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Us Plus a Bus

Us Plus a Bus

Published on 1 month ago

Us Plus a Bus Us Plus a Bus . 4 weeks ago
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F I S H F I S H . 58 minutes ago
Forevastr8tay Forevastr8tay . 3 hours ago
Like it
Flakkori Flakkori . 4 hours ago
Holy crap, I didn’t know you could be so painfully self-aware that you’re ruining a child’s life and have the guts to post about it 💀
y y . 6 hours ago
not yall being rude as if yk their life situation
Britt s Britt s . 7 hours ago
“Hand cleaning our own shit”
Some random person: what?
Melissa Oberkramer Melissa Oberkramer . 10 hours ago
I wouldn't be mad if u changed emergency door for a dam fan
Julia Thigpen Julia Thigpen . 11 hours ago
This is something you do as an adult w No kids…
Alternax Alternax . 11 hours ago
If they aren’t homeschooled I’m gonna violate several laws.
Miles 890 Miles 890 . 14 hours ago
Why don’t you just save money and buy a camper trailer or an rv?
HisKarma HisKarma . 17 hours ago
My dream was to open the emergency door while riding...
Netty Perez Netty Perez . 17 hours ago
In 10 years… I see all these buses in junk yards. This is just something that is in. Not everybody will keep this style of living. Are people allow to live on parking lots?
Octa Varium Octa Varium . 19 hours ago
With all the investment y’all could have gotten an FHA loan in a normal middle class home
Braiker Braiker . 20 hours ago
you sound like you’re from save the world
Nasishere R.T Nasishere R.T . 22 hours ago
But still les not sacrifivce our child opportunities for our happiness
Nasishere R.T Nasishere R.T . 22 hours ago
At least this child has acc space to sleep un like somebody @red white & bethune
bec sap bec sap . 23 hours ago
Someone should probably tell these people that Walmart doesn't let you stay in their parking lot anymore.
S Jean S Jean . 23 hours ago
No one that handy is selling their house. Bet they still have the house and bought the bus as a project, put it on YouTube to get clout, and .. it worked.
gorecel gorecel . 23 hours ago
if they had enough money to do THIS they have enough money to buy an actual house and settle down instead of forcing their kids to live out their dumbass dream but das jst me
verendus verendus . 1 day ago
I pity the kid when she reaches her adolescence and gets her period. God where r u gonna get enough water supply.
I just hope u move to a stable home in the later years.
verendus verendus . 1 day ago
it's all fun and games until someone sneaks in and drives it
Kaye's Diggin It Kaye's Diggin It . 1 day ago
Friggin awesome 😃
Tyler Tyler . 1 day ago
Seems kinda cruel to force this lifestyle on your kids...
Names Binge Names Binge . 1 day ago
I feel like this is more of a American thing then any out there.
Travis Wong Travis Wong . 1 day ago
Those kids are soooooo lucky, they get to experience a childhood of ever changing transience with parents who think they're still 18.......yay......
marco marco . 1 day ago
Why are you forcing your children to live in something like this? Dont hou think they deserve security and someplace stable?
Tracy Lee Tracy Lee . 2 days ago
IRRESPONSIBLE millennials.
wings trio!♡ wings trio!♡ . 2 days ago
“Living every kids dream and climbing onto the roof!”

“And then immediately crushing every kids dream by ripping them out”
Wood Kids Wood Kids . 2 days ago
Bruh it sucked living in a bus for 3 years it was so hard and there was no privacy it was cramed not fun
Express outdoors Express outdoors . 2 days ago
Is he in a movie
Express outdoors Express outdoors . 2 days ago
What is your husbands name
Mannoertin Mannoertin . 2 days ago
Looks to me like your husband just did everything…
ming lee ming lee . 2 days ago
the seats look good id try to reuse them for a home cinema or smth
Josett Penrod Josett Penrod . 2 days ago
I'm all about thos this life, but not with my kids. Solo ❤
tom m tom m . 2 days ago
ill Never Subscribe to Parents who Basically use Their Kids lives as a Vlog . Not cute .
Yarhibol 0003 Yarhibol 0003 . 2 days ago
so how is the kid gonna get any privacy?? idk about you but personally i really feel bad for the kid because others kids as they get older will see her as homeless, that’s just not fair for her.
landofthelivingskies landofthelivingskies . 2 days ago
Why so many haters?? I wish this family luck and success. Their kids are young and will turn out just fine. In fact they'll get real life lessons, something you can never learn in a school.
JACK HARP JACK HARP . 2 days ago
I feel like this is a thing you can easily do before you have kids, I just feel bad for the kids in this situation
Loserlyfe13 Loserlyfe13 . 2 days ago
My only dream was to jump out the window at my crush’s house and watch him sleep…😁
Fox Frags Fox Frags . 2 days ago
Poor kids
Emma. Maiyang Emma. Maiyang . 2 days ago
Maybe it will take you up at your guly 😂😂😂 funny and I will today I think I can get it was ok to get the dress up the lollipop 🍭 and wish you all the dress and the dress 👗 and the best time to go to you soon to see it was the same thing as the dress 👗 and it was a good idea to
Steph_in_da_house Steph_in_da_house . 2 days ago
Y'all please please PLEASEEEE watch their other content before leaving hate comments
twaesthetic twaesthetic . 3 days ago
Zdogthebest Zdogthebest . 3 days ago
Could you come to West Virginia it’s so beautiful here
Graysen Trujillo Graysen Trujillo . 3 days ago
Love it
Patrisha Patrisha . 3 days ago
yen yen . 3 days ago
You’re ruining your kid life , get a grip
Jello Jello . 3 days ago
Oh wait I remember bus safety training that we had to do as kids where we got to go on the bus roof and jump down (onto padding ofc)
Sheila Pearson Sheila Pearson . 3 days ago
No ma'am this is an adventure for her kids.
Mal S Mal S . 3 days ago
This can be rough for the kid. My house burned down and I lived in a trailer from 6th grade to 8th grade and it was so rough. I don’t want to exaggerate but being a growing teen living in a trailer with my mom dad sister and brother was slightly traumatizing. Everything about it was awful. Not to mention what all the kids at school had to say about it. I could never have friends over, my “bed” was a dinner table that converted into a couch to sleep on. I don’t think these parents are bad parents for bringing their kids into this but after a certain age it’s really hard to feel comfortable and normal when you’re in this living situation.

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