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Published on 2 weeks ago

Kim Kardashian stops by Studio 1A for a wide-ranging interview in which she opens up about her relationship with Pete Davidson, losing 16 pounds to fit into the Marilyn Monroe dress for the Met Gala and her new skincare line.

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April Hughes April Hughes . 16 hours ago
If people really thinks she uses that skincare then they need help 😂
Unknown Human Unknown Human . 1 day ago
I don't understand why people praise her of her choices
J F J F . 1 day ago
Even 60 years later, Marilyn Monroe was completely disrespected.
J F J F . 1 day ago
Why is a person like this idolized? 10 months to open up???? LMAOOO
Athena griego Athena griego . 2 days ago
Oh please he is just a boy toy she knows she can control. She is now competing with her older sister Kourtney.
Pallab Karmakar Pallab Karmakar . 2 days ago
Pete looks like a cartoon 🤣
Laurie DePasque Laurie DePasque . 2 days ago
Fresh, lovely and new. Enjoy it Kim!
ArtQueMistica Catalystica ArtQueMistica Catalystica . 2 days ago
No acknowledgement of how inappropriate wearing that dress was & that it was actually damaged in the end smells like privilege to me
Ms Rosie Rose Ms Rosie Rose . 3 days ago
So no one noticed at 1:02 The Mockery at it’s finest…
David Bosquette David Bosquette . 4 days ago
When all is said and done, she was not fit to wear that dress. It should never have happened.
I Con. I Con. . 4 days ago
Waited 10 months with FOUR kids?!?? 🤮🤮🤢🤢🤮🤮
CrackerBarrelKid55 CrackerBarrelKid55 . 4 days ago
I see 3 dudes 👀
Nushin Malek Nushin Malek . 4 days ago
she is not Happy
prenses avera prenses avera . 5 days ago
Come on
She only mentioned “people not knowing who Marilyn monroe was”
Just so it appears that she introduced younger people to her
Girl trust me
They have come across her name and story somewhere in their if they were old enough to be on tik tok
Mark J Mark J . 5 days ago
When the camera first shows her she looks like Kylie lol
Chi Quita Feldberg Chi Quita Feldberg . 5 days ago
You wore the dress to a big function and you put the dress at risk, could have spilt red wine all over it. A cigarette butt, stepping on the hem? No Kim you did it for yourself and not to honour the dress. All the people protesting respect the dress more.
Arlene Adedeji Arlene Adedeji . 6 days ago
I feel bad for Pete. He’s so naïve.
MadgeMackles MadgeMackles . 6 days ago
Starting to look her age
Lil chunk Lil chunk . 6 days ago
How did she fit in the dress. Marilyn Monroe wasn’t just a different body shape she was also 5’6
Ask Miss Crowe / Cheyenne Crowe Ask Miss Crowe / Cheyenne Crowe . 6 days ago
People who criticise others for losing weight are always the ones who need to put the pizza down. It’s called a reality check and being healthy. Diet & exercise, folks. Unless you’re a fan of diabetes, arthritis, heart conditions and God knows what else. All the energy this « woke » culture puts into TikTok should be used on more important matters…like not dying at 50. Sorry not sorry.
Marija Jurešić Marija Jurešić . 6 days ago
I love her so much. She is my favorite celebrity. Such a kind woman. Haters are gonna hate
Light Beam Light Beam . 6 days ago
Any mom knows please stop.u have 4 nannies at all times
Carla Villegas Carla Villegas . 6 days ago
She looks so healthy!
kathleen bond kathleen bond . 6 days ago
I dont care for Kim's blonde hair
Lpg 8 Lpg 8 . 6 days ago
Does anyone notice that her face is almost expressionless? I mean they're saying that she has a glow and looks great, but to me it looks like she's making a conscious effort not to smile too much.
BMediaHQ BMediaHQ . 7 days ago
A tan? She looks paler than ever.
Amy Cubbison Amy Cubbison . 7 days ago
How in the world do you have time to spend quality time with your kids>. Makeup glam two hours, school two hours and time with Pete.....not to mention your five or so lines, the reality show, and your two hour workout with one thousand lunges. . This does not make sense to me at all. The hours do not work out as with any public person who is juggling one hundred things.
