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Family Guy Wild

Published on 3 weeks ago

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Sleet Sleet . 3 weeks ago
I would be most displeased if you were to pin him
Eduardo Malabanan Eduardo Malabanan . 18 hours ago
Greg Kiteos Greg Kiteos . 1 day ago
A quick search on Google would have saved all this trouble.
SansTheElumbu SansTheElumbu . 1 day ago
I thought people would be atleast making some AoT reference
But I guess some wierdo got pinned
firecat firecat . 2 days ago
The worst part about the stuff is so you didn't say that surprise she didn't say that to Peter she didn't say that to any till byan was taken away
Lawrence Ivy Lawrence Ivy . 2 days ago
I thought he was saving him
Ebrahim Ebrahim . 2 days ago
Damn I laughed so hard
Zak Littin Zak Littin . 3 days ago
I watched this episode last night lol

She died at the commercial break
Maria_Roberthea Maria_Roberthea . 3 days ago
”Dear whoever is reading this, you are beautiful & someone out there is crazy about you. So smile, life is too short to be unhappy”
Pokéworld And Gaming Pokéworld And Gaming . 3 days ago
Wut episode was this
Katter _ Chan / Sukii Katter _ Chan / Sukii . 4 days ago
Vulgar : stupid men ....

Some ppl: *"vulgar in my language means.. nsfw? Tho?"*
Warai Warai . 4 days ago
Never understood this euthanasing Brian is ok as If he's just a dog but marrying him is also ok
Eshan Gupta Eshan Gupta . 4 days ago
I would a looked at the y section in the dictionary bruh
Milk Milkisgood Milk Milkisgood . 5 days ago
Pov : you don't have a phone
Owen! Owen! . 5 days ago
Lonto1001 Lonto1001 . 5 days ago
I alllready knew wath would appen
meco mingtomo meco mingtomo . 5 days ago
I'm shocked he didn't look under y for youthenize
simp_sukuna simp_sukuna . 5 days ago
I paused the video asked Siri what it meant and then went on with it.
BlueCat BlueCat . 5 days ago
C'mon why do we have google for
"this is u" got me laughing so hard!!😂😂😂
Mairt O' hAinle Mairt O' hAinle . 6 days ago
imharmless imharmless . 6 days ago
Idk what the hell happened in this comment section
Kaia Jordan Kaia Jordan . 6 days ago
She’s a horrible person
Wet Water Wet Water . 6 days ago
*Never let him know your next move*
×Mell× ×Mell× . 6 days ago
Bro, he is going to die. This mf.
Senior Avocado Senior Avocado . 6 days ago
NGL, I never understood people that's euthenize a perfectly good dog or any pet for that matter
BrickMcBrikz BrickMcBrikz . 6 days ago
Glad pin beggars get what they deserve on family guy channels
Jayden Shellman Jayden Shellman . 6 days ago
Damn it Peter this one time
Rawlicious Rawlicious . 6 days ago
The way he doesn't know what euthanize means but knows it sounds dangerous and worrying

Also couldn't he use google
BEAST BEAST . 6 days ago
I also paused and googled euthanized😂
Ershad Ershad . 7 days ago
We know u have watched AOT u don't have to say that in the comment section

Hey have u watched attack on Titan if not go watch it, it's not a recommendation it's a threat 😇
꧁s𝓱𝓲𝓷𝓼𝓱𝓾𝓾꧂ ꧁s𝓱𝓲𝓷𝓼𝓱𝓾𝓾꧂ . 7 days ago
google: 👍
Edgar3565 Edgar3565 . 7 days ago
Pretty big word for him to find it I'm thinking he probably cant spell
Indo Indo . 7 days ago
Don't pin him or Brian gets euthanized
AmongusSuster AmongusSuster . 7 days ago
Wow like nobody is gonna notice the fisherman
J-Dawg 777 J-Dawg 777 . 7 days ago
And at the end of the episode she apologizes to Brian for ordering his death, he forgives her for al.ost having a sentient creature murdered and no charges were pressed.
Luisa Sixtos Luisa Sixtos . 7 days ago
moldiidonut moldiidonut . 1 week ago
yeah, that's ocd all right.
SnowingFire SnowingFire . 1 week ago
ah youthenized good ole fountain of youth yep long happy life ahead ... wait lemmey check the dictionary just in case? 👀 OMG 😳 the dictionary knew my name 😐 it's even cross referenced!
24isthebestracecar 24isthebestracecar . 1 week ago
At least he spelled it with an E and didnt lookin in the U section
Galazy da stupid Galazy da stupid . 1 week ago
Pov: everyone begging to him to not pin him and begging to pin him
Pumpkin spice Pumpkin spice . 1 week ago
I knew he was going to a dictionary at the start
The_usual_icy [Asacoco Air-type] The_usual_icy [Asacoco Air-type] . 1 week ago
The fat lady at the beginning looks like the cookie lady("oooh im so bad") that Lois killed at *'Peter's Wife's cookies'*

(she ate too many cookies)
Fire_Winter_Tzy Fire_Winter_Tzy . 1 week ago
What is season and what part
The Name Thing Is Not Happening YouTube The Name Thing Is Not Happening YouTube . 1 week ago
I’ll give Peter credit, he knew he didn’t know what it meant but that it meant something serious. He took his ass straight to the library to figure it out so Brian could be safe. Good for him.
wolftrap wolftrap . 1 week ago
I'd be like
Mortal Gaming Mortal Gaming . 1 week ago
What the hell is Euthonize ?
GoogleFaps GoogleFaps . 1 week ago
Damn. I thought he was gonna look for “do something”. If u can even find it in there lol.
steelcanboi steelcanboi . 1 week ago
I thought he was going to get him but.
Rule 34 Artist Rule 34 Artist . 1 week ago
Not a fan of FG, but this scene really got me. Brian may be her husband, but he isn’t her dog. Factor in not having his consent and she will be getting jail time.

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