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Published on 4 weeks ago

Kevin Gates - Super General (Freestyle)

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Kevin Gates is a hip-hop music heavyweight with hits like "2 Phones", "Really Really", "Satellites", "Out The Mud", “Posed To Be In Love”, “I Don’t Get Tired” and more. Originally building his name on the back of classic mixtapes such as The Luca Brasi Story, Stranger Than Fiction, By Any Means, Luca Brasi 2, and Murder For Hire II, Kevin's iconic catalog also includes benchmark albums like Islah and I'm Him, which combine his hard-hitting delivery and cinematic storytelling with an emotional honesty and veteran's wisdom. A multi-platinum rapper, singer and entrepreneur, Kevin continues to break new ground with each move, carving out his musical legacy and redefining what it means to be an entertainment mogul.

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Renato Lomeli Renato Lomeli . 37 minutes ago
Great track Kevin!!! Sorry about what happened to you man, better things coming !!! Much love . #Undeneyeable
Seneca Mcwilliams Seneca Mcwilliams . 42 minutes ago
225 shit 🔥🔥🔥
Mrs marrie Bitchh Mrs marrie Bitchh . 43 minutes ago
They was all happy when I was drugs but I sobered up by paying attention
lady lady lady lady . 1 hour ago
He's pissed she cheated. Like you don't/didn't?? Yah okay 🙄
Still a fan tho. Love is love , hurt is hurt!!!
Latuanya Wagoner Latuanya Wagoner . 2 hours ago
Latuanya Wagoner Latuanya Wagoner . 2 hours ago
A SCIORPIO…. Ijs💋💋💋💋
Kyle Fleming Kyle Fleming . 2 hours ago
Tammy DeMerchant Tammy DeMerchant . 3 hours ago
I’ve always known Gates bringing all the 💨
anthonygoldman goldman anthonygoldman goldman . 3 hours ago
I like this,,,,,,good work
AB Hassan AB Hassan . 3 hours ago
this slaps hard frfr SHEESH!!!!🔥🔥 2014 KG back
hoodrich hoodrich . 4 hours ago
The best lyrics to this beat is the fucking insane, Kevin keep killing that MIC
Donnell Long Donnell Long . 4 hours ago
I know this nigga from all the hoods around the world 🌎 real talk is what we in the hood wanna hear not some nigga rap singing 💯
1neer 5op 1neer 5op . 5 hours ago
Can come one please tell me what Kevin meant when he said “ he put it on that lil nigga and he should’ve spit on it”
Micheal Matthews Micheal Matthews . 5 hours ago
When does it come out
Smith Boi Smith Boi . 6 hours ago
How you say no disrespect But Disrespect I love it
Felicia Brice Felicia Brice . 7 hours ago
Dam 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Timothy Jean Timothy Jean . 7 hours ago
Dolph ain’t never dead I’m in the booth he right here with me 🐬🐬💙
blocboyjay blocboyjay . 7 hours ago
apple music ?
Zachary Graham Zachary Graham . 7 hours ago
My wife left me after 10 years a couple years ago, made me homeless, manipulated me, I lost my kids, was homeless for a long time, and finally, barely, am bouncing back and narrowly avoided death and prison. Left me for dead. I relate to this so hard. This is a man who gave someone his all and it was all shit on for nothing. Welcome back bru. FUCK EM
Told em Dolf ant never dead!!!, I'm in the both he rite here with me.!
Null Null . 9 hours ago
It’s ok if you stop rapping for a minute instead of dropping anything
No Name No Name . 10 hours ago
Kevin gates the gate keeper. hell yes
Jodie Mosley Jodie Mosley . 10 hours ago
Legend. In. His. Own. League
Javen Maske Javen Maske . 11 hours ago
He blanked… Apple Music asap
aiuc lse aiuc lse . 11 hours ago
Straight fire fire!!! Appreciate when they put there heart in it. That’s when you forget there an artist and it helps you. That’s when you know it’s real. 🙏🏼 good job Kevin !!
The_Real_Corn_313 The_Real_Corn_313 . 11 hours ago
Luca brasi back
BDT mob BDT mob . 11 hours ago
mans been trough so much
Giovanni McFadden Giovanni McFadden . 11 hours ago
Super germilen by Kodak black and this one is so fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🥶🥶🥶
kyle Thall kyle Thall . 14 hours ago
That spanish accenting in the beginning though 😍 kevin gates is the laziest feature to pay for, but he makes solid music on his own
Torrey White Torrey White . 14 hours ago
He back that's the Kevin gates we no 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
SDG Dale SDG Dale . 14 hours ago
Told em dolph ain’t Neva dead he in the booth he right here with me 🐬 🔥 👼 man’s bodied that shit. Dreka woke up a sleeping giant thay these new rappers can’t even compare to or shake a stick at. Gates big OG
Moonz Sailer Moonz Sailer . 15 hours ago
Why she look so THROWED OFF 😆
Moonz Sailer Moonz Sailer . 15 hours ago
DeZhya Curry DeZhya Curry . 15 hours ago
This is so bad…😂
Sonia Deveau Sonia Deveau . 17 hours ago
Kevin Gates so hard on this, never disappointed. he is not like other rappers who are going viral by using *authentic views* to get the views up. Thumbs up who agree
Nick Milko Nick Milko . 17 hours ago
This hands down the best rap track in 2022
Tracey Poynter Tracey Poynter . 18 hours ago
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iLikeCookies iLikeCookies . 19 hours ago
bro has been going strong since 2010 as far as I know.
iLikeCookies iLikeCookies . 19 hours ago
My favorite artist, can relate so much to his music and its just amazing tbh.
LJay-Lycon LJay-Lycon . 20 hours ago
SeaNy3 wesT SeaNy3 wesT . 20 hours ago
If you're reading this I hope you get through whatever you're going through! 💪
Cajun Gampo Cajun Gampo . 22 hours ago
STITCHES22 STITCHES22 . 23 hours ago
Kevin gates and Stitches need to make a new tune with a video for 2022 it’ll be 🔥 AF 💯
Abdul Rahman Abdul Rahman . 23 hours ago
Straight firee 🔥🔥🔥🔊💯🙏🏻
Ken-Tenn Kustomz Ken-Tenn Kustomz . 1 day ago
Every morning when I wake up! #SuperGeneral
Darius Varnado Darius Varnado . 1 day ago
if y'all think this hard, y'all need to listen to that old gates bruh.
Keith Spear Keith Spear . 1 day ago
Been here since the Gate. Sorry she hurt you dog. Let that 🔥🔥 loose
Li Kapono Li Kapono . 1 day ago
Ima dive all n yo dentures like yo dentist

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