Kpopislifeline Kpopislifeline . 7 days ago
So is it rumor dress got ruined ? Then what about photos
jannette morris jannette morris . 1 week ago
I love her
puja sapui puja sapui . 1 week ago
This is mad embarrassing 🤣🤣🤣
anotherinternetidiot anotherinternetidiot . 1 week ago
"what is more American than irreparably destroying culture while thinking what you did was 'for america'?" RIP Marilyn Monroe's dress.
Carol Christiansen Carol Christiansen . 1 week ago
Now that someone else has worn that dress. It’s just a dress get over it.
Denise Washington Denise Washington . 1 week ago
Please God can we rid ourselves of the Kardashians. Please God. Enough is enough. These new anchors are full of crap fawning over these people. America needs better representation from TV news personalities. We don't have any desire to hear about these people. There are more important things going on in the world. News media is only interest in them because if alleged Twiiter followers. God help us please. Marilyn Monroe who had an affair with the President a married man. She is an adulterer. Why are we honoring this person? Come on America change the channel.
Wow Wow Wow Wow . 1 week ago
how much money did she pay for to get this interview
Amanda Hagerman Amanda Hagerman . 1 week ago
Did she really just double down and lie about damaging that dress? There are before and after photos all over the internet. First hand accounts of the fact the dress is permanently altered. I didn’t realize the fact was up for discussion. Whether or not she should have worn it is not really the point. She just lied and that’s disappointing.
joy8star joy8star . 1 week ago
What an insult to >>>>>the one and only<<<<<
m kelli m kelli . 1 week ago
how about back to nature... you are either growing old naturally.. but then see you rather want to look like prior .. when you first became famous! and then from there you all lose the purpose of why .. you all became famous for..
Melissa Ganzel Melissa Ganzel . 1 week ago
She is a true role model. Mother, business owner and student. The only problem is there is no way a product can do any of these things. If it could she and her family would not be under the knife,or getting injections monthly. True story.
Marina Chow Marina Chow . 1 week ago
Kim is beautiful but she needs to get rid of the pumped up butt and hips she would look so much better and way more natural.
She is not an airhead at all and she is smart and has a good head on her shoulders and actually looks like a really nice person. I agree with her about the aging thing.
Ambria Shelton Ambria Shelton . 1 week ago
I’m just wondering WHY they need to just ask all about her relationship? Who cares 🤦🏽‍♀️ she don’t need to explain shiii to anyone. This feels super disrespectful to me them continuing to ask her about all her personal stuff lol
Ana Martinez Ana Martinez . 1 week ago
Kim looks so good now
Arix Anders Arix Anders . 1 week ago
Only here to merch her merch. outrageously priced!
Arix Anders Arix Anders . 1 week ago
Everything out of her mouth is a lie.
Arix Anders Arix Anders . 1 week ago
Fake. Never come close to being Marilyn.
MsBombastix MsBombastix . 1 week ago
She accepts aging? BS! She might accept a number increasing but she wants to be frozen in time. If she truly was comfortable with getting older she would make the best of what she’s got, not get new surgeries to «fix» her aging every 6 months
Yonah Haddad Yonah Haddad . 1 week ago
At peace at aging!? Yeah I believe that!
Bianca Austin Bianca Austin . 1 week ago
The dress is ruined. She stretched it. What makes her so special to her such an iconic dress? What has she done? Kim WISHES she was half as ICONIC as Marilyn Monroe.
Kristina Beck Kristina Beck . 1 week ago
She looks beautiful healthy and happy! I am glad she is happy in her new relationship! She deserves happiness!
rosa spanjol rosa spanjol . 1 week ago
😱 Omg! .,Pete is tattooed just Travis!… Holy Toledo!
Shama Mariya Shama Mariya . 1 week ago
Oh god woman with botox ,fillers n surgery promoting skin care

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