Play / Download The HUMROD Returns! First 6, & Mullet JETSONS SWAP? (RaceWeek 1.0 Day 4)
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Published on 2 weeks ago


Rocky Mountain Race Week 2022 Day 4 is upon us as we settle into Bandimere Speedway in Denver, Co. Racers who made it here had to endure a 400 mile trip through the Rocky Mountains yesterday, putting their street cars to the test in the altitude.

Day 1 Highlights:
Day 2 Highlights:
Day 3 Highlights:
Day 4 Highlights:
Day 5 Highlights:
Day 6 + 7 Highlights:

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1320video 1320video . 2 weeks ago
Sorry for the late upload today ladies and gents! Uploading an hour long video in the mountains was a bad idea :P Thanks for watching!
Sean Anderson Sean Anderson . 3 days ago
Square body s-10👍🖐🙂😘🇨🇦
Alkemyst Alkemyst . 3 days ago
That Grom :) proves you don't have to be fastest to have the most fun.
Jeancharles Rabaux Jeancharles Rabaux . 4 days ago
Yooo boys the el camino is one band the préparation motors + avance ho _ the fiouls is réglages + the fiouls no serious one band de puissance et fait regler ce v8 big blok twin turbo il suffit pas de monter des turbo pour que ca roule fort il faut faire un band de réglages puissance oblige et en sortir le maximum the 🐎⚡🏁😁 mie is one el camino 77 look 73 is one v8 strokeur chevy 383 compresseur wieland regler a 2 bars 580 hoseepower one time the 11s8 the 1/4m yeeer in sud the france the record is one projet the toue kit nos my motors is forgé no problem no is espere one time the 10s5 is ok
Jeancharles Rabaux Jeancharles Rabaux . 4 days ago
The truk motors lsx yeeer y love it the motors + the cars what is problem miss bel bel air y love it the girls + the cars hummmm
Jeancharles Rabaux Jeancharles Rabaux . 4 days ago
No serious the humeur 18s the 1/4 m my bike 50 cc is one time the 14s the 1/4 m just one 50cc preparer 80 cc carbut 21 pot the detente 120 kmh
Jeancharles Rabaux Jeancharles Rabaux . 4 days ago
One suggestion the cars européen is the Newton Mètre is the verie important the mercedes ho audi yeeer newton metre is verie good the good time
Jeancharles Rabaux Jeancharles Rabaux . 4 days ago
The boys the cars blak is one c10 chevy motors ls7 twin turbo + 4 speed is one time the 7s2 the 1/4 m no
Jeancharles Rabaux Jeancharles Rabaux . 4 days ago
One Bugatti veron is 10s7 the 1/4 m soo good one time 10s 5 is + speed one bugatti soo good
Jeancharles Rabaux Jeancharles Rabaux . 4 days ago
Y love you miss bel air where is it thé camaro 68 miss comène in france 📞🇫🇷😁🍾🥂🤩🎎✌
Jeancharles Rabaux Jeancharles Rabaux . 4 days ago
Mais moi j ai pas d enfant il sont bien aux frais pas encore sortie hahaha no serious mie lové it the chevy my favorite is one camaro z28 70 71 72 73 stop ho sinon one 84 85 86 basta one motors lsx7 427 twin turbo big blok is the toue kit nos one 4 speed nascar is sure is numbers 3 minimum sure is 🏁⚡🚀🚘😁
Elon Musky Elon Musky . 4 days ago
Wheres the Swedes?
Emory Campbell Emory Campbell . 4 days ago
Damn I wish there were more girls like her!! Alex Taylor, she’s a rare item right there folks. 😍😍
Andrew Johnson Andrew Johnson . 5 days ago
Nostalgia drags at 47:50!
RC Codes RC Codes . 5 days ago
cant wait til dodge builds one of these.. the HemRoid
mickelion619 mickelion619 . 5 days ago
Neal P. Neal P. . 6 days ago
My fastest pass so far is only a 10.35 @ 188mph in my '67 Mustang Gt
Ernan302 Ernan302 . 6 days ago
Thats slowest CLS 63 AMG NA on the planet. That thing should be in low 13 hi 12s with 500 hp, yes its heavy but it should runs faster
CanehdianSteve CanehdianSteve . 6 days ago
Everyone I know: " This weekend I'm finally gonna swap in that engine I've had laying around for like three years."

