Play / Download Mike Tyson on Fighting Jake Paul, His Airplane Confrontation & Will Smith Slapping Chris Rock
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Jimmy Kimmel Live

Jimmy Kimmel Live

Published on 3 weeks ago

Mike talks about giving a Lamborghini to a police officer, driving a car through a convenience store, being in a good place in his life, smoking with 65,000 people in Hippie Hill, macro dosing mushrooms, seeing something familiar in the Berlanga vs Angulo fight, his edibles shaped like a partly-bitten ear, Will Smith slapping Chris Rock, his airplane altercation, and if he would ever fight Jake Paul.

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cash cash . 3 hours ago
Love Mike!!!
shadee15 shadee15 . 3 hours ago
I love him
Iztok Cizej Iztok Cizej . 3 hours ago
True warior,not only in ring...but in life!!
Milan Miladinovic Milan Miladinovic . 4 hours ago
The guy was begging to be beat up by Tyson, Its not a small thing after all hahahah
Christos Ioannou Christos Ioannou . 5 hours ago
Don't rub him the wrong way with the ear biting
Jav Jav . 6 hours ago
I frigging love Mike Tyson, even got a tattoo of him!
Niranjan Kanna Niranjan Kanna . 7 hours ago
Liger fans like it..
Curtis Bowden Curtis Bowden . 7 hours ago
Hysterical ; dude crushed it even when jimmy got a lil awkward
Daniel Wawrzkowicz Daniel Wawrzkowicz . 8 hours ago
What are all those people with masks in the audience. Disgraceful
Michael Catalanotto Michael Catalanotto . 8 hours ago
I wanna be I wanna be like miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike!
Jason Armetta Jason Armetta . 9 hours ago
The Brownsville Bruiser
Nizar F Nizar F . 9 hours ago
He's aging like fine wine 🍷
Gerardo Luna Gerardo Luna . 11 hours ago
Mike doesn't need to do this lame show, they make him the bud of all the jokes🤨
Pedro Valdez Pedro Valdez . 11 hours ago
Mike 4 President!!!
So much love for Mike...Funny as hell
RAS Allusion RAS Allusion . 15 hours ago
Love ya Mike, still.
Jose Jose . 17 hours ago
I was waiting for the “HEY HEY HEY”
Bassmaster Bassmaster . 18 hours ago
Mike Tyson is a class act. I love watching him do good in life. 👍
p Johnson p Johnson . 19 hours ago
Mike is the man
T B T B . 19 hours ago
ESNEWS best boxing 🥊🥊🥊 coverage of Iron Mike on Youtube! REEEPORTING 👈 🥊 👈 🥊 👈 🥊
Tom A Tom A . 20 hours ago
Drug use and addiction in this nation is nothing to have a casual attitude about, to include treating Mike Tyson as a loveable old Kris Kringle.
Refacer X Refacer X . 20 hours ago
Jimmy is not on mike's level of thought process. He is trying to be, but his articulation is nowhere near mike's. As big and scary as he is, he has always been one to gain knowledge and learn from it.
Refacer X Refacer X . 20 hours ago
Jimmy asks the same boring questions mike has heard forever. They need to change up the hosts. Both jimmy's.
Kool Breeze Kool Breeze . 23 hours ago
Im such a HUUUUUUUGE fan of Mike. Id probably cry if i got to speak with him for a few minutes....but i must be extremely disappointed if he got in the ring with Jake Paul. Jake Paul does not have the right to even speak Tysons name in a challenging way. NOT AT ALL!!! He doesnt even fight real boxers. The only way id watch it is to see Mike knock that Youtuber right out of the ring and into a stretcher.
Game of Stones Game of Stones . 23 hours ago
I love this man's journey!
otoot kol otoot kol . 24 hours ago
Real warrior
John Davey John Davey . 24 hours ago
"I'm macrodosing. I'm going all out."
i & i ah meditate pon dem i & i ah meditate pon dem . 1 day ago
Imagine years of training in beast mode to be a champ or warrior; or the brave gladiators and anciet soldiers who faced swords and ferocious wild animals. Then everyone expects you to a civilized
Khary Dixon Khary Dixon . 1 day ago
I love the awkward silences while people wait for Mike's reactions 🤣
Michael Michael . 1 day ago
Logical Eye Logical Eye . 1 day ago
Jeff Lancaster Jeff Lancaster . 1 day ago
Mike you are the man. And an inspiration to me since I was a kid and until now. Thanks man.
Michael Gielen Michael Gielen . 1 day ago
Man Mike kept his composure like a champ. What a trash populistic interview.
Chad Tellevik Chad Tellevik . 1 day ago
Love Mike.
Triple B Triple B . 1 day ago
Are people really wearing cloth masks still?
Joy Wimer Joy Wimer . 1 day ago
Good 👍😊❤️ to be friends with him Lol
Michelle Crosby Michelle Crosby . 1 day ago
Kenneth Brown Kenneth Brown . 1 day ago
So glad to see Mike Tyson pretty calm alot as of recent for the most unless an idiot guy gets his number called to meet him for an appointment 😂 anyways I'm glad he's doing great! Keep it up Mike and remember to keep the Zen in you! ✌️
canaan pinder canaan pinder . 1 day ago
Mike is amazing 👏
ᚻᚨᛞᚱᚨᛞᚨ LXXIX ᚻᚨᛞᚱᚨᛞᚨ LXXIX . 1 day ago
Is the Paul fight happening still?
To be sincerely honest in my humble opinion without being sentimental of course without offending anyone who thinks differently from my point of view and without hiding any thoughts in my mind and without lies,to the actual truth with my clear open mind and clean heart,expressing what ever is embedded inside me for a long time which I didn't say just because I was nervous.But Today, by gathering all the courage and motivation, I just want to say that I actually feel and think that I have absolutely nothing to say.

Colored Sound Colored Sound . 1 day ago
So much respect on Mike. The death of the ego is powerful. Love his personality these days.
David V David V . 1 day ago
such a bad interview. holyfield bite from 25 years ago? really?
130world 130world . 1 day ago
Usama Khan Usama Khan . 2 days ago
That host is an absolute garbage human.
Jennifer Hobbs Jennifer Hobbs . 2 days ago
He's real. I have a lot of respect for him.
Jennifer Hobbs Jennifer Hobbs . 2 days ago
Jennifer Hobbs Jennifer Hobbs . 2 days ago
He's really funny, like all the time. " Mike tyson".
nexxusty nexxusty . 2 days ago
I love this man.

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