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Published on 3 weeks ago

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I Got the very unusual opportunity to buy a 40 year old Brand New honda Motorcycle that's still in the Box, and we have to get it running and Drive it home. I cant wait to see whats in store for us inside this box. its going to be epic.

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Fox Mulder Fox Mulder . 4 hours ago
How do I get that same deal ?
DeCondi Clifton DeCondi Clifton . 4 hours ago
I would love to have a brand new classic bike
Aaron Water Aaron Water . 6 hours ago
I bought my brand-new k4 GSX R-1000 in a box in 2012. Its true giddiness.
AntiVaganza AntiVaganza . 13 hours ago
What's with the shades? Eye infection, surely?
Nickster 52 Nickster 52 . 17 hours ago
You were in town and didn't call! Seriously though I darn near pooped when you said Bob Weaver Motorsports! That's only about 20 minutes from me. Perhaps next time I could show you around the area.
vinnyc365 vinnyc365 . 20 hours ago
I fell bad for that kid.
daddymulk daddymulk . 20 hours ago
Awesome, same thing seen in Arcade Collecting Circles, Honda ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘
darrin bunston darrin bunston . 22 hours ago
How often do you come across motorcycles that are from the '80s that are still in the original Factory container
John M John M . 1 day ago
those tires have to be junk
D Anderson D Anderson . 1 day ago
You lost me at the Bible verse
Lucian Ene Lucian Ene . 1 day ago
Anything liquid should be sludge or evaporated. Anything rubber should be rotten.
Savior Channel Savior Channel . 2 days ago
still runs. typical honda
Sabian Torbit Sabian Torbit . 2 days ago
He is really out her vacuuming up break fluid manโ€™s living in 2050
Kermit Huang Kermit Huang . 2 days ago
R picard R picard . 2 days ago
What's the big deal, it's not like it's been sitting with gas and oil in it for 40 yrs. It's a brand new motor, of course it's going to run.
deegan727 deegan727 . 2 days ago
1982 was a great year. My Mom would probably disagree though.
Sheik Sheik . 2 days ago
Maior nostalgia ver uma moto antiga sendo montada, ainda mais 0 KM ! Top
aron nezha aron nezha . 2 days ago
40 YEAR ?.....LIER
Sean Mejia Sean Mejia . 2 days ago
Sean is my name too
Jay kay Jay kay . 2 days ago
This is why you buy a Honda
Anon Ymous Anon Ymous . 3 days ago
My dad bought 6 of these FT500's in 84 to help clear space for our Honda dealer, for $1000 each. He and I unboxed it and assembled it together at the shop on two days, and I rode it for along time, loved that bike. He got black, I got red.
jB1972 jB1972 . 3 days ago
There are a lot of NOS bikes and ATVS in crates in warehouses problem is talking to the right person to make a deal to purchase these old machines
Brett Stillson Brett Stillson . 3 days ago
Thank you for bringing back some incredible memories. My first street bike was a 1982 Honda Ascot FT500, exactly like this one. I bought it in March of '83 from the Honda dealer in Shawnee, OK.

Unfortunately, I totaled it the summer of '85. I was on my way to work and broadsided a young Limousine bull that spooked and ran out an open gate and into the road. The bull wasn't hurt, and I just had minor scrapes, but my Ascot's frame was bent beyond repair.
Shotz Shotz . 3 days ago
dehydrated pre mix brake fluid just add water ;)
HM2&JMtoo HM2&JMtoo . 3 days ago
๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐ŸปHonda motors....
mikeatcora mikeatcora . 3 days ago
Yamaha have a crated RD400 in their UK headquarters, they won't part with it. A few years ago, a load of brand new LC's went up for sale here in the UK.
sibesrule sibesrule . 3 days ago
the FT is a single!
Eloi Bosco Eloi Bosco . 3 days ago
Uma jรณia rara!!!
Kurt M Kurt M . 3 days ago
never been opened? the box looks half opened from the begining lol
Wade Barnes Wade Barnes . 3 days ago
I know it happens they have some that don't get sold where do they store them
Brad Jacobs Brad Jacobs . 3 days ago
Master cylinders, new brake lines and possibly new caliper seals should be standard replacement items after 40 years of idleness. Would make for a safer machine to take out on the highway.
1331 RECIPROCITY 1331 RECIPROCITY . 4 days ago
You do realize some people would pay you whatever you want for that or kill for it.........seriously
a1scoot a1scoot . 4 days ago
Bought the v twin version right when they hit the showroomโ€ฆHad so much fun riding that bike. ๐Ÿ‘
Kung Fu Oz Kung Fu Oz . 4 days ago
God never made a motorcycle! So, motorcycles weren't possible until a very clever human designed and engineered these amazing machines through the amazing advances in science. God just created parasites that bore into babies eyes and also created the paedophile that raped and tortured that child. Thankfully science has given us medical science and secular justice to fight the evil creations of the God critter. Ho Hum.
Jerry can Jerry can . 4 days ago
Hey Voice over Sean! This is not a parallel twin! It is clearly an OHC Single!
(OHC stands for Over.Heating.Chocolate, which is what Honda made the cams and cam chain from!!!๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚)
TL Albury TL Albury . 4 days ago
Where did buy the Honda , Please , Thanks
Mr clean 60 Mr clean 60 . 4 days ago
Who really gives two shits about some bike in a box, is this the only job you have ? You have too much idle time on your hands. Who is dreaming this crap up ??.
That gamer guy That gamer guy . 4 days ago
I'm interested in those jetskis behind you
MrPeerum MrPeerum . 4 days ago
๐Ÿ˜Šmine bike is import from the us to NL. the original color bordeau red,i hate black,that sucks on all fronts.๐Ÿ˜‚
MrPeerum MrPeerum . 4 days ago
๐Ÿ˜Ši have the honda 1100cc V twin chopper from 1986,but i have blow up the gaerbox.๐Ÿ˜Š
Cabin Vibes Ebay Store Cabin Vibes Ebay Store . 4 days ago
New sub! Liked ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜€
maty kay maty kay . 4 days ago
American cousins, the county which Ascot is in is pronounced Barksher not Berk Shire.
Aaron Tate Aaron Tate . 4 days ago
What's with the shades indoors?
Pure ignorant.....
adrian welch adrian welch . 4 days ago
bmxdestroy bmxdestroy . 4 days ago
Man that bike is rad! Great find! I love the styling on that one!
totaldla totaldla . 4 days ago
Check the oil?
Deshaun R. Brown Deshaun R. Brown . 4 days ago
The right to spell Shaun, Not Sean
1 step of e-noise 1 step of e-noise . 4 days ago
today i am making a video about how to completely f-up the computer im about to replace WHILE on the phone with the most advanced technical support i can find...enjoy.
Robert Barlow Robert Barlow . 4 days ago
My 1987 Suzuki GS-1100 would do over 150 mph and the speedometer went to 85 as well. I could do that in second gear.
Dyn y Jawa Dyn y Jawa . 4 days ago
I had a go on one of them. It was the FT500 in Britain and they were really slow for a 500.

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