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Published on 2 weeks ago

Jack Pollmann Jack Pollmann . 13 minutes ago
Yeah neither of those worked lol
Gibson Lopez Gibson Lopez . 2 hours ago
We are our heart/soul
Duck Duck DINERRRR Duck Duck DINERRRR . 2 hours ago
my reflex doesn't work 😅
Kase Van Den Elst Kase Van Den Elst . 2 hours ago
Love the rancid shirt
Team КГБ Canal Oficial Team КГБ Canal Oficial . 2 hours ago
Wait wtf
Why didn't mine move, it just stayed still
veli twins veli twins . 2 hours ago
Literally just broke a hanger trying it
Master K Master K . 3 hours ago
I was only surprised at the brain named it self
mythw01f mythw01f . 3 hours ago
Nobody ever did this to me and I see it in EVERY MOVIE
Omg- just tried the hanger.. it actually works..
《Meadow》and {Rico} 《Meadow》and {Rico} . 3 hours ago
The doctor tried testing my reflexes on my knee, but it didn't move, so he had to physically feel for it lol.
Chibiᴛɢᴄʙ Chibiᴛɢᴄʙ . 3 hours ago
The brain also lies 3 times a day on average sooo...
AliceDoesThings AliceDoesThings . 4 hours ago
My reflex doesnt work… oops…
Gavin Gavin . 4 hours ago
I’m feeling bill nye vibes
Annie Schmitz Annie Schmitz . 4 hours ago
I always kicked on purpose. I thought it tested your mental reaction time
Galloween 666 Galloween 666 . 5 hours ago
JELLYleigh JELLYleigh . 6 hours ago
Ummm, is it bad that I have to kick myself? But my other reflexes just go, ok we work!
Turtle553 Turtle553 . 6 hours ago
My knee never moved during the reflex test
Vanessa's family Vanessa's family . 6 hours ago
my leg never moved when the doctor hit my knee....
Stuart Mack Stuart Mack . 7 hours ago
I don’t have a reflex
pokepysduck pokepysduck . 7 hours ago
me when my reflexes don't work
Roblox Kardeşleri Roblox Kardeşleri . 7 hours ago
Actually, what happens in the first place is not a reflex, because there is a nerve connection there, the signals going to the brain move our feet forward. By the way, a reflex is an involuntary movement to protect the body.
Satoru Gojo Satoru Gojo . 7 hours ago
I tried them. Didn’t work.
Its_A _Potato Its_A _Potato . 8 hours ago
I never moved my knee when he hit it 😅
Blake Barker Blake Barker . 8 hours ago
My doctor never hit my knee
sid sid . 8 hours ago
Technology ur not ur brain either, since it's part of the body. It's just another organ
PerfectMemz PerfectMemz . 9 hours ago
Guys I think I'm replaying my life after I died because for some reason I see flashbacks of my future and if I can stop doing stuff in time I changed the future but there is still other stuff that will still happen so I still get flash backs
•ɩ pɭaʏ aɭɭ ɖaʏ• •ɩ pɭaʏ aɭɭ ɖaʏ• . 10 hours ago
I don't have reflexs?-
Ariah Danzer Ariah Danzer . 10 hours ago
Is it bad my knees don’t do that??
augusto moreira augusto moreira . 11 hours ago
I hope i can one day be tested like that to dodge the hammer.
Gittattle Gittattle . 11 hours ago
My reflexes made me hit the don't recommend channel button again
_ub4 _ub4 . 11 hours ago
You’re the mind. Not the brain. The brain is an organ like the bones.
Ali bey or shadow gamer Ali bey or shadow gamer . 11 hours ago
Mine don’t have ork
Harvey Cole Harvey Cole . 11 hours ago
Hey what organisation are you part of? OnlyJayus: KKK KKK
Obama Wenstein Obama Wenstein . 11 hours ago
none of these reflexes work for me
Rodrigo Gomez Rodrigo Gomez . 11 hours ago
Bu-but the brain is also part of the body
• Y U R I • • Y U R I • . 12 hours ago
My leg doesn't move. I don't think I have that reflex lmao.
chokymilk chokymilk . 13 hours ago
Omg stop hitting your knees it’s red
Mike Anderson Mike Anderson . 13 hours ago
I used to have that shirt.
Deborah Ortwine Deborah Ortwine . 13 hours ago
I know I’ve always had a weird body because my body is unlike others. Literally. Doctors don’t understand how I function when I don’t have a lot of those reflexes. I don’t have any reflexes in my knees, many other places also.
?!JELLY!PHIL!? ?!JELLY!PHIL!? . 14 hours ago
Me trying all of these bc I'm home alone rn👴💀
The World. The World. . 14 hours ago
Wait I’m the brain??…
Robo XD Robo XD . 15 hours ago
You are a brain in a bone mech using meat armour
A random guy. A random guy. . 15 hours ago
Jayus is a pretty girl
🍄Honey_bloom🐝 🍄Honey_bloom🐝 . 15 hours ago
pov: you named yourself as well
David Antunes David Antunes . 17 hours ago
I watch her vids because honestly she is really pretty
WHITE WHITE . 18 hours ago
Am i an alien
Sammy's wrld Sammy's wrld . 19 hours ago
My doctor: okay, so before we do this. I will tell yo that its a test of ur reflex, okay? :)

Also- my mum told me for like 14 yrs ago ;|
#Random #Random . 19 hours ago
I dont got reflects
Minty•Gacha Minty•Gacha . 20 hours ago
* hits knee *
"This is a reflex."
*Puts hanger on head *
"I can't believe people did this Shi- what the-"
* Pushes arms on doorway*
*Walks away * "
Edy 2727 Edy 2727 . 20 hours ago
Thank you for telling me that I am my brain but I already knew that already.

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