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Published on 4 years ago

Gardenview out now, listen on Spotify ( or wherever you listen to music.

This is our "Can't Stop Feeling Billie Jean's Face" Mashup. To be clear, it's "Billie Jean," "Can't Stop the Feeling" and "Can't Feel My Face." Because...why not?

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Lead Vocals: Nataly Dawn
Keys: Jack Conte
Guitar: Brian Green
Bass: Nick Campbell
Drums: Carlos Cabrera
Background Vocals (right): Loren Battley
Background Vocals (left): Sarah Dugas
Engineer: Tim Sonnefeld
Assistant Engineer: Joel Hodson
Mixing/Mastering: Caleb Parker
Cinematography: Merlin Showalter

Recorded at Redstar Recording in Los Angeles.

Victor Victor . 2 days ago
El barbón parece ser que disfruta más a música
Claudia Nanni Claudia Nanni . 4 days ago
Amazing! The pianist is having so much fun! I love this mush up!
Коля Баглай Коля Баглай . 1 week ago
Good idea
MARK 147 MARK 147 . 1 week ago
Que buena mezcla de canciones se pasaron muchachos,los traeré a mi boda
Maravilhoso 👏👏👏👏👏👏
David Sheppard David Sheppard . 1 week ago
Smooooooth as a baby’s bottom….. and Funky 🔥🕺💃🤩🎶 (Don’t even get me started on how F-U-N-K-Y the Bass player’s grooves are!🔥🔥👌🙌)
Antônio Costt Antônio Costt . 3 weeks ago
Marcelo Fanego Marcelo Fanego . 3 weeks ago
pls try on 0.75 speed. fire. YW
Cello Jmb Cello Jmb . 4 weeks ago
simply the best version... the best so far
B AC B AC . 4 weeks ago
Congratulations from Brasil
Leonardo Libardi Leonardo Libardi . 1 month ago
Bob Vivian Bob Vivian . 1 month ago
Damian Orsini Damian Orsini . 1 month ago
Somebody better call 911 cause that dude just spanked that bass like it stole somethin’
can droid can droid . 1 month ago
love her voice
Ebbi Ebbinghaus Ebbi Ebbinghaus . 1 month ago
Rusty Ryan Rusty Ryan . 2 months ago
Really Good! 👏🏼I love it 😊 I made music covers too btw 😁
###*** ###*** . 2 months ago
I love it!
Haiden Geary Haiden Geary . 2 months ago
The most btfl robot I have never met. Love Nats. <3
brianrosemusician brianrosemusician . 2 months ago
Slap the bass, man!!! 🔥🔥🔥
Juan Luis Salas Juan Luis Salas . 2 months ago
Gerson Suarez Gerson Suarez . 2 months ago
Waooo😲 uds son demasiado geniales!
Miguel Alarcon Miguel Alarcon . 2 months ago
Me gustó muchisimo, quedé encantado,, gran ritmo son un agrado,,,
Denise Majusick Denise Majusick . 2 months ago
I am so proud of U all!
Ric Ferr Ric Ferr . 2 months ago
W W . 2 months ago
Thanks for another interesting video.
We wish the channel PomplamooseMusic prosperity and wealth.
Greetings from Ukraine!
Ca Bo Ca Bo . 2 months ago
CsenkiTibor CsenkiTibor . 2 months ago
This is beautiful! Thank you guys..!
Steph Steph . 2 months ago
Génial ce mash up!!!
Joe Chewter Joe Chewter . 3 months ago
I play bass but I wish my hair was receding this good
Karen Pendola Karen Pendola . 3 months ago
Monti Monti . 3 months ago
The pianist had me dead💀💀
edjosetl edjosetl . 3 months ago
This is the best to start your week!!!!!!!!!!!!
Paulie Walnuts Paulie Walnuts . 3 months ago
Sorry, but bearded piano dude’s facials expressions were a huge distraction for me
Ray Dowds Ray Dowds . 3 months ago
The keyboard player looks a Muppets character. Pure joy to watch..
davidv davidv . 3 months ago
Wow 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
david mitchell david mitchell . 3 months ago
Epic drumming, even better bass playing…
Mewa Mewa Mewa Mewa . 3 months ago
OMG this is the best band ever. Mind blown.
Janna Shihaléva Janna Shihaléva . 3 months ago
Janna Shihaléva Janna Shihaléva . 3 months ago
Janna Shihaléva Janna Shihaléva . 3 months ago
WoW AAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Dino Dino Dino Dino . 3 months ago
Love you 😘 By I'm really appreciate you Billions millions with I Ken Go to ATF
Tiffany Cuevas Tiffany Cuevas . 3 months ago
That’s one of the best mashups I’ve heard 🙌🤩
Caio Palitot Caio Palitot . 3 months ago
Esse baixista é CRIMINOSO
Olivier Feys Olivier Feys . 3 months ago
Still blown away by the quality. Can’t stop watching it.
juan juan . 3 months ago
Os ha quedado muy guapo enorabuena
KOSM0S KOSM0S . 3 months ago
it was splendid, congratulations to everyone involved who turned this song into a show 👏👏👏👏
The Parmar Family The Parmar Family . 3 months ago
Rafael Wanderroscky Rafael Wanderroscky . 3 months ago
it was splendid, congratulations to everyone involved who turned this song into a show 👏👏👏👏
Fernando Léo da Rosa Fernando Léo da Rosa . 3 months ago
E esse baixista? Caraca! Swing do bom!
Liora Baranes Liora Baranes . 3 months ago
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