RaceWeek guys: "Gimme like ten hours and I'll be at the next race with a new engine I just conveniently found in some guy's shop."
I like how the humrod is like nonexistent in this video
Mark Smith Mark Smith . 1 week ago
OK then the humrod? This vehicle looks amazing! 👌
Kyle Bozell Kyle Bozell . 1 week ago
RIP Matthew so awesome to see that get finished and make a pass
Skiridr22 Skiridr22 . 1 week ago
5’s 🧐
Skiridr22 Skiridr22 . 1 week ago
🤣 George always fixing something
Skiridr22 Skiridr22 . 1 week ago
Now that’s a sweet setup on those wiring
Ron Savino Ron Savino . 1 week ago
What a great video. So cool to see all of these kids having fun driving and soon to be racers!
Roger Randolph Roger Randolph . 1 week ago
Love this guys!!! Keep em coming! Thanks for all your hard work!
la_Plata la_Plata . 1 week ago
How many extensions was that
Laurie Dooker Laurie Dooker . 1 week ago
Do I love Utes ? ❤️🇦🇺yes mate
Laurie Dooker Laurie Dooker . 1 week ago
That hearse! What a way to go out running 8s in a Casket with your mates yelling one more time .😄🇦🇺❤️
Corey Thompson Corey Thompson . 1 week ago
Damn. Ya missed that first 7 second hit.
Andy Andy . 1 week ago
5:52, always cracks me up at these events when you cant tell whether its the daughter or the wife 😛
ziiofswe ziiofswe . 1 week ago
Took me a while but I just figured out who the C2 'vette guy reminds me of... actor Colin Ferguson. (Eureka, Haven and plenty other TV shows and movies.)

Note: "Reminds me of". I'm _not_ saying he's an exact look-alike.
Toe Cutter Toe Cutter . 1 week ago
Well done the guys did engine change.
throttle bottle throttle bottle . 1 week ago
I commend them for riding the Grom's that far. lol.
throttle bottle throttle bottle . 1 week ago
George, would have been better off running old school carburetor/manifold for street driving. I still don't know why it seems so voodoo. showing my age?
throttle bottle throttle bottle . 1 week ago
all those extensions stacked @ 1:11 haw-haw-larious. (been there done that when no other options existed) but hand torqued by experience.
Lee Cline Lee Cline . 1 week ago
Love the 240sx rocking the Nissan V8. Those don't get enough love.
Aired-down & Disconnected Aired-down & Disconnected . 1 week ago
Had a v6 swapped Chevette that was faster than humrod.
Sleeperdude Sleeperdude . 1 week ago
Great coverage
T Hman T Hman . 1 week ago
Blain is going to be a legend 🙌 👏
Jason Simpkins Jason Simpkins . 1 week ago
1:09 Holy shit that impact setup. Lol
Taylor Turk Taylor Turk . 2 weeks ago
Lol, totally the sound a Jetsons vehicle makes. Also, I hope RMRW is still around when my daughter’s a bit older, and that she’s still into going fast 🤘🏻. Ya know, because she should have the freedom to say yes or no concerning her own body
bryan bryan . 2 weeks ago
I think a trophy should go to the car or bike that has the quickest reaction time to the tree as an average for at least 1 run at each track.
kevin ruger kevin ruger . 2 weeks ago
@45:15 I wanna see this done with the cab of a modern Ford Super duty quad cab truck.
kevin ruger kevin ruger . 2 weeks ago
So…a week of racing? Using that PTO time to take a week to race?
Keenan Bailey Keenan Bailey . 2 weeks ago
Only hummer I'd ever own lmao badass but all that motor why so slow? Lmao
rexbk09 rexbk09 . 2 weeks ago
Ashley Braen Ashley Braen . 2 weeks ago
Cool to hear the drift guy's perspective.
Brian Bunny Brian Bunny . 2 weeks ago
Amazing video as always, love the juniors, and the family you interviewed at the end are just fantastic!!! Keep em coming, from a Brit!!!

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