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Key Glock

Key Glock

Published on 3 weeks ago

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Official Video by Key Glock - 712AM Β© 2022 Paper Route EMPIRE

Kush smoke Gun smoke Kush smoke Gun smoke . 2 minutes ago
We need this on Spotify
Belmahdi Karim Belmahdi Karim . 40 minutes ago
Tha Trilla Tha Trilla . 1 hour ago
Gotta gt tha skrilla
Quon Gaming Quon Gaming . 2 hours ago
Big BenSen Big BenSen . 3 hours ago
These comments making me mad Talm bout he switched his flow. He literally copied future whole song and added extra words to every punch. I already knew the lyrics soon as I heard this
Pirate Chips Pirate Chips . 4 hours ago
Glock that nigga
jaemilli_ 843 jaemilli_ 843 . 5 hours ago
He killed this biiiih
Marquis Hudson Marquis Hudson . 5 hours ago
Key Glock snapped on this mfa!
Nic Name Nic Name . 5 hours ago
holy moly :O
xExpliclt Tv xExpliclt Tv . 6 hours ago
This bih too hard πŸ’₯πŸ’₯
Darrell Harris Darrell Harris . 7 hours ago
Flipper proud Keep Flippin on the haters PRE Foe Life 4ever Miss Flipper
foreplay1978 foreplay1978 . 8 hours ago
πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯
Zachary Carmichael Zachary Carmichael . 8 hours ago
Buttafly doors
Caleb Brooks Caleb Brooks . 8 hours ago
If Glock just put together a mixtape of all his unreleased/leaked stuff that’s on YouTube that shit would be πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
Zachary Woodard Zachary Woodard . 9 hours ago
Roman Acord Roman Acord . 9 hours ago
Didnt Killer Mike use this beat?
Don Hollywood Mack Don Hollywood Mack . 10 hours ago
Beau L’ve Beau L’ve . 11 hours ago
KKS KKS . 13 hours ago
Future collab plzzzz
†TRE VON TEX †TRE VON TEX . 14 hours ago
B-GaMeR B-GaMeR . 15 hours ago
PIMP KIKO PIMP KIKO . 15 hours ago
Trizz Trizz . 18 hours ago
Hope he performs this at his concert today
Kaja Daniels Kaja Daniels . 24 hours ago
Kj Jones Kj Jones . 1 day ago
Goin dumb for Flippa GLIZZOK!!!
Kj Jones Kj Jones . 1 day ago
This nigga Mf snappin!!!!!!!!
Chrissy Abram Chrissy Abram . 1 day ago
Jatyrus Glass Jatyrus Glass . 1 day ago
Man that’s real boss shit Rip dolph πŸ‘Ώ
Jody Fallin Jody Fallin . 1 day ago
Didn’t he steal this from future?
Derrick Richardson Derrick Richardson . 1 day ago
This his hardest shit 😳😳😳😳😳
6Ix God 6Ix God . 1 day ago
this is fire but future still killed the original.
Darius Young Darius Young . 1 day ago
Yall need to go listen to Future 7:12pm and stop saying this Dolph flow...
staydown.normal staydown.normal . 1 day ago
that beat hits old school too
JackStacks Tv JackStacks Tv . 1 day ago
πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ’―βœ… Well I’m Like OKAY
SickdaY Cookin Again SickdaY Cookin Again . 1 day ago
Eating dat bih
Hyawatta Tisquantum Hyawatta Tisquantum . 1 day ago
My cat turned into tiger listening 2 this😼🦁
Jamie Caupp Jamie Caupp . 2 days ago
all the way up
Adeena Khan Adeena Khan . 2 days ago
Future fuckin slapped. Wtf is this here.
JDM PandaYT JDM PandaYT . 2 days ago
i wanna be like key
Dirk NaVpiske Dirk NaVpiske . 2 days ago
this nigga undefeated
Cateyes Cateyes . 2 days ago
He back now shit hit him THEY CREATED A MONSTER
Tamesha Cantrell Tamesha Cantrell . 2 days ago
DOOLPHH COME THRU THAT NIGGA SPIRIT!!!! The hairs stood up on my arms!! I HEAR U DOLPH
REEDREX3 REEDREX3 . 2 days ago
this glocs hardest song yet
Dante Raffaelli Dante Raffaelli . 2 days ago
Shit hard as a mother fucker
SaveBubbaSueDHHS SaveBubbaSueDHHS . 2 days ago
Damn gotta sign a record contract to buy your momma cookies

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