action Mimozix Action . 1 year ago
2:46 ❤️💖
William Belmont William Belmont . 1 year ago
why does that riff sound like it was teken/sampled from another song... can't put my finger on it..,..
Γιωτα Μανουσαριδου Γιωτα Μανουσαριδου . 1 year ago
0:44 why I'm hearing " You're a foot 🦶" instead of" You're a fool"🤔?
Tamaz662 Tamaz662 . 1 year ago
Tik Tok brought me here! 😌😌Couldn't be more satisfied 🖤🖤
mia mia . 2 years ago
I thought it said "I see rain" 💀
Jan André Jan André . 2 years ago
Me da risa porque en YouTube pongo “o see reeeeeed” y me la pone de primera JAJ
ur mom ur mom . 2 years ago
that scene forever traumatized me
BlaZe_on _linear BlaZe_on _linear . 2 years ago
Laniyah Johnson Laniyah Johnson . 2 years ago
I’m listening to this song and all I think about is the boat seen and it is traumatizing
Puvlee Puvlee . 2 years ago
Morta que a música é mó de ódio, de traição e o povo do TikTok coloca como música de séquiço kkkkkkkk
Mariana López Cisneros Mariana López Cisneros . 2 years ago
No entiendo los comentarios son gringos xd
Ansh Ansh . 2 years ago
This song is on repeat in my music list m obsessed with it😍m lost baby girl in this song😝
Seven Tamgd Seven Tamgd . 2 years ago
Whenever I listen to a music I'm the best director of a music video in my mind. Everything's imaginary ♡
Puffy Eyes Puffy Eyes . 2 years ago
I always thought it said "I SAID, RAINNN"
Helion Helion . 2 years ago
When you play among us be like 0:49
Dan Fong Dan Fong . 2 years ago
Among us👀
Ismail Ismail . 2 years ago
When red is impostor in among us be like: I see red, red, oh red
bryn61 bryn61 . 2 years ago
I um- came from a hawks animation
sinis lol sinis lol . 2 years ago
thank god i didn't watch 365 days especially the boat scene or else i would've been traumatized for life if i ever heard this song... nevertheless i still love this song, it's a bop
beatrice beatrice . 2 years ago
I see bREAD
Cherry pop !! Cherry pop !! . 2 years ago
I came from Malloy tiktok 😌💗
private ₍˄·͈༝·͈˄*₎◞ ̑̑ private ₍˄·͈༝·͈˄*₎◞ ̑̑ . 2 years ago
I found this off a hotwings ship tiktok 👉👈
ruby barry ruby barry . 2 years ago
to the 119 ppl that disliked this song, gtfo and watch the film...😂
High Voice Reviews High Voice Reviews . 2 years ago
The boat 😌
vericu Cosmin vericu Cosmin . 2 years ago
"Women are not crazy."
Also women:
urgent urgent . 2 years ago
the boat..
Anabella Lanciotti Anabella Lanciotti . 2 years ago
Lo que viene a mi mente al escuchar esta canción es la escena del bote... Fin del comunicado
 𝒍𝒆𝒕𝒚𝒐𝒖𝒅𝒐𝒘𝒏 𝒍𝒆𝒕𝒚𝒐𝒖𝒅𝒐𝒘𝒏 . 2 years ago
a r e y o u l o s t b a b y g i r l
janiya janiya . 2 years ago
me thinking about all the billie edits to this like👁️👄👁️
Rizal Bakr Rizal Bakr . 2 years ago
Owh whaz iz thiz red underwear 😱😱
dina디나 dina디나 . 2 years ago
I seee reddddddddd reddddddddddd
Kolmith Kolmith . 2 years ago
365 days
Jamie Lewis Jamie Lewis . 2 years ago
Tik tok kinda ruined ths song for me at first but i watched the movie last night and now i see red😂😂😂😂😂
Oii ?? Oii ?? . 2 years ago
Alguem conheceu essa musica por causa do filme 365 Dias???

Msc prft ♥
kooperfecto kooperfecto . 2 years ago
This reminds me of the boAt😳😂😂😂
tezushi tezushi . 2 years ago
Everyone who haven't seen 365 days: i see red!!
Me: i see bOaTtT👁️👄👁️
__Angel Dust__ __Angel Dust__ . 2 years ago
Girls when they get their first period:
Chase Barrett Chase Barrett . 2 years ago
The horrible vision of it is coming back

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