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Published on 3 weeks ago

Official audio for Drake “Jimmy Cook's” (feat. 21 Savage) off the new album ‘Honestly, Nevermind’ available everywhere now:

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Music video by Drake performing Jimmy Cooks. © 2022 OVO, under exclusive license to Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc

Faz3Tuba7437 Faz3Tuba7437 . 6 minutes ago
21 carried
Kristen Carson Kristen Carson . 6 minutes ago
Tell Big Latto she really beautiful. I love that she is being more herself now. All love really. Don't throw no daggers at me. I'm keeping my love. But really all the best to y'all relationship if it's real. I just don't have no reason to keep him around or my bad 21. I don't need to keep you around. Why you need me if your girlfriend is ugly In real life? To me she is beautiful. You should not have to use me. Wtf. So you love her forreal. My bad I reay was. Not calling her ugly. She isn't. I was saying that as if you think she is ugly. Yeah u do think she is. Ugly. You are around me more than you are her lately. My p been smelling good lately. Why it smell like latex though. Oh cause the scare last time. Yeah. Almost. That's why u said that play with yo kids. Cause I said I was. But I was playing with you. Anyway. I don't wanna be a rapper and u know that. I see money money money . I know baby i wish I had some good ideas cause you tryna build. And she is fresh enough to make us some money. Idk though.... I'm jk to make u money. Ummm but I takin back n never sending a coin again baby. Choices. I'm making choices. But why you nvm I guess u love weird stuff.
SamoanSojah SamoanSojah . 22 minutes ago
Drake went from Degrassi too gangster real quick
나영조 나영조 . 25 minutes ago
He is my father
나영조 나영조 . 26 minutes ago
Andres Mendoza Andres Mendoza . 1 hour ago
Kristen Carson Kristen Carson . 1 hour ago
Does Big Latto face change more and more now... Cause since two weeks it's been looking older
Kristen Carson Kristen Carson . 1 hour ago
Why she mad now? Something is bothering her all of a sudden. What happens if I never send it ever? I mean neverrrrrrr
Kristen Carson Kristen Carson . 1 hour ago
Tell me... What you bothering me for really every day for? Cause you don't need to be texting ....I'm done
Kristen Carson Kristen Carson . 1 hour ago
I ain't ever sending again!!!!! Bet. Oh and it's probably her makeup or she looks better without makeup. But her face is changing again. Is it just me.? Anyway beautiful to see how I put two. Anyway....sooo just because she posted that don't mean I'm falling for none. I wanna watch what happened to the younger look? Well
Mc(glyph+❤) Mc(glyph+❤) . 2 hours ago
{🚌⬇ +🌹🥇}
Lil Fredo Beats Lil Fredo Beats . 2 hours ago
Rest In Power Prince Slime 🙏🏾🐍
Tay Lauren3 Tay Lauren3 . 2 hours ago
Feisty Fire - Topic Feisty Fire - Topic . 2 hours ago
Drake and 21 have both very different voices, yet they transitioned into each others verses swimmingly, it's crazy!
sanj0gg sanj0gg . 3 hours ago
skip skip skip skip.........oh wait 21?
terrie jimenez terrie jimenez . 3 hours ago
Cia Simon on TV bombed trade center on America got talent fbi Cia
Christopher Johnson Christopher Johnson . 3 hours ago
The beat on drake's verse was perfect for his sound, his style, his rhyme. It was a masterpiece no doubt.
Endow Endow . 4 hours ago
Alright Jimmy Brooks
Quintessential X Quintessential X . 4 hours ago
The pick and roll
southside G southside G . 5 hours ago
this the only good track from this mf album....
krl_ krl_ . 5 hours ago
literally the only good song on the album😭😭
Henry Harman Henry Harman . 6 hours ago
When everyone does their part in the group project
Jason Jason Jason Jason . 6 hours ago
Drake's album is straight 🗑️ dude fell off...
Jesus Gonzalez Jesus Gonzalez . 7 hours ago
what song is sampled?
ZaeDaTrapgod ZaeDaTrapgod . 7 hours ago
I just dropped a mixtape and I wanna kno how y’all feel about it💚‼️ I feel underrated tap in 💚🙏🏾
Ibrahim Conteh Ibrahim Conteh . 8 hours ago
The choppa like to fill on all the pops it’s a molester 👏👏
TBB World TBB World . 8 hours ago
It sounds like a 2016 song
Ahmed slimene Ahmed slimene . 8 hours ago
Noah the messenger calling sound in the song is so evil from you
I checked my phone 5 times in 3 minutes
Liran Shavit Liran Shavit . 8 hours ago
1:51 the moment that saved this album
Galicico Galicico . 8 hours ago
When I first heard this, I instantly considered it the best song from this album.🤲
Aincent1 Orochi Aincent1 Orochi . 9 hours ago
21 never let's down
STROMBA420 STROMBA420 . 9 hours ago
this sounds like $b and I love it
Fahad mughal Fahad mughal . 9 hours ago
The Fallen Vibe The Fallen Vibe . 10 hours ago
21 never ever dissapoint
vvm vvm . 10 hours ago
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Johan Ikonomi Johan Ikonomi . 11 hours ago
Haze Entertainment Haze Entertainment . 11 hours ago
Check out our channel for the hottest beats!
therealTJ therealTJ . 12 hours ago
This Glock 45 came with a switch/If I was Will Smith, I would've slapped him with a stick- This verse itself slaps 🔥🔥
Nikki Nikki . 12 hours ago
Nikki & Michele's Project Messenger 2024 U.S. Presidential Campaign Rally Playlist Selection #012 on MRUV's
crimson love crimson love . 12 hours ago
drake always overdelivering
Shakola Ballantyne Shakola Ballantyne . 12 hours ago
Drake & 21 Never Miss 🔥🔥🔥
Ralph Valente Ralph Valente . 13 hours ago
This music sucks so bad. Who listens to this %$^$? This is not a racist comment. This is a comment about bad music.
CLEVINCHI : CLEVINCHI : . 13 hours ago
dont tell me you model if you aint been in vogue ...lool..
Sh*t Sh*t . 13 hours ago
without 21 this album fell off
MississippiMillionaire MississippiMillionaire . 13 hours ago
Yep, Drake fans are just different... Drake is 36 and Savage is 29, but they both sound like 17 year olds on this. But then again when you hold a conversation with a Drake fan, you understand why he makes music like this.
Ruman Kaiser Kaiser Ruman Kaiser Kaiser . 13 hours ago
Savage killing this 🖤
Addias Avila Addias Avila . 14 hours ago
People who eat crumbs come here and say this is the best song, but grown men know the big steak dinner is the rest of the album...
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